10 Most Advanced Cars Across the Globe | From Koenigsegg Gemera To Honda Civic

That’s not all, this “tiny friendly giant engine” (this is what Koenigsegg likes to call the engine) makes a whopping 600 hp and 600 Nm of peak torque. The last time I checked, a two-litre 4 cylinder TSI motor from Skoda makes just 190hp of max power. What’s so special about the sedan? Tesla Model S is capable of driving on its own on highways and even on the streets. But due to safety reasons, the diver has to constantly touch the steering to show his/her presence and is not at all drowsy. That’s just the half story. Model S is faster than most of the supercars or even hypercars when it comes to acceleration. That said, this sedan rides on massive 20” wheels wrapped with Michelin Sport Cup 2 tyres. Both combined offer an exceptional look and feel connected from behind the wheel. Talking about the engine, it comes with a 5.0-litre V8 that pushes 592hp of max power and 700Nm of peak torque. For you to know, this Honda has the second-fastest lap time around the Nurburgring Track in the Netherlands. It was Renault Magane RS Trophy that broke Civic’s record by around 3 seconds last year. Honda Civic Type-R is one of many vehicles that boast what automotive technology and advancements are capable of. That said, a 2.0-litre 4-cylinder turbo petrol engine powers this hatch. Talking about numbers, the motor produces 316hp of max power and about 400Nm of max torque.........Read more

Kia Sonet Compact SUV First Drive Review: Trouble Brewing for Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza, Hyundai Venue

Before discussing our drive experience, let me give you a brief idea on the specifications. The Kia Sonet gets multitude of engine and gearbox options starting with the 1.2-litre petrol engine producing 83 PS of power and 115 Nm of torque and gets only a 5-speed manual gearbox. Next is the detuned version of 1.5-litre diesel engine producing 100 PS and 240 Nm of torque and is mated to a 6-speed manual gearbox.........Read more

NASA is offering $35,000 in prizes to design a toilet that will work on the moon

NASA wants you to help put the loo in lunar, so it's offering $35,000 in prizes to design a toilet that can be used on the moon. The space agency has set an ambitious goal of sending astronauts back to the moon by 2024 and the crew will obviously have to go to the bathroom during the mission. NASA may adapt the toilet design for its Artemis lunar lander, so it will need to work both in the microgravity of space, or "zero-g," and on the moon, where the gravity is about a sixth of what we feel on Earth, according to the design guidelines posted by NASA and HeroX, which allows anyone to create challenges to solve a problem facing the world.........Read more

How to transfer Facebook photos and videos to Google Photos

Facebook has announced that its data transfer tool is now available in India. The data transfer tool allows users to transfer their Facebook photos and videos to Google Photos. Facebook is expected to add more platforms that join its Data Transfer Project. Facebook has announced that its data transfer tool that allows users to transfer their photos and videos on the platform is now available in India. The data transfer tool was first announced in Ireland in December 2019 as part of the company’s Data Transfer Project. The Facebook data transfer tool allows users to transfer their photos and videos from the platform to Google Photos.........Read more

Interactive screens from simple principles

The most commonly used touchscreens today – capacitive screens – are almost as old as Baby Boomers: invented in 1966 for air traffic control radar screens at the UK’s Royal Radar Establishment. This first iteration worked by running a small current through a transparent sheet of material across the screen, which created a static field. The interference of a fingertip pushing on the screen was all it took to charge the plate below, changing the electric charge – capacitance – at the screen’s corners. Just as each key on a keyboard completes a corresponding circuit when your finger presses down, these early screens relied on the pressure of a finger causing the two layers of material to come into contact with each other, completing a circuit at the point of contact.........Read more

Lack of health workers a concern in cities, govt says must live with virus

While most of the big cities, including all the metros, are in the red zone, the absence of field-level health workers in urban areas is emerging as a major hurdle. Meanwhile, at the daily briefing on Friday, Health Ministry Joint Secretary Lav Agarwal said “it is important that we learn to live with the virus and practise behavioural changes”. The doubling time has come down to 10 days, from 12 days on May 5. With 3,390 new cases and 103 deaths being reported in the last 24 hours, the total count is now up to 56,342 (16,539 recovered) and 1,886 deaths. “Of the 37,916 active cases, 3.2% need oxygen, 4.7% are in the ICU and 1.1% need ventilators,” Agarwal said.........Read more

They seem very China-centric: Donald Trump threatens withholding funds from WHO

President Donald Trump on Tuesday threatened to cut US funding to the World Health Organization, accusing it of bias toward China during the coronavirus pandemic. Trump told reporters he was "going to put a very powerful hold on" funding to WHO, the UN body whose biggest funding source is the United States. "We're going to put a hold on money spent to the WHO," said Trump, who pursues an "America First" agenda and has previously criticized other UN and multilateral agencies. "I'm not saying I'm going to do it."........Read more

TRAI wants to remove 100 daily SMS limit: What does it mean for users?

The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India or TRAI released a draft regulation that seeks to remove the 100 daily SMS limit on the users. Currently, all the prepaid recharge packs from Jio, Airtel, and Vodafone Idea offering daily data benefits also come with 100 daily SMS but users are charged for SMS after they exhaust this limit. As part of its Telecom Commercial Communications Customer Preference Regulations (TCCCPR), TRAI imposed 100 SMS limit that overpowered the SMS vouchers at the time. After the new rules came into effect, users were charged at 50 paise per SMS after reaching the 100 SMS mark.........Read more

Rani Rampal, Sjoerd Marijne recall historical second-half goal that booked India's ticket to Tokyo Olympics

Not to forget, four years ago, it was Rani who had done that when Indian women looked for their maiden Olympics appearance in 36 years. The champion striker knows a thing or two about writing history but the most significant chapter awaits in Tokyo.........Read more

IPL 2020: Ajinkya Rahane to leave Rajasthan Royals after 9 seasons as trade window approaches slog overs

India Test vice-captain Ajinkya Rahane is leaving Rajasthan Royals to play for Delhi Capitals in the next edition of Indian Premier League. It is learnt Royals would be getting two Delhi Capitals players in return. ........Read more

MS Dhoni unlikely to commentate in Day-Night Test at Eden Gardens - Report

MS Dhoni is unlikely to make his commentary debut in the Day-Night Test between India and Bangladesh. Official broadcasters Star Sports earlier sent a proposal to BCCI regarding the topic but the board has not responded yet.........Read more

