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Do snakes have ears?

Snakes are unique animals, with their limbless bodies, flicking tongues and the ability to devour prey whole. They mostly rely on their sense of smell to hunt prey, although they do use sight and sound too. But do snakes have ears? Yes and no, Sara Ruane, a herpetologist at Rutgers University in New Jersey, told Live Science. Like many reptiles, snakes don't have an external ear structure. However, they do have ear bones in their heads that they use to hear. "When you think about animals, whether it's a dog or a , they hear a noise in a different direction and shift their external ear in order to better capture that sound in case it happens again," Ruane said. "An internal ear is the part where the actual nuts and bolts of hearing happen." Snakes only have the nuts and bolts part of the ear.........Read more