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IPhone Designs Apple Working On You Can't Even Imagine: What's In For iPhone 13 Series?

Apple is working on a few designs one can’t even imagine. USPTO has published 77 patent filings which were granted to Apple this week, and it leaked out what the Cupertino based tech giant plans to do in the coming few years including a new MacBook, different displays for iPhone and some iPad designs. PatentlyApple reported that the USPTO (US Patent and Trademark Office) published 77 patent filings granted to Apple this week. The interesting patents included an iPad or iPhone with a second display on the back, something we could never imagine Apple doing.  For Mac, the company may abandon the Touch Bar entirely later this year or a new Touch Bar (as seen in one of the patents) with a curved display. For 2021, Apple has a lot already planned for iPhone 13 series. The upcoming iPhones might get the much-awaited upgrades finally this year as an always-On Display, no notch, wide angle sensors on all the models, quad camera system and upto 1TB of onboard storage.........Read more