Meet The Man Who Made Pokemon An International Phenomenon

You probably don't know him, but Al Kahn is likely to have had an enormous influence on your life. As a licensing executive, Kahn has spent more than 30 years distributing and promoting some iconic brands, including the Cabbage Patch Kids, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, James Bond and Yu-Gi-Oh.........Read more

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RBI's new alert website to save people from investing in ponzi schemes

The initiative is expected to streamline the search for genuine operators, while keeping away fraudsters.........Read more

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Telltale's Batman Suffering From a Variety of Issues on PC [UPDATE]

The launch of Telltale Batman's first episode has not been problem-free on PC, where players have encountered a wide variety of performance issues.........Read more

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How the political battle on GST was won

NDA split the opposition and reached out directly to the Congress leadership, while Narendra Modi personally made overtures to non-Congress chief ministers........Read more

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Wi-fi, entertainment units, CCTVs: Tejas trains to have world class features

Tejas and Hamsafar trains along with Antodaya Express and Deen Dayalu coaches are to be introduced in the current fiscal as part of the budget proposal.........Read more

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Maiden flight of Su-30 MKI with BrahMos missile successful

The first carriage flight of Su-30 MKI aircraft with BrahMos missile was successfully undertaken at HAL Airport in Nashik on Saturday, with the integration making the fighter aircraft a lethal weapon delivery platform for the Indian Air Force.........Read more

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Salman Khan and Ranveer Singh in Dhoom Reloaded? Is This Happening? - NDTV Movies

Salman Khan recently expressed his desire to work in a film which offers him a full-fledged negative role. He has also reportedly been in talks with YRF to star in the next Dhoom film........Read more

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Germany offers India deal for next generation submarines - The Economic Times

Sources said that formal proposal is being shared with defence min in which German govt will give assurances on fair price, technology transfer and quality.........Read more

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Why Astronomers Will Hate The Internet of Things

The Internet of Things has potential to make our lives easier, but our interconnected devices could drown out the cosmic whispers astronomers listen for.........Read more

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Bad breath: Coffee doesn’t cause it, parsley won’t prevent

EXCLUSIVE: And while it's 'plausible' to believe smoking contributes to bad breath, the evidence is far from clear cut, says Robin Seymour, Emeritus Professor of Dental Sciences in Newcastle.........Read more

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Scientists Make Sea Water Drinkable, Produce 6.3 Million Litres A Day

As 13 states struggle with drought, scientists in a corner of India have devised a way to make potable water - 6.3 million litre of it every day - from sea water. They have also developed certain filtration methods that ensure groundwater containing arsenic and uranium are safe to drink.........Read more

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On-tap bank licence: Rajan just poured cold water on dreams of corporate biggies - Firstpost

On-tap banking licence will be the third leg of structural reforms in the banking sector........Read more

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Wrong Depiction Of India Map Can Land You In Jail, 100 Cr Fine

Wrong depiction of the map of India could land the violators in jail with a maximum term of seven years and fine upto Rs 100 crore. This measure has been envisaged by the government against the bac........Read more

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China releases first translations of Tagore's collective works

In all 33 volumes containing 16 million words covering his poetry, essays, novels and drama sections were released.........Read more

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Idea Cellular partners with Google to provide carrier billing for Play store purchases – Tech2

Idea Cellular has teamed up with Google to offer its prepaid users the option to buy apps, make in-app purchases and so on, adding the purchase amount directly to monthly bills, and negating the use of credit cards.........Read more

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