Watch the first trailer for Christopher Nolan's World War II movie Dunkirk

Christopher Nolan's first World War II story, Dunkirk, just got its first teaser trailer. The film, which stars Tom Hardy, newcomer Fionn Whitehead, and Bridge of Spies' Mark Rylance, also features...........Read more

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Why Astronomers Will Hate The Internet of Things

The Internet of Things has potential to make our lives easier, but our interconnected devices could drown out the cosmic whispers astronomers listen for.........Read more

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Bad breath: Coffee doesn’t cause it, parsley won’t prevent

EXCLUSIVE: And while it's 'plausible' to believe smoking contributes to bad breath, the evidence is far from clear cut, says Robin Seymour, Emeritus Professor of Dental Sciences in Newcastle.........Read more

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Scientists Make Sea Water Drinkable, Produce 6.3 Million Litres A Day

As 13 states struggle with drought, scientists in a corner of India have devised a way to make potable water - 6.3 million litre of it every day - from sea water. They have also developed certain filtration methods that ensure groundwater containing arsenic and uranium are safe to drink.........Read more

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China releases first translations of Tagore's collective works

In all 33 volumes containing 16 million words covering his poetry, essays, novels and drama sections were released.........Read more

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Hrithik unveils Kaabil motion poster, film to clash with Shah Rukh's Raees

SRK had apparently met Hrithik to discuss whether Kaabil’s release date can be shifted, but the later simply refused.........Read more

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In pics: Inside IRNSS-1G, India’s 7th navigation satellite

India completed its landmark mission for a regional navigational system on par with US-based GPS with the successful launch of IRNSS-1G, the seventh and last in the constellation of satellites that make up the system on Thursday.........Read more

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