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India Scored A Self-Goal With Its E-Cigarette Ban

Celebrated by many in the tobacco control field, India with much ado banned the sale of e-cigarettes two years ago. The decision was taken to protect the country’s you..

‘Manipulated Platforms’ — And Why Big Tech Is In Bed With Left-Liberal Media

We need to worry not just about manipulated news, but also manipulated platforms and fact-checkers whose biases may go under the radar. The jokers who run Twitter’s censorship regime must be having a hearty laugh at the foolishness of our media and politicians. Not o..

6 feet distance not enough? New govt advisory warns virus can contract people upto 10 metres

Amidst the rising Coronavirus spread in the country, the central government in an advisory has said that the disease can be transported through air as well as in the form of aerosols and contract people who are upto 10 metres away. The advisory has incorporated the growing evidence in different p..

India sees record spike of 1.45 lakh fresh Covid-19 cases, 794 deaths in 24 hours

India on Saturday reported yet another record spike with over 1.45 lakh fresh Covid-19 cases along with 794 deaths. India's coronavirus case tally has now reached 1,32,05,926. On Saturday, India reported 1,45,384 new Covid-19 cases and 794 deaths. Apart from the fresh cases, 77,567 dischar..

Indian Army Has Captured All Critical Heights South of Pangong Lake in Ladakh: Sources

The Indian Army has captured all positions and posts in the Ridge area on the southern bank of the Pangong lake in eastern Ladakh, government sources told News18 on Wednesday amid escalating tensions on the border with China. “We haven’t ..

Home testing kit for Covid-19 gets ICMR nod. Watch how to test yourself

ICMR has approved a home-based testing kit for Covid-19. It is a home rapid antigen testing (RAT) kit, which is advisable only for symptomatic individuals and people who have come in contact with lab-tested C..

Covid 2.0: When will it end?

India is witnessing one of its bleakest, cruellest summers this year. The unrelenting second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic continues to extract a heavy toll as the days go by. Death continues to stalk our homes and neighbourhoods. We are now the second-most-affected..

COVID-19 Vaccine: 40% Indians Likely to be Fully Vaccinated by November, Says Report

India’s teething troubles of COVID-19 vaccination coverage are likely to persist over the next month Around 40 per cent of India’s adult population likely to be fully vaccinated by November, la..

India might see 'serious livelihood crisis' due to Covid-19, lockdowns, says economist Jean Dreze

India might be heading towards a serious livelihood crisis as the situation seems to be worse this time for the working class amid the Covid crisis and local restrictions by states already add up to something close to a nationwide lockdown, according to noted economist Jean Dreze. I..

LIC New Rule for Life Certificates, Annuities, Claim Settlements Amid COVID. Know Details

To make claim-settlement process easier and hassle-free, the Life Insurance Corporation (LIC) has announced various relaxations To make claim-settlement process easier and hassle-free, the Life Insurance Corporation (LIC) has announced various relaxat..

Covid positive report not needed for hospitalisation; no patient to be refused services: Govt

The Union Health Ministry on Saturday revised the national policy for admission of Covid-19 positive patients to Covid health facilities, making it more "..

Regulator Gives Nod To Emergency Use Of DRDO's Anti-Covid Drug That Will Come In Powder Form

The Drugs Controller General of India (DCGI) has approved the emergency use of an anti-Covid drug developed by the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) to treat moderate to severe Covid-19 patients. The therapeutic use of the drug,..

Users Beware! This SMS Claiming Free COVID-19 Vaccine Registration in India is Fake

Fake COVID-19 vaccine registration message COVID-19 vaccination drive in India has begun for everyone above 18 years though many are facing problems with registration due to a ..

I had Covid, when should I get vaccine? What if I miss second dose? Answers to these & more

As the second wave of the pandemic rages on in India, a number of people, including those who have either recovered from Covid-19 or have tested positive, are now ready to be vac..

126 Doctors Died of Covid-19 This Year, IMA Says it Will Ascertain Vaccination Status of Deceased

The Indian Medical Association (IMA) has said that it is in the process of ascertaining the vaccination status of doctors who died of Covid-19 this year. A study by the IMA showed that a total of 126 doctors died of Covid-19 this year. Whereas the toll last year was 7..

COVID-19 Relief: These Websites and Apps Will Help You Find Availability of Vaccine Slots

India witnessed a fall in COVID-19 positive cases over the last few days, but celebrations are still not in order. The country continues to see at least three lakh cases daily, and all medical experts are recommending one crucial bit - MASK ON. Similarly, the Indian government is ramping..

No lockdown, ban gatherings of over 10 people to contain Covid-19 spread: Lancet India task force

The Lancet India Task Force on Covid-19 has suggested a 'containment measures checklist' to the central government to contain the frightening surge in the Covid-19 cases. The task force has also asserted that these measures "must be done beyond the current binary discussion on a lockdown"..

Explained: What you need to know before buying an oxygen concentrator for home

On April 28, the Government of India announced it will procure one lakh oxygen concentrator and distribute in high burden states as an alternative to depleting res..

Coronavirus Updates: India reports 3,60,960 new cases

India, in the last 24 hours, recorded 3,60,960 fresh covid cases and 3,293 deaths, which is the highest in the country so far. With today’s numbers, the total number of cases rose to 1,79,97,267 and the number of fatalities reac..

Covid Explained: What Needs To Be Done If Symptoms Persist? Can I Get Re-Infected?

Like the 1918-20 Spanish flu, the second all-India surge of the Covid-19 pandemic has been more devastating than the first. It has also appeared to be different from last year’..