Hockey Olympic Qualifiers: India Men Register 4-2 Win Over Russia to Acquire 1-0 Lead

The India men’s hockey team emerged victorious with a 4-2 win against Russia in the first of the two FIH Hockey Olympics Qualifiers matches but it wasn’t before the 22nd-ranked side in the world sent a few scares down the opposition’s camp. ........Read more

40k juveniles caught in 2017, 72% in 16-18 age group

Over 40,000 juveniles were caught across the country in 2017 for their alleged involvement in various offences, with 72 per cent of them belonging to the age group from 16 to 18 years. ........Read more

Deepika Padukone is The Only Indian Actor to Make it to List of Business of Fashion 500

Actor and producer Deepika Padukone is the highest-paid celebs in India, she is one of the nation’s most popular personalities, named one of the 100 most influential people in the world in 2018 by Time. Deepika Padukone is an active celebrity endorser for several brands and products, including Tissot, Maybelline, Coca-Cola, and L’Oréal Paris, among others, and has become known for her personal style, mixing Western luxury fashion labels with homegrown Indian designers. The Padmaavat actor has won the Filmfare Award for Best Female Debut and later won two more Filmfare Awards for Best Actress in 2013 and 2015. She has added another feather to her hat by being the only Indian actress to make it to the esteemed list of Business Of Fashion 500. The Business of Fashion (BoF) 500 is the definitive professional index of the people shaping the $2.4 trillion fashion industry, hand-selected by the editors of The Business of Fashion, based on hundreds of nominations received from current BoF 500 members, extensive data analysis and research. According to the website, the Business of Fashion has gained a global following as an essential daily resource for fashion creatives, executives and entrepreneurs in over 200 countries. It is frequently described as “indispensable,” “required reading” and “an addiction.”........Read more

Chandrayaan-2: Isro has not given up efforts to regain link with Vikram lander

The Isro has not given up efforts to spring Chandrayaan-2's lander Vikram lying on the lunar surface back to life after a hard-landing more than three weeks ago, senior officials indicated on Tuesday. The Indian Space Research Organisation said on September seven ground stations lost communication with Vikram (with rover Praygan tucked inside it), minutes before its planned soft-landing on the Lunar surface. Since then the Bengaluru-headquartered space agency had been making "all possible" efforts to establish link with the lander but had apparently suspended those operations 10 days ago following night fall on the Moon. "Now it's not possible, it's night time there. May be after this, probably we will start. It's night time at our landing site, power may not be there", the Isro Chairman K Sivan told PTI on Tuesday. "We will make efforts afterwards (during day-time on lunar surface) also," he said. COMPLEX MISSION The Chandrayaan-2 was a highly complex mission, which brought together an orbiter, lander and rover to explore the unexplored south pole of the Moon. The mission life of the lander and the rover will be one Lunar day which is equal to fourteen earth days, Isro had said prior to the launch. Some space experts believe regaining link with the lander now appears extremely difficult. "I think finding link after so many days is going to be extremely difficult but there is nothing wrong in trying," an Isro official said on condition of anonymity.........Read more

Sikh police officer shot dead in 'ruthless, cold-blooded way' in US

A trailblazing Indian-American Sikh police officer, who made national headlines when he was allowed to grow a beard and wear a turban on the job, has been shot and killed in an "ambush-style" attack in a "ruthless, cold-blooded way" in the US State of Texas, a senior official said on Saturday. Sandeep Singh Dhaliwal, a 10-year veteran of the Harris County Sheriff's office and its first Sikh deputy, was gunned down while conducting a mid-day traffic stop in northwest of Houston on Friday, Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez said. The officer said Dhaliwal, 42, was taken by helicopter to a hospital where he died, a decade after becoming the force's first Sikh and pushing for a historic expansion of religious rights in the department. "I'm sad to share with you that we've lost one of our own. Our HCSO Texas was unable to recover from his injuries. There are no words to convey our sadness," Gonzalez said in a tweet. "We mourn the loss of a wonderful father, husband, son brother, friend, and last but not least, a Texas Peace Officer," he said. Gonzalez said Dhaliwal, who kept his Sikh articles of faith including a turban and beard, stopped a vehicle with a man and woman inside. One of them got out and shot him at least twice in an "ambush-style" attack at least twice in a "ruthless, cold-blooded way", he said.........Read more

India's economic growth to improve in second half of fiscal 2020: finance minister

India’s economic growth is likely to pick up in the October-March period as consumer demand is expected to improve, Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman said on Thursday. Sithraman in a press conference in New Delhi told reporters that lenders have enough liquidity and retail credit growth is likely to pick up in the festival season starting October. India’s economic growth in April-June fell to a six year low of 5%. Reporting by Manoj Kumar All quotes delayed a minimum of 15 minutes. See here for a complete list of exchanges and delays.........Read more

Adobe Premiere Pro will use AI to reframe videos for all of your social apps

9 aspect ratios 9 videos. The feature, shown off today at the International Broadcasting Convention, makes use of Adobe Sensei, the company’s artificial intelligence platform. Auto Reframe is an effect that can be applied to clips on Premiere’s timeline, and users can choose between three motion presets (Slower Motion, Default, and Faster Motion) to let the algorithm to know how much movement to expect in the video. The effect will produce motion keyframes that follow the action in your content, which can also be manually adjusted for fine-tuning. It also does the convenient work of resizing text for each aspect ratio, which will save video editors a lot of time.........Read more

NASA, whole world will be watching Chandrayaan-2's landing on moon: Former astronaut

Former NASA astronaut Donald A Thomas has said that when India's ambitious lunar mission Chandrayaan-2 will land on the surface of the moon, everyone at the US space agency and people around the world would be watching it. Chandrayaan-2 is scheduled to land on the surface of the moon on September 7. "Chandrayaan-2 will be the first spacecraft to land near the moon's South Pole and this is where NASA hopes to land an astronaut in about five years from now. Not just NASA, but the whole world would be interested in knowing about the moon and the universe by following Chandrayaan-2," he said. Thomas was speaking to reporters after attending an event at the Park College of Engineering and Technology near Coimbatore in Tamil Nadu. He explained, "We have landed near the equator of the moon before but never at the South Pole. The South Pole is a very special location, we think there is ice in some of the craters that are permanently shadowed." "If we find ice there then we can have water and from that oxygen and hydrogen," he added. On being asked about the conditions on the moon, the former NASA astronaut said, "The moon is a tough place to live. There is a lot of radiation out there. In day time the temperature there could reach 100 degrees Celsius and during night time minus 100 degrees Celsius."........Read more

