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How to read a tyre

The tyres speak a coded language which can be seen on the sidewall. Deciphering this code can give us a clear understanding of the tyres affixed to your car. Some are easy to comprehend, while some of the markings require proper understanding and numbered reference indices to decipher the required data conveyed through it. Here, we shall discuss how to figure out the black toroid your car is sitting on right now. Firstly, if you look at the sidewall of the tyre, you’ll notice a lot of markings/coding. For example, the sidewall of your tyre must read something like this – “215/65 R15”. Apart from this code, the markings would also include the manufacturer’s name, logo, directional arrows, approval ratings, inflation pressure, and few other important details which we’ll look into later. But first, let us decode the “215/65 R15”.........Read more