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Transfer WhatsApp Chats To Signal With A Trick: WhatsApp Chats On Signal How?

WhatsApp to Signal app, but how to transfer chats? Here’s how. The hype around Signal continues to grow as WhatsApp is yet to change the privacy policies. Signal is currently the top free app on both Play Store and App Store in India. As WhatsApp henceforth has chosen to share critical user data with other companies of Facebook, the social messaging app has faced massive backlash from users. While people are searching for the best WhatsApp alternatives available, Signal has turned out to be the top contender. So, how to start with Signal? Can you move your ? Yes you can. You can easily transfer the WhatsApp group chats to your Signal app, but sadly not the individual conversations (for now). Many users have already started to use alternative WhatsApp apps as Telegram and Signal, several are yet in the shifting process. The recent boom in popularity have made Signal the top free app on App Store and Play Store in India, surpassing the top social messaging platform in the world, WhatsApp.........Read more