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cure for aids scientists successfully destroy hiv infected cells in major breakthrough

Cure for Aids: Scientists successfully destroy HIV-infected cells in major breakthrough

According to researchers at Paris' Institut Pasteur, they have successfully destroyed cells infected with the virus, which is typically treated with antiretroviral drugs.........

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aiims team s model can predict shock 12 hours in advance

AIIMS team’s model can predict shock 12 hours in advance

Predicting shock even 12 hours before it can be clinically recognised by doctors by using the current gold standard is now possible by an AIIMS-led multi-institutional team of researchers.........

harmone eating macrophages behind high blood pressure finds new study

Harmone-eating macrophages behind high blood pressure, finds new study

The specialised white blood cells called macrophages are key to the body's immune system and they 'eat' molecules of a powerful hormone known as endothelin, which in turn leads to hypertension, found scientists.........

hormone could slow alzheimer s progression

Hormone could slow Alzheimer's progression

The findings show that irisin, a hormone that is boosted by exercise, plays an important role in the brain and that Alzheimer patients carry less of the hormone. ........