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Rs 53,02,800: The Most Expensive Thing On The Apple India Online Store Is A Super Configured Mac Pro

The Apple India online store is now Live and chances are, you may be browsing the store and eyeing a new Apple iPhone or a new MacBook, iPad or even an iPad Pro, perhaps one of the AirPods or the AirPods Pro or maybe go the whole hog with the new Apple iMac 27-inch update for the year with some upgraded adding to the coolness factor. However, that wouldn’t exactly be the whole hog. Because if you are rich enough, you would want to buy this (or would have probably ordered already)—the completely spec-ed up Apple Mac Pro, that costs a whopping Rs 53,02,800 with all the hardware upgrades added to the cart. And the best part—it ships in a maximum of 2 weeks. Apple offers the Mac Configure to Option in India now, for all MacBook, iMac and Mac computing devices.........Read more



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