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Why The Sacrifice Of Veer Vanchinathan Needs To Be Celebrated, Not Ridiculed

In the case of revolutionary Vanchinathan, who killed a British tax collector, the aim of his act is questioned and insults are hurled at him. At a very young age, Vanchi killed Tirunelveli collector Robert William d'Escourt Ashe on this day (17 June) 109 years ago, and sacrificed ..

The Life of Genghis Khan, the Ruthless Warlord Who Created the World’s Largest Empire

Genghis Khan. That name (or title, really; it’s thought to mean “universal ruler”) carries with it to this day the faint cries of battle and destr..

Missing Treasures of the World – Strange Unexplained Mysteries

Weird, odd and strange things….. During the course of WW2 Hitler and his SS cronies had been looting europes of its finest art and treasures. The SS also stole gold bullion from europes banks. Much of this missing art is still to be discov..

Why Does the New Year Start on January 1?

Way back when, the Romans had a god named Janus. He was the god of doors and gates and had two faces—one looking forward and one looking back. Julius Caesar thought it would be appropria..

Ancient Street Food Bar with Snails, Fish and Beef on the Menu Unearthed in Pompeii

Archaeologists in Pompeii, the city buried in a volcanic eruption in 79 AD, have made the extraordinary find of a frescoed hot food and drinks shop that served..

Bayonets Fixed: Fight Of Their Lives | Outlook India Magazine

Pakistan’s Naya Chor, opposite the Barmer Sector in Rajasthan, was the Sector Headquarters of the Pak Command, and the key node, defending deeper penetration into Sindh. Tasked with the ca..

Flightless bird species were more diverse, common before human-driven extinctions

A new study has found that flightless birds were more common on the planet before activities by human beings started leading them to extinction. If human influences had not existed, there would have..

The Silk Road Was More Than a Vast Trade Route

To most Westerners, the Silk Road conjures images of exoticism: caravans of spices and silks, open-air markets filled with brightly-clothed hawkers and merchant..

Hindu Temple Dating Back to 1,300 Years Discovered in Northwest Pakistan's Swat

A Hindu temple, believed to have been constructed 1,300 years ago, has been discovered by Pakistani and Italian archaeological experts at a mountain in Swat district of northwest Pakistan. The discovery was made during an excavation at Barikot Ghundai..

Ancient Treasure Trove Of Over 100 Sarcophagi Found In Egypt

Wooden sarcophagi during the unveiling of an ancient treasure trove of more than a 100 sarcophagi. Egypt announced Saturday the discovery of an ancient treasure trove of more than a 100 intact sarcophagi, the largest such find this year. The seale..

The cheap pen that changed writing forever

On 29 October 1945, the New York City branch of Gimbels department store unveiled a new product. Billions upon billions would follow in its wake. Gimbels was the first to sell a new kind of ink pen, the design of which had taken several ..

Why Astronomy is Considered the Oldest Science

Millions of years ago, ancient humans living on the African savanna likely gazed up in wonderment at the bright moon and star-filled sky. This cosmic backdrop wasn't too different from the one we see today;..

The far east and its ancient Indian connections

A Chinese eyewitness account of such a kingdom in Malay peninsula (Tuein-suin) talks of "500 merchant families, 200 Buddhists, and thousands of Brahmins" settled permanently in that country, and tal..

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The Indian queens who modelled for the world's first vaccine

When Devajammani arrived at the royal court of Mysore in 1805, it was to marry Krishnaraja Wadiyar III. They were both 12 years of age and he was the newly minted ruler of the southe..

Powerful portraits show the last of Nagaland's tattooed headhunters

With proud, wistful expressions, the elderly figures in Peter Bos' portraits seem gentle enough -- kind, even. But the men's tattoos belie a darker truth: They were once fearsome headhunters whose facial markings symbolize the decapi..

From Manusmriti to Indian Matchmaking, tracing the roots of arranged marriages

The concept of the Indian marriage, particularly of an arranged marriage is of immense fascination in the West. The recent Netflix series, ‘Indian Matchmaking’ addressed to an international audience, provides a glimpse into the strange Indian way of..

Rethinking Churchill: A Genuine Genocidaire Whose Worst Victims Were Indians, Writes Shashi Tharoor

Churchill was a fanatical advocate of imperialism, and his own words convict him of racism and anti-Semitism. He supported the pseudo-science of eugenics, musing about the idea of sterilizing the “unfit”. He professed scorn for women’s rights and opposed the Suffragettes who sought t..

On 18 November 1962, Major Shaitan Singh and his men had created history in the mountains of Ladakh

This is a story of unimaginable sacrifice. This is a story of men pitted against impossible odds. This is the story of Indian soldiers who looked death in the ..