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Lab-grown Diamonds: The Planet Conscious Millennial's Best Friend?

Surat-based Limbasiya, one of the pioneers in the use of Chemical Vapour Deposition (CVD) technology in India, has been instrumental in shaping the lab-grown diamonds industry in the country. With huge production volumes, he proved to the world that India need not just limit itself to cutting and polishing diamonds, but can also become one of the largest producers of diamonds, that too those of the finest quality. Sheth was blown away by the technology being used to grow diamonds using the CVD technique. The reactors for it had been developed indigenously and made completely by Limbasiya and his team. Besides understanding the entire process, she felt she wanted to bring this story to the consumer because she saw a big opportunity in finding a market for diamonds made in labs in India. Sheth launched her lab-grown diamond-studded jewellery brand Limelight in 2018.........Read more