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Google may have achieved a scientific breakthrough: Time crystals

Your sardonic source for consumer tech stories Human-centric AI news and analysis Driving the future of sustainable mobility No-nonsense stories about startup growth Inside money, markets, and Bi..

The jaw-droppingly high, out-of-this-world carbon footprint of space tourism

The commercial race to get tourists to space is heating up between Virgin Group founder Sir Richard Branson and former Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos. On July 11, Branson ascended 80 km (49 miles) to reach the edge of space in his piloted spaceplane, while Bezos’ autonomous..

Explainable Artificial Intelligence for Mechanics: Physics-Explaining Neural Networks for Constitutive Models

(Artificial) neural networks have become increasingly popular in mechanics and materials sciences to accelerate computations with model order reduction techniques and as universal models for a wide variety of materials. However, the major disadvantage of neural networks remains: their nu..

Here’s why gravity pulls us down and not up

Your sardonic source for consumer tech stories Human-centric AI news and analysis Driving the future of sustainable mobility No-nonsense stories about startup growth Inside money, markets, and Big Tech Help build the bank of the future Coding for Public Service Rub shoulders with le..

Understanding the Basis of Superior Memory

Researchers look into how those with Highly Superior Autobiographical Memory can remember almost everything that’s happened to them...

Ethereum inventor wants to replace pregnant women with synthetic wombs

Inside money, markets, and Big Tech bros never tire of sharing their utopian visions, but their big brain ideas aren’t always embraced by the proles. Vitalik Buterin, the co-founder and inventor of , has become the latest victim of this insolence. synthetic wombs. 6 trends that will domina..

James Webb Space Telescope’s fuel expected to last more than 10 years

The telescope was projected to operate for 5 to 10 years its science mission is likely to last “significantly more” than 10 years — more than double the minimum time for the mission. Initially, JWST was projecte..

A taste for sweet – an anthropologist explains the evolutionary origins of why you're programmed to love sugar

yogurt, ketchup, fruit snacks, breakfast cereals and even supposed health foods like granola bars. Schoolchildren learn as early as kindergarten that sweet treats belong in the smallest tip of the food pyramid, and adults learn fr..

Where does consciousness come from? And how do our brains create it? A look at one of life’s biggest mysteries

Under profound anesthesia, the brain’s electrical activity is almost entirely quieted — something that never happens in normal life, awake or asleep. It is one of the miracles of modern medicine that anesthesiologists can routinely alter people’s brains so that they enter an..

Should we trust science?

Does science tell the truth?..

Husband Wife Problem Solution | Arjun Astrologer

The relation in between Husband and Wife depends on faith and love. Marriage relation is sweet & careful relationship of two people..

Do you want your love to back? get your love back with the help of arjun astrologer

Being in love with someone is one of the most beautiful felling in the world. You found a different person in yourself when you are with the right one ..

The Doomsday Clock is ticking close to the time of our self-annihilation

Human-centric AI news and analysis the Doomsday Clock just struck 100 seconds to midnight — the hour of humanity’s self-annihilation. The new time was set on Thursday by the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, a nonprofit focused on global security issues. Whi..

Same sex love spells | 2021 Authentic Spells

Same sex love spells ?I keep saying that one of the key factors contributing to the effectiveness of a love spell is your love. The more you love the target..

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How can we truly understand what's real? - BBC Reel

Quantum physics tells us that atoms and subatomic particles behave in strange ways. It says that they can be in two places at once and that they can behave both like waves but also like particles. So how can we truly know what reality is? See also: Why there could be many..

The physics that suggests we have no free will - BBC Reel

The laws of physics suggest the future is predetermined, leading some physicists to say that it is impossible for free will to exist. Part two of a three part series on free will. By Melissa Hogenboom and Pierange..

What is the ultimate fate of the Universe?

Modern cosmology conjectures different possible fates for the Universe and thus for the end of time. Details depend on which model is right...

Solar power at night? New study suggests it may be possible

Scientists are using a power-generation device called a "thermo-radiative diode," which is quite similar to the technology found in night-vision goggles...

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