Covid-19 immunity: What are B cells, T cells that scientists are referring to?

This story is for that India Today reader and many others who are puzzled over the frequent use of medical and scientific terms in explaining the Covid-19 pandemic and efficacy of vaccines being developed to protect people from the novel coronavirus infection. In the fight against Covid-19 pandemic, it is now time for approval of vaccines for inoculation. The UK and Bahrain have approved one Covid-19 vaccine developed by Pfizer-BioNTech and begun vaccination. Oxford-AstraZeneca has applied for approval in India and some other countries. Bharat Biotech of India has also applied for approval. Russian candidate Sputnik and Chinese vaccine candidates are also in the race. Scientists examining the trial results of all these vaccines have spoken highly of them for in the individuals given the vaccine shots. T-cells are an important part of the human immunity system. Human immunity had never been a subject of such intense debates in the history as it became during Covid-19 pandemic. Immunity-boosting products have never been sold so high in the country. Immunity is the body's defence mechanism. Human immunity is of two kinds --natural or innate and acquired. Innate immunity is the immunity that a body is born with. Acquired immunity is body's disease-fighting power that builds up over time through exposure to pathogens such as bacteria, viruses or protozoan. White Blood Cells (WBCs) are the key weapon in the immunity armoury of the body.........Read more

More porn, worse erectile function

A study has shown that the amount of porn a man watches is linked to worse erectile function. Watching porn is also associated with greater dissatisfaction with "normal" sex, with only 65% of respondents rating sex with a partner to be more stimulating than porn. This work is presented at the EAU virtual Congress. ........Read more

Google Removed 38 Malicious Android Apps With Adware From Play Store

It’s common for Google to remove apps that are infected with adware or are unsafe for its Play store. And now the search engine giant has gotten rid of 38 malicious Android apps from the Play Store over concerns that these apps were infested with fraudulent ads. White Ops, a bot mitigation firm, identified and tracked a fraud operation on Play Store that infested users’ devices with adware via malicious apps. The research around these apps was carried out by the White Ops Satori Threat Intelligence and Research Team, who mentioned in the blog that these malicious adware infested apps amassed over 20 million downloads. These apps ran ‘out-of-context ads’, launched out-of-context navigation to different URLs, and even made removal of these apps hard for users by removing the app icon from the device’s home and apps folder. Pressing Need For Companies To Step Up Cybersecurity Efforts In The Age Of COVID-19........Read more

Reports: Intel chips have new security flaws

Although no known attacks have occurred, two teams of researchers have confirmed vulnerabilities in what is supposed to be the safest neighborhood within Intel processor architecture. One attack, dubbed SGAxe, can gain entry into Intel's Software Guard eXtensions (SGX) services that were specifically designed to protect critical data in the event of massive assault elsewhere in a system. A hacker theoretically can steal cryptographic keys stored in SGX and use them to break security measures protecting sensitive data such as financial records, copyrighted content or passwords. ........Read more

Covid-19: Why coronavirus is less severe in hills | Research

Now, a group of researchers have found that SARS-CoV-2, which has frightened the most powerful governments, may be fearful of heights. Yes, the deadly coronavirus may be acrophobic. The scientists have done a comparative study of novel coronavirus infections securing data from Covid-19 cases in the world's highest plateau region of Tibet, mountains of Bolivia and Ecuador, and pitting them against the figures of lowland areas. They hypothesised that that high-altitude inhabitants (particularly those living at 2,500 metres above sea level or higher) are less susceptible to develop severe adverse effects in an acute SARS-CoV-2 virus infection. They found that Tibet, with a population of 90 lakh and heavy tourist and commercial exchange with Wuhan - the Chinese epicentre of coronavirus outbreak, had remarkably low levels of Covid-19 positive cases.........Read more

India starts evacuating parts of west coast as cyclone approaches Mumbai

India began evacuating people from low-lying areas in and around Mumbai ahead of a cyclone that is expected to hit the country’s west coast on Wednesday, officials said. The cyclone, expected to make landfall on Wednesday afternoon near India’s financial capital Mumbai, will pressure emergency services already grappling with the nation’s largest outbreak of the novel coronavirus. India’s most populous city has more than 53,000 cases of COVID-19 infection, with more than 1,600 deaths. ........Read more

Social distancing in classrooms when schools reopen? HRD Minister hints at classes with 30% students

HRD Minister Ramesh Pokhriyal went LIVE on Twitter on Thursday, May 14, to interact with teachers and answer their queries regarding how education is being carried out during the Covid-19 lockdown. Since schools and colleges have been closed for around two months now, since March 16, a primary question on everyone’s mind is regarding when schools will reopen. While answering a question by Sambhav Jain from Madhya Pradesh on when and how schools will reopen after lockdown, he hinted that since social distancing would need to be maintained even when schools reopen, classes might need to be held with just 30% students.........Read more

