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He has sung 40000 songs in 16 languages

An engineering student who dropped out to pursue a career in playback singing in the 1960s, he was quickly launched across three major languages, beginning with mother tongue Telugu, Kannada and then Tamil. After being in the second rung of the top layers of the south..

Veteran Singer S P Balasubrahmanyam Passes Away

Popular playback singer S P Balasubrahmanyam, who had been undergoing treatment at a hospital in Chennai after testing positive for COVID-19 on August 5, passed away after a prolonged illness. He died on Friday afternoon at..

The woman who has become India's 'corona voice'

For millions of Indians, Jasleen Bhalla's is a familiar voice. When you dial a phone number in India you don't always hear a ringing as you wait for t..

Love Problem Solution Baba Ji

Love Problem Solution Baba Ji give best solution for your love problems by solving them within few hours after using Love Vashikaran Spells...

What Is The Hardest Language To Learn?

After some extensive research on the topic, we discovered that the answer is quite complicated. The complications occur because the answer is largely subjective (opinion), and it also depends on what a person’s native language is. The answer for one individual may be completely different..

Renowned Malayalam poet-activist Sugathakumari dies of covid-19 complications

Acclaimed Malayalam poet and environmental activist Sugathakumari passed away Wednesday following covid-19 complications at the Medical College Hospital in Thiruvananthapuram. She was 86. For the past one week, the Padma Shri awardee had been hospitalised with severe pneumonia after testing p..

International Gita Mahotsav 2020: 55,000 school students to recite 19 verses from Bhagavad Gita

At this year’s International Gita Mahotsav, a total of 55,000 school students will collectively recite 19 verses from the Hindu scripture, Bhagavad Gita, in the state of Haryana an offic..

How non-translatable Sanskrit words can enrich the English vocabulary

Sanskrit Non-Translatablesis anaudacious attempt at Sanskritisingthe English language by introducing powerful Sanskrit words into English vocabulary without translation, thus enriching it. French words likeDéjà vuandConnoisseur etc are used in English as it is, as there are no equ..

In a bid to lower carbon footprint, a group of Indian designers turns food waste into haute couture

Gautam Gupta loves bananas. The Delhi-based fashion designer always carries one in his car, “just in case a meal gets missed”. So, naturally, when the cou..

Why Mandarin is losing its charm in India

Once a sought-after language, Mandarin is losing its signature spell over Mumbai’s men of enterprise. The decline began in June this year when the economic toll of Covid-19 conspired with the border clash to puncture the enthusiasm of lea..

The S. Varadarajan Interview: ‘The harder you work, the more gifted you get. Nothing happens naturally’

In the nine decades since it began, the Chennai Music Season that brought a coveted UNESCO recognition and global attention to the city hasn’t been disrupted once. All these years, the resilience of the Sabhas that organise the music con..

Art Meets Cold Heart | Outlook India Magazine

The message was standoffish: vacate your government-allotted homes in Delhi by December 31 or face eviction. The notice was sent to Mohiniyattam dancer Bharati Shivaji, painter Jatin Das, Pandit Bhajan Sopori, Pt Birju Maharaj, Rita Ganguly and Ustad F. Wasifu..

Sahitya Academy award winner Shaik Khaja Hussain, popular as Devi Priya, passes away

Noted Telugu poet, journalist, scriptwriter, and Kendra Sahitya Academy award winner Shaik Khaja Hussain (70) popularly known as Devi Priya, passed away on Nove..

AI 'resurrects' 54 Roman emperors, in stunningly lifelike images

An artist used machine learning to create the photorealistic portraits. Ancient Roman emperors' faces have been brought to life in digital reconstructions; the unnervingly realistic image project includes the Emperors Caligula, and , among others.  The features of th..

Beyond Region and Language: SP Balasubrahmanyam's Mother Tongue was Music

There has hardly ever been any playback singer in the history of Indian films who could transcend the borders of regionalities and languages and move millions of hearts with his/her songs like SP Balasubrahmanyam ..

The movements that betray who you are

While leafing through some old research papers, Hillary Elfenbein noticed something strange about the photographs in one famous study. The research from the late 1980s had asked volunteers if..

Meet Priyanshi Somani, Human Calculator Who Broke World Records At 11 Years Old

In our school days, one of the most challenging subjects that we had to deal with was (at least for me it was). What started as basic addition, subtraction and multiplication advanced to bringing in geometry and algebra that t..

Could Singing Spread COVID-19? Yes, Says Study; Advices People to Avoid Loud & Consonant-Rich Singing

In a fight against novel coronavirus (Covid-19), the researchers have found that singing — particularly loud and consonant-rich singing — spreads a lot of aerosol particles and droplets into the surrounding air — i..

Playback Singer SP Balasubramanyam Tests Negative for COVID-19

Playback singer SP Balasubramanyam who has been in the intensive care unit of a Chennai hospital after contracting the COVID-19 disease, has tested negative for the virus. In a video message to his fans, SP Charan qualified it as a significant development, considering that his..

World Photography Day: Remembering Cameras That Advanced the Art Over 130 Years

The iconic Leica M3 (1954), often credited as the forefather of the venerable Leica M-system cameras that are worshipped today. World Photography Day is here, and is likely the first time in living memory where we would all be urged to celebrate from the confines of our..