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Do animals hug each other?

Who else is fond of a warm embrace? the warm, enveloping comfort of a hug. The taught us many things, some more important than others — but one of those is just how much many of us rely on these embraces for a sense of reassurance, consolation and calm...

Animal embryos can hear from inside their wombs and shells

More than 50 years ago, researchers found that chickens start to learn the sounds of their mothers’ calls even before hatching. The findings, published in Science in , demonstrated that chicken embryos were somehow listening to the outside world, interpreting and storing that information...

China fires up 'artificial sun' at 120 MILLION DEGREES Celsius in quest for nuclear fusion

Chinese daily Global Times said that the so-called artificial sun as the Chinese nuclear fusion project is known also succeeded in maintaining plasma at 160 million degrees Celsius for 20 seconds. These times, while not very long in absol..

Could humans really destroy all life on Earth?

Among the many global catastrophic risks known to humans, some are entertained in the media more than the others. Asteroid impacts, supervolcano eruptions and climate change have all received the Hollywood treatment. And each of these have ta..

How Do We Know When a Species Is Extinct?

The conservation status of each animal, plant and fungi species is compiled by the IUCN in what is called the "Red List." The organization sets criteria for how species are considered endangered and extinct, and the Red List is considered the autho..

Born 112 Years Ago, 5 Ways The Indian Institute of Science is Saving Lives Even Today

The Indian Institute of Science (IISc) Bengaluru was established on 27 May 1909 by Jamsetji Nusserwanji Tata. In 112 years the institute has conducted cutting-edge research in various scientific fields and provided innovative solutions. he Indian Institute of Sc..

Are UFOs for real? Why everyone is talking about them much more seriously now

In 2007, United States senator Harry Reid expressed his curiosity into multiple UFO reports coming from the armed forces. The Pentagon subsequently investigated these, and set up the Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force (UAPTF). The is now due to release its report in June 2021, an..

Explained: How are the coronavirus variants classified?

Health authorities in the UK have said that two variants from the or the so-called Indian variant of the SARS-CoV-2 virus have been identified and are being monitored as Variants Under Investigation (VUI). So far, th..

What Is Time?

Lava tubes in Hawaii are helping astronauts prepare to live on Mars

Somewhere along Mauna Loa in Hawaiʻi, there is what looks like an oversized golf ball housing the HI-SEAS facility. The dome sports six small rooms, a bathroom, a kitchen, a research lab, and relaxation area. It’s surrounded by solar panels on the ground out..

Einstein discussed a link between physics and biology in a letter, 70 years before it was confirmed

Since the dawn of the electronic age, it has never been easier for researchers to the general public – gaining access to precious resources otherwise unavailable. This is illustrated perfectly in our , in which we introduce a previously unknown letter wri..

New technology enables conversion of waste plastics to jet fuel in just one hour

Washington State University researchers have developed an innovative way to convert plastics to ingredients for jet fuel and other valuable products, making it easier and more cost-effective to reuse plastics. The researchers in their reaction were able to convert 90% of plastic to jet fuel and..

Before burials, what did humans do with our dead?

How did human uniqueness first evolve among our ancestors, setting us apart from other animals? That is a question many archaeologists are grappling with by investigating early records of art, language, food preparation, ornaments, and symbols. How our ..

Mars rocks could sustain life with underground water | Popular Science

Living microbes could be hanging out beneath the Martian surface, according to of Mars rocks from Brown University. The research shows that Mars could provide a stable, nourishing en..

How robot muscles could be built from DNA-inspired ‘supercoiling’ fibers

DNA is not the only helix in nature. Flip through any biology textbook and you’ll see helices everywhere from the alpha-helix shapes of individual proteins to the “coiled coil” helices of fibrous protein assemblies like keratin in hair. Some bacteri..

How Climate Change Moved Earth's Axis

A strange impact of the continuously warming climate is that colossal amounts of ice melting into the planet's oceans have played a prominent role in moving Earth's axis — the invisible line Earth rotates a..

Do snakes have ears?

Snakes are unique animals, with their limbless bodies, flicking tongues and the ability to devour prey whole. They mostly rely on their sense of smell to hunt prey, although they do use sight and sound too. But do snakes have ears?..

Digital workplace software

A digital workplace is a cloud based work platform that lets businesses move work to the virtual space. Such platforms contain all the applications, data, tools and collaborati..

Where Does a Candle Go When It Burns?

Just saying, maybe go easy with the candelabras. Where does a candle go when it burns, anyway? Is it healthy to be breathing in melted candle particles? How concerned should I be? — Abi..

'Whitest ever' paint reflects 98% of sunlight

Scientists in the US have developed a paint significantly "whiter than the whitest paint currently available". Tests carried out by researchers at Purdue University o..