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Where does consciousness come from? And how do our brains create it? A look at one of life’s biggest mysteries

Under profound anesthesia, the brain’s electrical activity is almost entirely quieted — something that never happens in normal life, awake or asleep. It is one of the miracles of modern medicine that anesthesiologists can routinely alter peo..

A taste for sweet – an anthropologist explains the evolutionary origins of why you're programmed to love sugar

yogurt, ketchup, fruit snacks, breakfast cereals and even supposed health foods like granola bars. Schoolchildren learn as early as kindergarten that sweet treats belong in t..

Nature’s 10 - Ten people who helped shape science in 2021

Ten people who helped shape science in 2021 Elena Galofaro Bansh Elena Galofaro Bansh An Omicron investigator, a Mars explorer and an AI ethics pioneer are some of the people behind the year’s big research stories. The Nature’s 10 list explores key developme..

The Moon: an Executive Summary

The Moon is Earth's large natural satellite. It orbits our planet and has done so since early in solar system history. The Moon is a rocky body that humans have visited and are continuing to explore with remotely operated spacecraft. ..

James Webb Space Telescope’s fuel expected to last more than 10 years

The telescope was projected to operate for 5 to 10 years its science mission is likely to last “significantly more” than 10 years — more than double the minimum time for the mission. Initially, JWST was projected ..

Off-world colony simulation reveals changes in human communication over time with Earth

By Colm Gorey, Frontiers science writer Future planetary colonists will experience isolation like no other group in human history, which is why scientists on Earth are attempting to see how we commu..

A New Theory for Systems That Defy Newton's Third Law

By programming a fleet of robots to behave nonreciprocally — blue cars react to red cars differently than red cars react to blue cars — a team of researchers elicited spontaneous phase transitions. Kristen Norman for Quanta Magazine Newton’s third law tells us that for every action, there..

Diamond delivers long-sought mineral from the deep Earth

Small black specks in a diamond from an African mine have turned out to be a vital ingredient of the deep Earth, identified in nature for the first time after decades of searching. It is a rare gl..

Same sex love spells | 2021 Authentic Spells

Same sex love spells ?I keep saying that one of the key factors contributing to the effectiveness of a love spell is your love. The more you love the target..

End marriage problems in UK | 2021 Authentic Spells

End marriage problems in UK ?This  astrologer in united kingdom says that despite one fact being that marriage is an essential component in the life..

Nobel Prize in Medicine Awarded to US Scientists David Julius, Ardem Patapoutian

(Image of the scientists David Julius and Ardem Patapoutian tweeted by Nobel Prize) US scientists David Julius and Ardem Patapoutian on Monday won the Nobel Medicine Prize for discoveries o..

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Dua To Make Him Call Me Now and Think Of Me

As-salam Alaykum, you are here because you need Dua To Make Him Call Me Now and Think Of Me. If yes, then you are at the right place. As a woman, your very essence is love. Women are the epitome of…..

Tahajjud Prayer For Marriage

Tahajjud prayer or namaz is a very special prayer in the religion of Islam. There is a very important reason why the Tahajjud namaz is called the prayer of the night. If you are unaware of why it i…..

Wazifa To Bring Wife Back Home

A woman is the biggest support system of any home. From being a mother, sister, daughter, and wife, a woman is the only one in the family who manages and takes care of everyt..

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Here’s why gravity pulls us down and not up

Your sardonic source for consumer tech stories Human-centric AI news and analysis Driving the future of sustainable mobility No-nonsense stories about startup growth Inside money, markets, and Big Tech Help build ..

Google may have achieved a scientific breakthrough: Time crystals

Your sardonic source for consumer tech stories Human-centric AI news and analysis Driving the future of sustainable mobility No-nonsense stories about startup growth Insid..