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Is Latin a dead language?

The Latin language used to be spoken all over the Roman Empire. But no country officially speaks it now, at least not in its classic form. So, did Latin really peter out when the Roman Empire ceased to exist?  Rome used to be , but gradually Rome's sway over its colonies dwindled until it completely lost control. Despite this, Latin continued to be the lingua franca throughout much of Europe hundreds of years after that happened. The answer to the question of when Latin, ancient Rome's language, died is a complicated one. There's no date in the annals of history to mark the end of Latin as a spoken language, and some would argue that's because it never really died. The Vatican may still deliver some masses in Latin, but virtually no one in Italy is using Latin on a day-to-day basis. Nevertheless, this doesn't equate to the death of Latin, said Tim Pulju, a senior lecturer in linguistics and classics at Dartmouth College in New Hampshire.........Read more