Djokovic, Bolt, Venus: Unusual Diets Followed By Olympians

The Quint takes a look at the unusual diets followed by top athletes taking part at the Rio Olympics.........Read more

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Life Might Exist on Saturn's Largest Moon 'Titan'

Titan is a very cold place. Instead of water on the surface, it is filled with liquid methane and ethane. Its dense atmosphere, a yellow haze, is full of nitrogen and methane. When sunlight hits this toxic atmosphere, the reaction produces hydrogen cyanide.........Read more

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How BIG is Samsung? (They Have a Military Department!)

So how big is Samsung? The answer may surprise you. Be sure to share this one! ........Read more

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Experience Magical Niagara Falls

Some things can't be fully appreciated without a personal visit. Niagara Falls is definitely in that category. There are millions of photos taken of…........Read more

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Cagliari, a little-known treasure

People travel to Sardinia for the sun, sea and sand and the historical capital city Cagliari is often overlooked. With beautiful buildings, glamorous shopping…........Read more

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Why Does Punjab Have a Drug Problem? The Untold Story

If Pakistan is the root cause of Punjab’s drug problem, why then has the drug menace reared its ugly head only in the last decade? Punjab has been a border state for 69 years. So what’s changed? Opium or doda or phukki, as it is traditionally known,........Read more

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Telugu star Mohan Babu releases book on his popular dialogues

Telugu superstar Mohan Babu released his book titled........Read more

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4 of most polluted cities in India

Four of the world's top 5 polluted cities are in India, says the World Health Organisation's (WHO) latest urban air pollution database, with Delhi being divested of the 'world's most polluted city' tag.........Read more

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