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Covid-infected Letters Could Be Used to Target Politicians, Interpol Warns of New Threat

At a time when the deadly coronavirus has wreaked havoc across the world, the international police organisation, also known as Interpol, on Friday warned in its guidelines that the virus could be used to target political leaders in several countries, including India. Citing reports of ‘individuals spitting and coughing in the faces of law enforcement officers, health practitioners and essential worker to intimidate them’, Interpol warned India and 193 other member countries that ‘Covid-infected letters’ might be sent to political figures and individuals, a report in Hindustan Times stated. The development comes at a time when India’s COVID-19 caseload surpassed the 90-lakh mark on Friday with 45,882 new cases, while the recoveries surged to 84.28 lakh pushing the national recovery rate to 93.6 per cent. The Interpol in its guidelines stated that this could represent a risk if these individuals are infected with Covid-19. It further added that attempts at deliberate contamination by spitting and coughing on surfaces and objects have also been reported. The guidelines from the international agency further stated that despite limited risk, a few cases of threatening letters allegedly contaminated with COVID-19 targeted political figures. The Interpol said the Covid-infected letters could also be used to target other vulnerable groups. However, it did not mention any specific instances where aforementioned type of letters were sent to anyone of political stature.........Read more