Sahitya Akademi awardee Durga Khatiwada excluded from Assam NRC

Sahitya Akademi awardee Durga Khatiwada along with the family members of Baijyanti Devi, the first woman martyr of Assam Agitation, have been excluded from the complete draft of the National Register of Citizens (NRC), an organisation of the Gorkhas said Sunday Along with them, Manju Devi, the great-granddaughter of freedom fighter Chabilal Upadhyay, has also been left out from the NRC upgrade process, they said. These three prominent cases involved Gorkhas and the NRC process has disrespected the community by excluding them, and the matter may be taken to court if not resolved, Bharatiya Gorkha Parisangh (BhaGoPa) National Secretary Nanda Kirati Dewan said at a press conference here. "Families of freedom fighters and martyrs of Assam Agitation have been disrespected by excluding them from NRC. This is not only disrespect to the Gorkhas, but also an insult to the freedom fighters and martyrs," Dewan said. The six-year-long Assam Agitation over identification and deportation of illegal immigrants was launched by the All Assam Students Union in 1979. It culminated with the signing of the Assam Accord on August 15, 1985, in the presence of the then prime minister Rajiv Gandhi.........Read more

Upcoming Renault Kwid 7 Seat MPV Could Boast Class Leading Features

Renault has big plans for the domestic market and it is evidently working on a brand new seven-seat MPV based on the Kwid. Having been spotted testing a few times already, the French manufacturer is expected to price the model affordable to have a distinct advantage in the segment.........Read more

Chennai:11-year-old girl raped, Goondas Act against all 17 accused

The Chennai police slapped the Goondas Act on the 17 men allegedly involved in the repeated rape of an 11-year-old girl in an apartment complex at Ayanavaram over a period of seven months. The Act enables the police to detain the accused in jail up to one year without bail. ........Read more

Attack on Umar Khalid: Delhi Police detain duo who claimed responsiblity

The Delhi Police Monday nabbed two men who claimed to have attacked JNU student leader Umar Khalid outside Constitution Club in the national capital last week.........Read more

We must ensure women have freedom to choose: Prez's I-day message to nation

President Ram Nath Kovind on Tuesday asserted that contentious issues and extraneous debates should not be allowed to distract us at a "pivotal moment" when the country is at the cusp of achieving many long-awaited goals.........Read more

Imran Khan declares election victory, says ready to serve Pakistan

Pakistan’s cricket hero Imran Khan on Thursday declared victory in the country’s controversial elections, as rival parties alleged poll rigging and counting of votes progressed slowly. I want to thank Allah for this opportunity to serve the nation. Through its ups and downs; I am grateful for being given this chance, said Imran Khan.........Read more

Home Ministry to collate data on crimes against journalists

Responding to the journalist community’s demand for increased scrutiny of assault cases against scribes, the home ministry has increased the ambit of the collation of data to include murder and other heinous crimes. ........Read more

From April 1, visitors can spend only 3 hours at Taj Mahal

Alarmed by the recent reports of "human pollution", several experts had suggested that the time restriction on tickets should be imposed at the Mughal-era monument, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) will permit visitors to spend only three hours at the Taj Mahal, to ease rush and control pollution. ........Read more

Australian government calls for Steven Smith to be removed as captain

Hours after Cricket Australia said it would investigate the actions of the Australian team's leadership in relation to the ball-tampering confession in the Cape Town Test, the Australian government has asked the board to remove Steven Smith as captain.........Read more

‘E-wallet remittances, business slump in the wake of KYC fiat’

The volumes of remittances and e-commerce transactions made using prepaid payment instruments (PPIs), including electronic wallets, have slumped sharply following the expiry of the February 28 deadline for ensuring all PPI accounts are in compliance with know your customer (KYC) norms.........Read more

Jayendra Saraswathi interred in Mutt

Jayendra Saraswathi, the 69th pontiff of the Kanchi Mutt, was buried in the Brindhavanam annexe on the premises of the religious establishment here with Vedic honours. Amid chants, the body of the 82-year-old (in sitting posture) was lowered into a large bamboo basket placed inside the 7 ft x 7 ft burial pit in the annexe. The pit was filled with herbs like “Vasambu”, salt, sandalwood and sand.........Read more

Former Maldives prez urges ‘liberator’ India to send military, resolve crisis

We would like the Indian government to send an envoy, backed by its military, to free the judges and the political detainees, including former president Maumoon Abdul Gayoom, from their detention and to bring them to their homes. We are asking for a physical presence,” Exiled former president Mohamed Nasheed tweeted.........Read more

Mukesh Ambani says Reliance to invest Rs2,500 crore in Assam, create 80,000 jobs

Reliance Industries chairman Mukesh Ambani announced an investment of Rs2,500 crore in Assam in various sectors, including retail, petroleum, telecom, tourism and sports, creating jobs for at least 80,000 people over the next three years.........Read more

Not a setback, law officers were not serious

BJP leader Subramanian Swamy on Thursday condemned the special CBI's court's decision to acquit all accused in the 2G spectrum allocation case, alleging that the case was "sabotaged" by "corrupt" law officers who were not serious about carrying out their duties.........Read more

2018 Hero Super Splendor, Passion Pro and Passion XPRO Unveiled

Hero MotoCorp, the home-grown two-wheeler manufacturer, has unveiled three new motorcycles - the 125cc Super Splendor, the 110cc Passion Pro, and the 110cc Passion XPRO - for the Indian market. The aforementioned motorcycles would be launched in a phase-wise manner, starting January 2018. All the three motorcycles come with both drum and disc variants.........Read more

Petroleum under GST: Government awaits states' response 

Jaitley said that as opposed to the UPA government, which had kept petroleum completely out of GST, the NDA has made constitutional provisions to make them part of GST and persuaded states to come under it.........Read more

Social phobia linked to autism and schizophrenia

The research, published in Psychiatry Research: Neuroimaging, found the areas of the brain that show increased response when exposed to unexpected speech sounds or 'phonemes' are associated with the processing of social information and linked with spectrum conditions such as autism or schizophrenia.........Read more

Type 2 diabetes is not for life

Almost half of the patients with Type 2 diabetes supported by their GPs on a weight loss programme were able to reverse their diabetes in a year, a study has found.........Read more

Dead foetus found inside a woman 15 years after 'abortion'!

