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​Why iPads Still Don't Have a Calculator App Despite Being Launched in 2010

When it comes to redefining technology, Apple is one big name that never disappoints. From introducing Apple 1 — company's first pre-assembled computer in 1976 to launching iPhone in 2007, which forever changed the smartphone industry, the Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak-started company has come a long way. However, when Apple launched the first iPad in 2010, it did not have a basic feature that you can find on almost any gadget with a display screen — a calculator app. You can find a stock calculator app in all the iPhones, Macs, and even in the Apple watches. So, how did the company ignore this basic but useful tool in its range of iPads? As explained in the video, the software team led by Forstall did not design a new calculator app and simply scaled up the version that was included in iPhones. Apple Users are Actually Drilling Holes into New Airtags Instead of Spending 33K on Accessories........Read more