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hop onto a ride to space for 200 000 onwards courtesy jeff bezos s rocket company

Hop onto a ride to space for $200,000 onwards, courtesy Jeff Bezos’s rocket company

Jeff Bezos’s rocket company plans to charge passengers about $200,000 to $300,000 for its first trips into space next year. It is designed to autonomously fly six passengers more than 100 km above Earth into suborbital space.........

did nasa probe burn up organic molecules on mars 40 years ago

Did NASA Probe Burn up Organic Molecules on Mars 40 Years Ago?

NASA's twin Viking landers conducted the first experiments that searched for organic matter on the Red Planet may have accidentally destroyed organic molecules found on the surface of Mars more that 40 years ago.........

toyota sends the world s first hydrogen powered ship on a six year voyage

Toyota sends the world's first hydrogen-powered ship on a six-year voyage

Toyota is sponsoring the world's first autonomous hydrogen-powered ship on a six-year world tour. The specially adapted race boat, Energy Observer, uses solar, wind and wave-generated power as well as carbon-free hydrogen generated from seawater.........

century s longest lunar eclipse on july 27

Century’s longest lunar eclipse on July 27

The longest total lunar eclipse of this century would be visible from all parts of the country on July 27. The eclipse would also be visible in parts of South America, much of Africa, West Asia and Central Asia........

isro s astrosat captures an image of galaxy cluster 800 million light years away

Isro’s Astrosat captures an image of galaxy cluster 800 million light years away

Astrosat, India’s first dedicated multi-wavelength space observatory, has captured an image of a special galaxy cluster that is more than 800 million light-years away from Earth.........

watch japanese space rocket momo 2 crashes seconds after launch

Watch: Japanese space rocket MOMO-2 crashes seconds after launch

An unmanned rocket developed by a maverick Japanese entrepreneur Takafumi Horie exploded shortly after liftoff. Its a major blow to his bid to send Japan’s first privately backed rocket into space. The launch was supposed to send the rocket carrying observational equipment to an altitude of over 100 kilometres (62 miles).........

india has decided to train space scientists of countries that lack satellite building capability

India has decided to train space scientists of countries that lack satellite-building capability

India has taken the initiative to train scientists of countries like UAE and African nations that lack the technical knowhow and capability to build a satellite. India won’t charge for this capacity-building programme but will play a role in shortlisting scientists for the training programme.........

india s new telescope starts observing distant stars

India's new telescope starts observing distant stars

Indian Institute of Astrophysics, Bengaluru, has operationalised another optical telescope at Hanle in Ladakh to observe distant stars that can provide new clues on how heavy elements are cooked inside a star and what is the final fate of such stars.........

ground below antarctica found to be rising rapidly what happens next

Ground below Antarctica found to be rising rapidly- What happens next?

There is solid ground below the Antarctic continent and it is rising fast, lifting the ice sheets seated on it in the process. Scientists have now found that the Antarctic bedrock is rising up by about 41 mm every year and it could be because of the thinning ice.........