A 52-year-old woman in India is found to have carried a calcified foetus in her abdomen for 15 years. She terminated her pregnancy back then and her family allegedly did not approve of her having another child........Read more

Star Wars Battlefront II Review

Set across the backdrop of the entire Star Wars saga--encompassing the prequels, the original three films, and the new trilogy--Battlefront II's online modes and single-player offerings expand the scope of its galactic battles to feature more variety in its locations. From taking part in aerial dogfights above Kamino to raiding the Death Star II and escaping before its destruction........Read more

Invalid, but over a lakh Indian handwritten passports still in circulation

We have been running campaigns in the country and abroad urging the citizens to get their handwritten passports changed with the one that is machine readable. There are still over a lakh of such passports in circulation, said an official.........Read more

Lebanese Prime Minister resigns, saying his life in danger

Lebanese prime minister Saad al-Hariri resigned on Saturday, saying in a televised broadcast he sensed a plot to target his life and criticising Iran and its Lebanese ally Hezbollah.........Read more

Delhi govt needs LG's nod to govern: Supreme Court

The SC on Thursday said that the LG can't scuttle an executive decision by sitting over a file as it heard pleas against the LG being the head of the national capital. The SC added that the Delhi government needs LG’s nod to govern the national capital. CJI Dipak Misra remarked: “Land, police and public order isn't under you.”........Read more

SBI brings home loan rate to lowest in industry

Largest public lender State Bank of India (SBI) today lowered home loan rate by 0.05 per cent to 8.30 per cent, the lowest in the industry. It has also reduced the auto loan by a similar percentage point to 8.70 per cent.........Read more

GST, note ban have ruined ease of doing business: Rahul Gandhi takes on govt day after World Bank report

There is no ease of doing business in India as demonetisation and GST have destroyed the economy, said Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi in Gujarat a day after a World Bank index showed the business climate improving in India.........Read more

Study shows how memories ripple through the brain

Using an innovative "NeuroGrid" technology, scientists showed that sleep boosts communication between two brain regions whose connection is critical for the formation of memories. The work, published in Science, was partially funded by the Brain Research through Advancing Innovative Neurotechnologies (BRAIN) Initiative, a project of the National Institutes of Health devoted to accelerating the development of new approaches to probing the workings of the brain.........Read more

New molecule shows promise in HIV vaccine design

Researchers at the University of Maryland and Duke University have designed a novel protein-sugar vaccine candidate that, in an animal model, stimulated an immune response against sugars that form a protective shield around HIV. The molecule could one day become part of a successful HIV vaccine.........Read more

NIA arrests Syed Salahuddin’s son for Kashmir terror funding case

The National Investigation Agency on Tuesday arrested Syed Salahuddin's son Syed Shahid Yusuf in connection with terror funding case. It is learnt that Syed Shahid Yusuf works in the horticulture department of Jammu and Kashmir state government.........Read more

Nirmalya Kumar revealed how Cyrus Mistry was sacked

While six of the eight-member board that included Vijay Singh, Amit Chandra and Nitin Nohria—all trust nominees; Ajay Piramal, Ronen Sen and Venu Srinivasan—all independent directors, voted in favour of the resolution that sought removal of Mistry, Farida Khambhata, an independent director, and Ishaat Hussain, finance director, Tata Sons abstained from voting.........Read more

Iyer, Siraj called up for New Zealand T20Is

Mumbai batsman Shreyas Iyer and Hyderabad pace bowler Mohammed Siraj have been named in India's squad for the three T20 internationals against New Zealand, which start from November 1. Ashish Nehra has been picked only for the first T20I, which is slated to be his last match.........Read more

Govt to set up 7.5 lakh public Wi-Fi hotspots by 2018-end

The government has decided to give a major push to Wi-Fi deployment across the length and breadth of the country and will facilitate the setting up of as many as 7.5 lakh public-internet hotpots by the end of next year.........Read more

Solicitor General Ranjit Kumar resigns

Ranjit Kumar, Solicitor General of India, resigned on Friday citing personal reasons. Additional Solicitor General Tushar Mehta confirmed the news. Kumar informed that he has not been able to attend to certain health issues of family members for long........Read more

Azam Khan Says Rashtrapati Bhavan Also Sign Of Slavery, Should be Demolished

Azam Khan's remark came after BJP MLA from Sardhana Sangeet Som questioned Taj Mahal's place in history, distorting historical facts to say that it was built by an emperor who had imprisoned his father and targeted Hindus.........Read more

26/11 Mumbai Attacks: India Won’t Send 24 Witnesses to Testify in Pakistan Court

Unconvinced by the progress in the ongoing 26/11 Mumbai attacks trial in Pakistan court, India is unlikely to send 24 Indian witnesses to Islamabad. However, India may consider Pakistan’s request to examine witnesses through video conferencing, but no such proposal has yet been made by Islamabad.........Read more

Yashwant Sinha Hits Out at Arun Jaitley, Modi Government; Says Why no Action on Panama Papers

Former Union minister Yashwant Sinha on Friday renewed his attack on Finance Minister Arun Jaitley and the Modi government as he questioned their inaction on Panama papers case. He also said why no action was taken on the HSBC list that had over 100 names.........Read more

Google Pixel 2 rumoured to be first Snapdragon 836-powered smartphone

Google’s upcoming Pixel 2 will most likely be powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 836 SoC. Android Headlines reported that unnamed industry insiders didn’t specify whether that particular piece of silicon will be featured in both the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL.........Read more

Gujarat high court dismisses Essar Steel petition

The Gujarat high court on Monday dismissed Essar Steel’s petition that had challenged the Reserve Bank of India’s (RBI) directive to banks for initiating insolvency proceedings against the company. This sets the stage for Essar’s creditors such as State Bank of India (SBI) and Standard Chartered Bank to proceed against the company in the National Company Law Tribunal under the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code (IBC), provided Essar does not challenge the court decision in the Supreme Court.........Read more

UN treaty to ban nuclear weapons may be adopted soon

130 countries said nearing agreement on global nonproliferation pact; Israel and 8 other states believed to have nukes won’t support it........Read more

Neeru Chadha becomes 1st Indian woman as member of ITLOS

In a significant victory for India at the UN, international law expert Neeru Chadha has won a crucial election to a top UN judicial body that deals with disputes related to the law of the sea, becoming the first Indian woman to be appointed as a judge at the tribunal.........Read more

