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Could humans really destroy all life on Earth?

Among the many global catastrophic risks known to humans, some are entertained in the media more than the others. Asteroid impacts, supervolcano eruptions and climate change have all received the Hollywood treatment. And each of these have taken a devastating toll on our planet's life in the past. Yet, unknown to many people, a new global threat capable of destroying life itself is brewing in the shadows of our everyday lives. It's driven by the immense human desire for material consumption. And paradoxically it is a consequence of human life itself. Just look around – you are inseparably surrounded by material objects ­– whether they are needed in your life or not. For every bit of this material we use, there is a growing web of global actions that is slowly stripping human's , and . If left unchecked, is there a risk that human consumption may finally turn the Earth into an uninhabitable world? Do we have it in us to stop before it is too late?........Read more