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Our brains have a 'fingerprint' too

"My research examines networks and connections within the , and especially the links between the different areas, in order to gain greater insight into how things work," says Amico. "We do this largely using MRI scans, which measure brain activity over a given time period." His research group processes the scans to generate graphs, represented as colorful matrices, that summarize a subject's brain activity. This type of modeling technique is known in scientific circles as network neuroscience or brain connectomics. "All the information we need is in these graphs, commonly known as "functional brain connectomes." The connectome is a map of the neural network. It reveals what subjects were doing during their MRI scan—if they were resting or performing some other tasks, for example. Our connectomes change based on what activity was being carried out and what parts of the brain were being used," says Amico. Two scans are all it takes........Read more