Kashmir: Two terrorists arrested in Handwara after security forces bust Hizbul module

Two terrorists were reportedly arrested in Handwara district of Jammu and Kashmir on Monday during a joint team operation in the area by police and army, the security forces busted an active Hizbul Mujahideen module in north Kashmir after which the arrests were made.........Read more

Hero Motocorp to launched two new motorcycles by September 2017

Hero Motocorp to launched two new motorcycles by September 2017. Hero MotoCorp sold 66,63,903 units between April 2016 and March 2017, which is the best ever sales number in any single financial year so far for the company.........Read more

Restored credibility of economy in 3 years of Modi government: Arun Jaitley

Finance Minister Arun Jaitley today claimed the Narendra Modi government in its three years of rule so far has restored the credibility of the Indian economy, which he claimed happened despite the global economic slowdown.........Read more

Women should be kept indoors: Azam Khan’s jibe at Yogi govt on Rampur incident

Former Uttar Pradesh minister Azam Khan on Sunday took a jibe at Yogi Adityanath-led government over the Rampur molestation case, saying situation in the state is such that men should try and keep their women indoors.........Read more

Scientists jump hurdle in HIV vaccine design

Scientists at The Scripps Research Institute (TSRI) have made another important advance in HIV vaccine design. The development was possible thanks to previous studies at TSRI showing the structures of a protein on HIV's surface, called the envelope glycoprotein. The scientists used these structures to design a mimic of the viral protein from a different HIV subtype, subtype C, which is responsible for the majority of infections worldwide.........Read more

WannaCry doesn’t affect Android and iOS

As a modern technology user, you should know that the WannaCry ransomware only affects the Windows platform. The notorious ransomware threatened old systems running on Windows XP, Windows Server 2003 and Windows 8. Modern smartphone platforms like Android, iOS or even Windows Phone don’t suffer from the ransomware’s threat.........Read more

Over 50% doctors suffer from hypertension or high BP, says study

More than 50 per cent physicians have been found to have uncontrolled hypertension or high blood pressure (BP) despite taking hypertensive medicines, owing to high-stress levels, a study has showed.........Read more

'Ramayana' to be made into a movie of Rs 500 crore budget

According to reports three filmmakers, Allu Aravind, Namit Malhotra and Madhu Mantena will be teaming up together to turn the epic saga of Ramayana into a film. It is heard that the makers have been working on the script for almost a year now. The trilingual movie will have three parts.........Read more

When Alan Turing's ancestor was denied a job in the East India Company because he looked Indian

Mathematician and computer scientist Alan Turing had many family connections to India. His father Julius Mathison Turing belonged to the Indian Civil Service and his mother Ethel was daughter of Edward Waller Stoney, chief engineer of the Madras Railway Company. Back in the 1790s, the physical appearance of one of the Turings born in Madras prompted the East India Company to introduce a regulation blocking the employment of men with Indian mothers.........Read more

How many pills are too many?

Physicians also report that some patients resist changing medications, fearing that alternatives including lifestyle changes will not be as effective. Other studies found that many doctors are concerned about liability if something should go wrong or worry theyll fail to meet performance benchmarks like the proportion of diabetic patients with adequate blood sugar control. ........Read more

Goa’s temples are losing their distinctive local features, and the rise of Hindutva may be to blame

Across the state, the temple architecture – which harmoniously blended elements of western Mannerist, Baroque and Rococco with Maratha, Deccan Sultanate or Bijapuri Islamic, and local Konkan vernacular building forms – is being demolished for renovation.........Read more

Vijay Mallya's Kingfisher Villa sold to actor-businessman Sachiin Joshi

Sachiin Joshi is understood to have paid marginally higher than the last reserve price of Rs 73 crore for Vijay Mallya's famous Kingfisher Villa. Joshi's website describes him as vice-chairman of JMJ group of companies which is the holding company for all his diverse business interests.........Read more

Anna Hazare plans Satyagraha against Narendra Modi government for not implementing Lokpal Act

Social activist Anna Hazare, who is turning 80 next month remains in the agitation mode and disclosed to the gathering that he was ready to once again launch an agitation from Ramlila grounds in New Delhi. This time around, he plans to target the Narendra Modi government for it's unwillingness to appoint a Lokpal at the Centre.........Read more

Umesh Yadav, Ravindra Jadeja, R Ashwin, Bhuvi dismantle Australia in Dharamsala Test

Cricket, above everything else, is a team sport and there’s no better sight than seeing a unit combine together to outplay the opposition. And it was one of those days in Dharmasala on Day 3 of the fourth and final Test between India and Australia.........Read more

London terror attacker 'was not lone wolf' but part of a wider conspiracy, officials believe

The terrorist Khalid Masood had come to the notice of MI5 and Scotland Yard' Special Branch in the past for associating with known extremists, but, security officials insist, had not been involved in plotting terrorist acts.........Read more

Bikes Priced Over Rs 1 Lakh To Cost Even More In Karnataka

Motorcycles costing Rs 1 lakh or more may be levied a 6 per cent additional motor vehicle tax in Karnataka, if a budget proposal presented in the state assembly is passed. The tax slab for bikes falling in this bracket (costing Rs 1 lakh or more) is to be raised from the existing 12 per cent to 18 per cent, according to the proposal.........Read more

Navjot Singh Sidhu not to miss TV duties, sparks row

Newly-appointed Punjab local bodies minister in the Congress government Navjot Singh Sidhu sparked a controversy on Friday, just one day after taking oath, when he told reporters that he would continue with appearances on his popular comedy TV show.........Read more

AIIMS opens counter for VIP cases sent by Health Minister OSD

“This new counter will cater exclusively to the patients recommended by the OSD to President, AIIMS and VIP references from Hon’ble MPs after being duly forwarded by the authority in AIIMS they have been marked to,” it says.........Read more

Anil Ambani Firm Sells Paytm Stake To Alibaba For A Whopping 2650% Gain

Reliance Capital has sold its nearly 1 per cent stake in popular digital payments firm Paytm for Rs. 275 crore to China's Alibaba Group in a deal reaping huge gains for the Anil Ambani-led group firm. The financial services arm of Reliance Group had invested Rs. 10 crore for this stake in Paytm.........Read more

Tweet not intended for Gurmehar Kaur, claims Virender Sehwag

Virender Sehwag has come across and cleared the air over his alleged controversial tweet on Gurmehar Kaur. Sehwag said, “My tweet wasn’t intended for Gurmehar. It was plain fun but people construed the other way,” ........Read more

