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nearly 2 lakh indians studied in us in 2017 18

Nearly 2 lakh Indians studied in US in 2017-18

India is the second largest international reservoir for US higher education institutions having sent 196,271 students here in the last academic year, according to the latest data. ........

india changes mbbs curriculum after 21 years doctors to study ethics and attitude

India Changes MBBS Curriculum After 21 Years, Doctors To Study Ethics & Attitude

Revised after 21 long years, The new MBBS curriculum has a course called Attitude, Ethics and Communication (AETCOM) which will run across the years. Students will be now assessed for how they communicate with patients.........

bengaluru teen wins rs 2 9 crore global science prize lab for school

Bengaluru Teen Wins Rs 2.9 Crore Global Science Prize, Lab for School

Sixteen-year-old Samay Godika, a junior at National Public School-Koramangala in Bangalore won the annual Breakthrough Junior Challenge. Samay will receive $400,000 in educational prizes for himself, his teacher and his school. ........