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Mono Vs Stereo: What Is Mono, What Is Stereo & How To Use Them

Mono vs stereo; both have their place of importance in . They are two fundamentals in that, as a producer, you’ll be dealing with every day. To consumers, mono and stereo don’t mean much. To producers, they’re part of daily decision making. The tasteful application and use of mono and stereo can enhance the aesthetics of your productions. In this guide, we’ll cover the differences between mono and stereo. You’ll learn about the historical significance of mono and stereo, as well as their use in recording and mixing. Mono is short for monophonic, meaning one sound. Phonē (Greek) – Phonic (English) = Sound Mono sound is any sound – in most cases, music, that is recorded and or played back using one audio channel. For example, one recording a is a mono recording, because you’re using one channel (with one mic) to pick up the sound of the guitar.........Read more