Oil companies to bear MDR on payments through cards until March 31

Oil companies like Indian Oil Corporation, Bharat Petroleum Corp and Hindustan Petroleum Corp will bear the MDR fee whenever anyone swipes their cards to pay for fuel at fuel pumps. However, they have only agreed to bear the cost till March 31.........Read more

Health Ministry to start adolescent peer-education plan "Saathiya"

In a bid to reach out to 26 crore adolescents in the country on health issues, the Ministry has decided to involve 1.65 lakh peer educators called “Saathiya”. The resource kit prepared for these educators that was unveiled by Health Secretary C K Mishra on Monday not only treats the issue of same-sex attraction with unusual maturity but also talks about contraception and gender-based violence in great detail.........Read more

Sony Xperia X gets massive price-cut in India

This is the second time Sony has reduced the Xperia X's price in the country. Back in September 2016, the company had waived off Rs. 10,000, there by bringing the cost of the device to Rs. 38,990 from its launch price Rs. 48,990. Now, it has received another generous price-cut of Rs 14,000, reducing its MRP to Rs. 24,990. It is available on Flipkart in multiple colour options.........Read more

Australia Will Not Sledge Virat Kohli: David Warner

For us, it's about going out there and playing our brand of cricket. Virat Kohli is one of those players, if you niggle at him, it either makes him better or if you get under his skin, he'll probably get even better. He's a world class player at the moment and for us, it's about going out and playing the best cricket we can.........Read more

Centre’s BHIM app crushes Telangana-Wallet

Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao had announced the launch of the of TS-Wallet — a mobile application for cashless transactions — in December last year. But bankers and service providers are said to be not particularly keen on partnering with individual state governments, after the Centre itself came out with the BHIM app and is now set to launch an Aadhaar-based payments system.........Read more

BCCI opened the bids for Team India's new sponsor

The winning bidder will start their stint as Team India's sponsor from the ICC Champions Trophy in June later this year and the tenure will also cover the 2019 ICC World Cup, 2020 ICC World T20 and 2021 ICC Champions trophy.........Read more

N R Narayana Murthy wants NYU's Marti Subrahmanyam on Infosys board

Infosys co-founder N R Narayana Murthy told a financial daily that the software giant needs to bring in Marti Subrahmanyam, who is a professor at New York University's Stern School of Business, as co-chairman in the board and appoint DN Prahlad, an independent director with the firm, as the chair of the nomination and remuneration committee. ........Read more

Around 2,600 kg drugs seized during Punjab polls: Election Commission

With drug menace being one of the major poll issues in Punjab, around 2,598 kgs of drugs and other narcotics valued at Rs 18.26 crore were seized in the state which went to polls on Saturday, the Election Commission said. ........Read more

Thala Ajith flaunts six pack in Vivegam first look poster

Ajith's 57th project Thala 57 aka AK 57 titled as Vivegam........Read more

Nation bids farewell to 19 soldiers killed in avalanches

The coffins of 19 soldiers of the Indian Army who died after being hit by two separate avalanches in Gurez and Machchil sectors on the Line of Control in Jammu and Kashmir were brought to the national capital for a final adieu before they were flown to their respective hometowns.........Read more

Communally sensitive west UP witnesses inflammatory outbursts

Inflammatory remarks by contestants threatened to vitiate the atmosphere in communally sensitive western Uttar Pradesh as the polling date nears. BJP legislator Suresh Rana, who was an accused in the 2013 Muzaffarnagar communal riot and a candidate from Thanabhavan Assembly seat in Shamli district, landed in fresh controversy after he reportedly said that Kairana, which hit the headlines after allegations of mass exodus of Hindu families, and Deoband, which houses the famous Islamic seminary Darul Uloom, would witness curfew if he won the polls.........Read more

Keep PAN, Aadhaar handy for bullion & jewellery purchases above Rs 50K post Budget 2017

The next time you visit your neighbourhood gold or silver jewellery store you might have to quote your PAN or Aadhaar card number for purchases above Rs 50,000-1 lakh. Currently, only purchases above Rs 2 lakh require know-your-customer-compliance in the gold market. ........Read more

Demonetisation impact on Q3 earnings not as bad as feared

More than 58% of the top firms that have reported their financial results for the three months ended 31 December exceeded or met analysts’ estimates. “Compared to pessimistic expectations and worries, the earnings have been a respite,” said Gautam Chhaochharia, head of research at UBS Securities India Pvt. Ltd. “The numbers suggest the impact of demonetisation was not that significant as earlier perceived.”........Read more

Mahatma Gandhis samadhi gets a new look, to be unveiled by Venkaiah Naidu

The samadhi of Mahatma Gandhi at Raj Ghat is set to unveil a new look on Monday. Ministry of urban development has completed its face-lifting exercise on Sunday and Union minister M Venkaiah Naidu will inaugurate it on the 69th death anniversary of the Father of the Nation on Monday.........Read more

Australian Open 2017: Mattek-Sands and Safarova Win Women's Doubles Title

Second seeds Bethanie Mattek-Sands and Lucie Safarova took out the Australian Open women's doubles title on Friday to be crowned Grand Slam champions for a fourth time.........Read more

This Dedicated Senior Railway Officer Cycled 140 Kms to Conduct a Surprise Inspection at a Station

After being prompted to go for an inspection when he heard about an incident involving roll back of coaches near Indore station, Gupta decided to cycle for 140 km and reach the spot. “There was an incident involving roll back of coaches at Laxmibai Nagar station on Friday evening. Although it was a minor incident, we take such incidents seriously as there is a potential for major mishap. So, I decided to inspect the station.”........Read more

Bengaluru beats US' Silicon Valley to be the most dynamic city in the world

The World Economic Forum (WEF) is said to rank Bengaluru city as the most dynamic city in the world, beating the United States' Silicon Valley. ndia also snatched the lead from China as home to some of the worlds fastest-changing cities, taking six of the top 30.........Read more

Sri Ram Sene's Muthalik banned from entering Goa for 60 days

Sri Ram Sene leader Pramod Muthalik and his associates have been banned from entering poll-bound Goa for 60 days beginning tomorrow as authorities fear "serious law and order problems" if they are allowed to enter the state during the period.........Read more

