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For IPL Organisers, Loss Of Revenue Seems More Important Than Loss Of Lives Due To COVID

As India grapples with an unprecedented health crisis, with hundreds of thousands of daily reported cases of COVID-19, tens of thousands of patients ill without oxygen or hospital beds, there is a general sense of gloom and despair prevailing in the country. However, in this war-like medical emergency that the country is going through at a scale hitherto witnessed in the last century, where all sense of normalcy is disrupted, one activity that continues as if everything is hunky-dory is the annual summer tamasha called the Indian Premier League (IPL). Ostensibly held in a secure ‘bio-bubble’ in various cities across India, where support staff, cricketers, coaches and others associated with the league are not allowed to have contact with outsiders, it seems that this edition of IPL is held in a bubble completely detached from the realities outside.........Read more