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China releases first translations of Tagore's collective works

In all 33 volumes containing 16 million words covering his poetry, essays, novels and drama sections were released...

Music. Dance. Art. 400 students. 17 countries: Festival highlights

This weekend (May 7-8), witness music, dance, and art at the 14th International Festival of Language and Culture. The theme of the festival is ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’ or ‘..

Chetan Bhagat, the Feminist, is ready for the trolls

Chetan Bhagat, the bard of India’s sunrise generation, assumes a female voice for his latest novel. Are you listening?..

Mask Dance of Arunachal Pradesh

Northeast Indian dances show a unique medley of folk culture and tribal dance forms. Also, the influence of offshore countries like Korea, Japan, Nepal gives NE Indian dances a distinct character. Arunacha..

The Underappreciated Paintings Of Rabindranath Tagore

A highly prolific artist, Tagore was best known as a poet, but not many know that he was also a gifted painter...

Blending the borders of music: Anil Srinivasan on piano, U Rajesh on mandolin

Anil Srinivasan on the piano and U. Rajesh on the mandolin recently showcased the language of music in Hyderabad...

Krishna and Radha making love in a leafy bower on the banks of the Yamuna - Kangra or Guler Painting, C. 1780 - Old Indian Arts

The illustration depicts Krishna and Radha making love in a leafy bower on the banks of the Yamuna with papihas or weaver-birds cooing on the branches of a flowering tree beside them and cranes ..

How an Artist's Experimental Body Performance Confronted Caste Discrimination

Jaya painted herself black and roamed Kochi streets for 150 days – bringing the public face-to-face with their prejudices and sparking a critical debate on her 'Artivism.'..

Indian National Trust for Art to restore 18 monuments in Delhi

Ignores over ages, some of Delhi..

How Artists are Transforming a Remote Kangra Village

In an ongoing festival in Gunehar, Himachal Pradesh, artists from around India and the world transform local spaces with the involvement of residents – putting the vil..

M.S. Subbulakshmi to be honoured by A.R. Rahman at UN on Independence Day

Legendary carnatic vocalist M. S. Subbulakshmi will be honoured at the United Nations next week on India’s 70th Independence Day by a performance by Oscar-winning composer A.R. Rahman at the world ..

Mono Vs Stereo: What Is Mono, What Is Stereo & How To Use Them

Mono vs stereo; both have their place of importance in . They are two fundamentals in that, as a producer, you’ll be dealing with every day. To consumers, mono and stereo don’t mean much. To producers, they’re part of daily decision making. The tasteful application and use of mono and stere..

Classical Music and Mass Audiences....

Most mass media practitioners will tell you that classical music is elitist. that it is mean to be enjoyed in rarified atmospheres, with others in their social class. There is a general perception that mass audiences will not enjoy classical music. And, that, 'mass' is de..

Brits Didn't Want You To Read This European Classic Since 1867

Captain Corcoran's adventures are making a foray into English literature for the first time. And we are loving it!..

Meet Akshita Chandra: An artist who is using Khajuraho temple art to battle censorship

Why is our notion of sex and sexuality so enmeshed with one of obscenity? Why is it 'anti-cultural' and 'taboo'? Why is it 'against our religion'? This is what 21-year-old Akshita Chandra's Tumblr Being Censitive (a play on the words 'censor' and ..

Podcast: Two scholars, a century apart, record India's rich linguistic diversity

Even if you travelled the length and breadth of India and dedicated your entire life to the cause, it's unlikely that you would encounter every single language in one o..

Chandigarh, Sikkim park make it to UNESCO's World Heritage List

UNESCO today listed Chandigarh and Sikkim's national park home to the world's third highest peak Mount Khangchendzonga among its World Heritage Sites, approving all three nominations linked to India this session...

Ramayana in the everyday: A photobook recreates the ancient tale in modern India – and it is epic

In a seven-part project, photographer Vasantha Yoganathan tries to reimagine and demystify the narrative...