I am the national President of SP, says Mulayam Singh Yadav

In wake of the growing feud between the two warring factions of the Samajwadi Party, Mulayam Singh on Sunday categorically stated that he was still the party president while his son Akhilesh Yadav is the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh. Mulayam, who put forth his views before the media here lashed out at his cousin and Akhilesh loyalist Ramgopal Yadav. He said that Ramgopal having been expelled from the party for six years cannot call the convention. He also stated that Shivpal Yadav is the president of Samajwadi Party's Uttar Pradesh unit.........Read more

Bhansali gives Rs 20.80 lakh to family of worker who died on Padmavati sets

It was reported that a worker’s union Film Studio Setting and Allied Mazdoor Union had planned on issuing a notice to Bhansali to seek compensation for the labourer's family. And now Bhansali’s production team has provided a compensation of Rs. 20.80 lakh for Dahiya’s family, also promising a job for his pregnant wife at the production house.........Read more

In Hyderabad Home, A Mini Nursery Stuns Cops. It Grew Marijuana

A man has been arrested in Hyderabad for growing marijuana inside his three-bedroom apartment. Nearly nine kg of marijuana along with 40 pots containing its plants were seized from his apartment, a police official said.........Read more

56 inmates killed in prison riot in northern Brazil

An attack by members of one crime gang on rival inmates touched off a riot at a prison in the northern state of Amazonas, leaving at least 56 dead, including several who were beheaded or dismembered i........Read more

One militant killed in encounter with security forces in J-K’s Baramulla

An unidentified militant, believed to be a foreigner, was killed on Tuesday morning in an encounter with security forces in Sopore area of North Kashmir’s Baramulla district, police said. Security forces of the 52 Rashtriya Rifles and Sopore police launched an operation at Haritar Tarzoo village on Monday night following information about movement of militants through the area.........Read more

Sting CD case: Harish Rawat 'refuses' to appear before CBI

Ignoring CBI summons in sting CD case, Uttarakhand Chief Minister Harish Rawat on Monday said he will not be able to appear for questioning. Rawat was summoned by CBI asking him to appear before it, in connection with a probe into allegations of bribe against him. The CBI had registered the preliminary …........Read more

India’s holy men can now name gurus instead of parents in their passport applications

The Indian government announced in a press briefing Dec. 23 they would relax rules around passport applications. This makes it much easier for sadhus and sanyasis, or holy men, who have renounced their pasts, in lieu of providing their birth parents’ names, says the ministry of external affairs, they can now write in the name of their spiritual guru.........Read more

Govt plans tighter privacy rules for electronic payments

The government is working on a tough legal framework that will define the liabilities and obligations of payment companies, Aruna Sundararajan, secretary in the ministry of electronics and information technology said in an interview. The framework will cover e-wallets, payment gateways, prepaid cards and other payment platforms. It will also cover services of banks and cards where they are involved in digital payments like net transfers or online purchases.........Read more

No gallows in Telangana or AP to hang Hyderabad blast convict Yasin Bhatkal

The National Investigation Agency’s (NIA) special court in Hyderabad has awarded the death penalty to Indian Mujahideen co-founder Yasin Bhatkal and four other terrorists in...........Read more

NDTV Two Wheeler Design Of The Year 2017: Honda Navi

But the Navi story is really all led by its design. The package is tried and tested Activa with a little tweaking so nothing radical there but just look at it. You have to be cold and unfeeling to not go wow. And as if the regular Navi wasn't already interesting and appealing, it also provides a canvas on which to slap your personality on to. The Navi allows customisation options, and Honda says over 70% of Navis sold have some customising. ........Read more

Robot provides rare glimpse under Antarctic sea ice

An underwater robot has captured a rare glimpse beneath the Antarctic sea ice, revealing a thriving, colourful world filled with coconut-shaped sponges, dandelion-like worms, pink encrusting algae and spidery starfish, scientists said today.........Read more

Compat finds Ford, Nissan, Toyota in violation of antitrust law

The Competition Appellate Tribunal (Compat) on Friday found car manufacturers Ford India Pvt. Ltd, Nissan Motor India Pvt. Ltd and Toyota Kirloskar Motor Pvt. Ltd guilty of anti-competitive conduct in the spare parts market, ruling that there could not be any restrictions on the supply of spare parts.........Read more

South Korea's President Park faces impeachment vote

South Korea's parliament's vote on whether to impeach the country's embattled leader is underway. President Park Geun-hye has faced terrible approval ratings and massive protests since it emerged that her confidante and adviser, Choi Soon-sil, had access to confidential government documents despite holding no official government position.........Read more

AIADMK declares 77 dead after Amma's death

The party officially declared that 77 people, across the state, either died of grief or committed suicide on hearing the news of their leader's death due to cardiac arrest on 5th December at Apollo hospital, Chennai. A major number of those who sacrificed their lives are young supporters of Amma who're highly benefitted by her schemes.........Read more

Expert On Balochistan Issue Most Likely To Be New R&AW Chief

The new R&AW chief will be taking over in January 2017. Dhasmana is currently the number 2 in the organisation and is the head of the Aviation Research Centre. Besides his rank in the organisation, a crucial factor contributes to his elevation to the top post in R&AW – his knowledge of Balochistan.........Read more

After gene therapy, hemophilia B patients maintain near-normal levels of clotting factor

Researchers are reporting the highest and most sustained levels to date of the essential blood-clotting factor IX in patients with the inherited bleeding disorder hemophilia B. After receiving a single dose of an experimental gene therapy in a clinical trial, patients with hemophilia produced near-normal levels of clotting factor IX, allowing them to stop clotting factor infusions and to pursue normal activities of daily life without disabling bleeding episodes.........Read more

Demonetisation effect: Deposits in Jan Dhan accounts rise to Rs 64,250 crore

Total deposits in Jan Dhan accounts have increased to Rs 64,252.15 crore, with Uttar Pradesh leading the chart with Rs 10,670.62 crore deposits followed by West Bengal and Rajasthan, the government said today.........Read more

India’s New 600 Km Range Brahmos Missile Can Spread Panic In Entire Pakistan

India’s firepower capability is set to get a big boost as India and Russia are jointly developing a new generation of Brahmos missiles with 600 km-plus range. The missile can hit projected targets with ‘very high degree’ of accuracy. The upgrade will bring all of Pakistan within the range of missile’s high explosive or nuclear warheads.........Read more

