This Video Of An Old Man Out-Lifting Professional Bodybuilders Is Incredibly Hilarious

This is not your run-of-the-mill prank video. This is some expert level stuff. A 28-year-old iron pumping fitness geek gets into the shoes of an 84-year-old grandpa and decides to show-off his power moves in Venice. ........Read more


That was funny

Bill seeking special status for India fails to pass US Senate

The Senate has failed to recognise India as a "global strategic and defence partner" of the US after a key amendment necessary to modify its export control regulations could not be passed. The US had recognised India as a "major defence partner" in a joint statement issued after Modi held talks with President Barack Obama.........Read more


US is just playing Tom & Jerry with India and Pakistan

25 Indian students asked to leave US university

At least 25 Indian students in their first semester of computer sciences programme at Western Kentucky University have been asked to return to India or find placement in other schools, because they did not meet the admission standards of the varsity.........Read more


This is bull shit and still indian favour to go to shitty land for education

India’s Chabahar port plan is to counter China’s plan: Report

The recent Indo-Iran deal to develop the strategic Chabahar Port is part of India's "larger geo-strategic calculations" to gain access to the Middle East and Central Asia and to counter Pakistan-China's plan to develop Gwadar port, a media report said here today.........Read more


Two birds for one shot