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Facebook’s freaky new glove

Reality Labs is working on clothing that helps you feel things in the metaverse. a glove. But not just any glove. It’s a haptic glove lined with tiny motors that use bursts of air to mimic the sense of touch, and it . There’s nothing necessarily wrong with Meta inventing a 21st-century that lets you feel digital objects. The company has apparently been working on the project for seven years, and the team that’s building it is thinking at least a decade into the future. The glove is also less unnerving than the brain wave-reading bracelet Facebook announced earlier this year (the company insists that the wristband ). But it’s increasingly clear that, even with its shiny new name, Meta is struggling to make the metaverse, a virtual space where people can work and hang out via avatars, more accessible — and less creepy — to the average human being.........Read more