The cash crunch has forced Manipur to make do with no newspapers for three days

In Manipur, the practice among distributors or hawkers is to go to the distribution sections of various newspaper offices, buy the papers with instant cash and deliver them to readers. They get a subsidy: for example, if a newspaper has a selling price of Rs 4.5, the distributor or hawker gets it for Rs 3 and makes a profit of Rs 1.5.........Read more

Planted Spyware in Android Phones, Admits Chinese Company

A Chinese company has admitted that it planted a spyware in some Android mobile phones that sent back to China information about the users and text messages.........Read more

Trusts withdrew Rs 4,000 crore prematurely from Tata Sons in May

Two little known trusts, controlled by Ratan Tata, withdrew their significant investments in Tata Sons rematurely in May, suggesting differences may have begun months before his Monday's move to replace Cyrus Mistry. Jamsetji Tata Trust and........Read more

Thermal images show 6 terrorists trying to infiltrate

Times Now has accessed thermal images which show how a group of six terrorists were trying to infiltrate into Indian territory.Thermal images show 6 terrorists trying to infiltrate........Read more

Mamata orders CID probe into Mita Mondal death case

West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on Monday ordered a CID probe into the death of Mita Mondal and promised her family, who visited her at the Secretariat, with a job and adequate action in t........Read more

Government may revoke ‘no-detention policy’ for school children till class 8

Concerned over a possible drop in the quality of education being imparted in Indian schools, the central government is said to be considering the revocation of the ‘no-detention policy’ that bars schools from detaining students who fail in exams till Class VII........Read more

What Twitter’s streaming experiment means for the future of live TV

More than two million viewers watched some of the Thursday night NFL football game on Twitter each of the last three weeks, and several million more used it to watch the first presidential debate.........Read more

While Jayalalithaa Recovers, This 'Team Of 6' Is In Charge, Say Sources

Since Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa was hospitalized on September 22, her party has fought to correct the perception that she is seriously unwell, a perspective that gained from frequent, lengthy gaps in the medical updates that her doctors provided.........Read more

Attempts being made to free Indian soldier from ‘Pak captivity’: Rajnath

Home minister Rajnath Singh said on Friday attempts were being made to free an Indian soldier in “Pakistan’s captivity” after he strayed across the Line of Control on Thursday. Tensions between India and Pakistan have risen following a “surgical strike” the army said it carried out against “terror launchpads” across the de-facto border. “The government has taken note of the media reports that say our soldier is in Pakistan captivity… India will take up the matter with Pakistan,” television channels reported Singh as saying.........Read more

Muslims Are Safer in India Than Anywhere Else, Says Mehbooba Mufti

According to Jammu & Kashmir Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti, Muslims are safer in India than anywhere else in the world. Addressing an event in the Valley, Mufti supported her argument by saying that Pakistan has witnessed more than 200 lawyers, children and women getting killed in the last three years........Read more

Parched Movie Review: Radhika Apte is Outstanding as the Battered Lajjo - NDTV Movies

Leena Yadav's Parched is an irresistible beast of a film. As incendiary as it is entertaining, it goes where Indian cinema rarely does without becoming exploitative - into the erogenous fantasies of long-suppressed village women who are no longer willing to countenance their restrictive veils. ........Read more

Centre renames restructred Indira Awaas Yojana as PMAY

The flagship rural housing scheme Indira Awaas Yojana (IAY), started by former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi, has been restructured and renamed as Pradhan Mantri Awaas Yojana (PMAY), which will be launched next month.........Read more

Being targeted because I am Dalit, says sacked minister Sandeep Kumar

Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) leader Sandeep Kumar, who was sacked by the party over an alleged sex scandal, said on Thursday that he was being targeted because he is poor and Dalit.........Read more

New name(s), new logo for West Bengal proposed. Now, it’s up to Parliament

West Bengal will soon cease to exist — only in name though — as the process to rename it moved a step forward on Monday when the proposal was voted on the floor of the assembly. Minutes later, chief minister Mamata Banerjee announced at a press conference that her government would also create a new logo for the state.........Read more

Does 'gender-equal' Kerala have space only for 'good' girls?

The abuse that Vanaja Vasudev - a young writer from Alappuzha, who expressed her opinion recently on Kerala Excise Commissioner Rishiraj Singh’s bizarre “14 second staring” rule - copped, is testament to the fact that misogyny is alive and kicking in Kerala society.........Read more

Has Nargis Fakhri Quit Bollywood And Shifted To New York Permanently?

Sometime ago, we learned that Nargis Fakhri had left Mumbai almost overnight to head to her hometown in New York to spend time with family. At that time, rumours began doing the rounds that the actress left following a split from alleged boyfriend ........Read more

Breastfeeding: The Horrifying Struggles of a Working Mother

#WorldBreastfeedingWeek - Breast is no doubt the best for the baby, but is it the working mothers biggest quandary?........Read more

What women need to know about regulating their periods: Get the right advice

It's important that women have some basic information about what they can do to adjust their periods without being overly dependent on a doctor.........Read more

India’s ‘young Turks’ safe

148 school students, including one from Mangaluru, are in Trabzon, Turkey, to participate in an international sports meet. Also stuck are a Bengaluru athlete, a Bengali film director and crew........Read more

This Woman Has Taught 6,000 Girls across 9 States That Menstruation Should Not Disempower Them

Meet Urmila Chanam, a health-activist who is fighting taboos and myths around menstruation and is spreading awareness about menstrual hygiene across India.........Read more

How Artists are Transforming a Remote Kangra Village

In an ongoing festival in Gunehar, Himachal Pradesh, artists from around India and the world transform local spaces with the involvement of residents – putting the village on the map for the first time.........Read more

Natural births: Bringing back the midwife

Dusk-tinted light filters in through the reed curtains covering the large windows of the birthing room. It casts long shadows on a large king-sized bed covered with a bright cotton bedspread. Multicoloured cushions are scattered across it and a small........Read more

How Eating Fruits During Pregnancy Helps

A new study claims that eating fruits while you are pregnant could make your baby smart! Maybe, there could be a link between eating fruits and your babys........Read more

Giving Would-Be Rapists A Taste Of Primal Fear

An environment of fear already exists, but only for women. The imbalance and fear psychosis are so severe that vast swathes of our public spaces are out of bounds for women. If men begin to experience unpleasant consequences for their misogyny, they are likely to adopt self-restraint.........Read more

Voices Of Hashimpura

Memories that never fade, justice that never comes.........Read more