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Big MNCs approach Kejriwal for degree verification and background checks of new hires

Several major MNCs operating in India have approached Delhi CM Mr. Arvind Kejriwal to provide his services for background checks and degree verification of po..

Watch: To protest against officials' apathy, Buldhana locals perform 'Nagin dance' - Firstpost

In a bizarre case, Maharashtra Baldhana's locals performed 'Nagin dance' to protest against the PWD officials' apathy...

20 Odd inventions made on the 20th century

People want to be famous, however you will be famous just when your invention has created something that someelse can benefit from and help the comunity...

This Video Of An Old Man Out-Lifting Professional Bodybuilders Is Incredibly Hilarious

This is not your run-of-the-mill prank video. This is some expert level stuff. A 28-year-old iron pumping fitness geek gets into the shoes of an 84-year-old grandpa and decides to show-off his power moves in Venice. ..

Rahul Gandhi Booed by Crowd During Vijender Singh's Title Clash

Sporting a grey t-shirt and denims, Gandhi walked into the stadium only to see a part of the crowd boo him and then chant 'Modi, Modi', referring to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi...

When Twitter discovered fast bowling prospects among Kashmirs stone throwers

Here are a few promising fast bowling prospects among stone throwers in Kashmir. And it was all discovered by Twitter...

IT company scraps paternity leave, says ‘Bride Hunt’ leave makes more sense for their employees

ForeverAlone Technologies, today announced that it will soon be scrapping paternity leave and instead introduce Bride Hunt leave..

In Pictures: Which Bollywood actors would play these cricketers in their biopics?

We know that Sushant Singh Rajput is playing MS Dhoni and Emraan Hashmi is playing Mohammad Azharuddin in their respective biopics. Which got us to think of other such combinations. Here’s a list! Rahul Dravid â..

AAP leader Ashutosh offers to verify documents of UPSC toppers

AAP leader Ashutosh, who alleged that PM Modi had forged his mark-sheet, today made an announcement at a press conference and offered to verify documents of all UPSC candidates fo..

Ssumier S. Pasricha has taken the internet by storm for his uncanny resemblance to Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan. All pics/Ssumier S. Pasricha's Instagram account @ssumier.official

Ssumier S. Pasricha has taken the internet by storm for his uncanny resemblance to Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan. All pics/Ssumier S. Pasricha's Instagram account @ssumier.official : After..

Bangalore and Chennai based companies declare Kabali’s release date a holiday

This action was taken after it was known that employees were planning on taking a mass sick leave to catch the film...

Now Kejriwal dares PM Modi to prove he was a chaiwala by making chai

Stepping up his already relentless attack on PM Narendra Modi, Raja Harishchandra hi CM Arvind Kejriwal has now demanded that Modi prove that he was a chaiw..

Watch this hilarious Snapchat version of the opening chapter of the Ramayana

These might be the coolest 183 seconds you'll spend on the Ramayana. Of course you know the story already, via your grandmother, films, art, comic books and fiction. But no..

Rajya Sabha to introduce ‘Swamy Hour’ for MPs to outrage and fight over Subramanian Swamy’s comments

Now an exclusive hour to outrage over Subramanian Swamy's comments..

Muhammad Ali was an eminent sports personality of Kerala, according to state sports minister

Reacting to the death of the boxing legend, EP Jayarajan said Ali won a gold medal for the state, thereby raising Kerala's position in the world...

No interest in 2nd term as they send me to Papua New Guinea while PM visits US: Pranab Mukherjee

According to our reliable sources, the exact reason President Pranab Mukherjee is not opting for 2nd term is the kind of countries the current NDA government is making him visit. The President visi..

Rahul Gandhi in Parliament: Deep Thought or Deep Sleep?

Rahul Gandhi was spotted napping in Lok Sabha even as the govt and opposition were fighting it out on Dalit issues...

Censoring Udta Punjab won't fix drug problem: Rahul Gandhi

The ongoing censor issue just got political as the Censor Board doesn't want the movie to be set in Punjab...