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Google is Tracking Your Every Move, Here's How You Can Stop It

Google has infiltrated nearly every part of our lives, and the search giant’s network of interconnected applications and services gather, exchange, and rely on a significant amount of personal information about us. Google, for example, records our search history, as well as the position of our mobile device, the advertising we view, the videos we watch, and other information. If you choose, you can enable Google to cease monitoring you — at least for the most part — but you’ll lose access to all of Google’s customization capabilities as a result. The Activity Controls page in your Google Account on the web is the ideal location to start controlling Google’s monitoring practices. If you’re already logged in to Google on your browser, that link should take you right there. Google’s information on you is divided into six categories. You may disable tracking on any of them by using the toggle buttons on the screen.........Read more