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To bring empty IPL stands alive in UAE, engineers in a Mumbai studio cut-paste audio from archives

The IPL that you see is being played in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah. But what about the IPL that you hear? With teams playing in front of empty stands due to Covid curbs, the answer lies 2,000 km away from the UAE, where a “sound bank” compiled in a Mumbai studio has recreated the mood and buzz of a throbbing stadium — be it the Wankhede in Mumbai, Chinnaswamy in Bengaluru or Chepauk in Chennai. Getting this right, says the broadcaster, involved three months of preparation and research. “We went back and studied the sounds of over 100 IPL matches starting from 2018. We studied the sounds associated with a specific team, and also the team they are playing against. For example, if Chennai Super Kings and Mumbai Indians are playing, the decibel level is very different from a game between Kings XI Punjab and Delhi Capitals,” says Star India’s head (Sports) Sanjog Gupta. “We had to arrive at a framework of sound that is unique to every player and every team. When M S Dhoni, or hits a six, the cheer is different compared to a player who is unknown or an upcoming youngster,” says Gupta.........Read more



Sounds like the crowd chanting in the stadium itself 👍