Delhi violence: Police books Umar Khalid, two Jamia students under UAPA

Delhi Police have booked former Jawaharlal Nehru University student and activist Umar Khalid and two Jamia Millia Islamia students under the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act (UAPA) in connection with inciting violence in the national capital's northeast area in February this year, a lawyer said on Tuesday, April 21. Widespread violence between people supporting the Citizenship Amendment Act and those opposing it had spiralled out of control in the area in February, leaving 53 people dead and scores injured. ........Read more

These countries have more than one capital

Most countries chose a single city as their capital. "This is a place where politicians get together to pass laws, where the central administrative apparatus of the country are generally located," says Gordon, a professor of urban planning at Queen's University at Kingston, Ontario. "There are very much synergies in locating these all together."But some countries simply decided that when it comes to capital cities, more is more. From the shores of Benin to the Kingdom of eSwatini, there are nations across the globe with two or more capital cities. Their reasons vary. When countries are formed from distinct regions, as in the case of the United States or South Africa, Gordon notes that regional competition for power can be a factor. "None of them wants their rival to get the advantage of being the seat of government," says Gordon. "There's very complex politics involved with this sort of thing."........Read more

COVID-19: Meet the 3 Startups Behind Made-In-India Test Kits, Ventilators & More

In a significant development earlier this week, Pune-based molecular diagnostics startup Mylab Discovery Solutions Pvt Ltd received government approval for supplying its PathoDetect COVID-19 Qualitative PCR kit to hospitals. With emphasis on ‘Make in India’ and support from local and central government, the COVID- 19 kit, has been made as per WHO/CDC guidelines. “Mylab promised that it can manufacture up to 1 lakh tests in a week which can be further scaled up if needed. Further, the company claims that its test kits can test about 100 patients with one kit. An average lab with automated PCR can test more than 1000 patients a day,” says the press release issued by the startup.........Read more

India Football Legend PK Banerjee Dies at 83

PK Banerjee, a footballing colossus of his time and a raconteur for life, died in Kolkata on Friday aged 83, having dribbled and dazzled for a good part of his mind-boggling 51 years of service to the game. He was suffering from respiratory problems due to pneumonia and had an underlying history of Parkinson’s disease, dementia and heart problem. Banerjee, who was on life support at a hospital here since March 2, breathed his last at 12:40pm.........Read more

Coronavirus impact: UP govt to promote students till class 8 without examination

Deputy Chief Minister Dinesh Sharma, who holds the education portfolio, said that the decision had been taken in view of the closure of schools. "The students will be promoted on basis of the performance all year round." The state government has also postponed the evaluation of answer sheets for the 2020 high school and intermediate examinations till April 2. The decision came after groups of teachers stayed away from evaluation centres due to the corona scare. The postponement of evaluation process will now lead to a delay in the announcement of results for high school and intermediate.........Read more

Social media giants warn of AI moderation errors as coronavirus empties offices

Alphabet Inc’s YouTube, Facebook Inc (FB.O) and Twitter Inc (TWTR.N) warned on Monday that more videos and other content could be erroneously removed for policy violations, as the companies empty offices and rely on automated takedown software during the coronavirus pandemic. In a blog post, Google said that to reduce the need for people to come into offices, YouTube and other business divisions are temporarily relying more on artificial intelligence and automated tools to find problematic content. ........Read more

Andhra Pradesh local body elections postponed for six weeks

The Andhra Pradesh Election Commission on Sunday announced that the local body elections have been postponed for six week in the wake of Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic. According to the state election commissioner, N Ramesh Kumar, the new dates for the polls will be finalised after normalcy is restored in the state. Asserting that the decision had been taken after a high-level review of the situation, Kumar also mentioned that the process of election will not be cancelled.........Read more

Is Ladakh being loved to death?

For all the criticism that rampant tourism has drawn in Ladakh, there are a few examples of sustainable ventures as well. Alongside its conservation efforts, the SLC-IT runs wildlife tourism programmes, with locals being trained to track snow leopards and maintain homestays to the liking of guests, enabling extra income in the winters. Nor can it be denied that tourism has brought prosperity to those in the sector. For instance, Wasim Ahmad can now regularly embark on international holidays during the lean period in March and couldafford an upgrade on his car as well as motorcycle. The profits from his business also allowed him to renovate the guest house in 2017.........Read more

Your debit and credit cards may soon get disabled for online transactions

Starting from March 16, your debit and credit cards will be more secure. The Reserve Bank of India has recently introduced a host of measures to curb banking fraud and misuse of cards. From March 16, all the new debit and credit cards issued by banks will only be enabled for domestic transactions at ATMs and point of sale (PoS) terminals. If the customer wants use the card for online transactions, the cardholder would need to approach the bank.........Read more

Flame for 2020 Tokyo Olympics lit in Greece amid virus lockdown

The Olympic flame for the 2020 Tokyo Games was lit in ancient Olympia on Thursday amid an unprecedented health lockdown as Greece registered its first death from coronavirus. With spectators banned, an actress dressed as an ancient Greek high priestess lit the flame using the rays of the sun reflected off a concave mirror, launching a week-long torch relay in Greece before the flame is handed to Tokyo organisers on March 19. ........Read more

5G explained: What it is, who has 5G, and how much faster is it really?

5G is next generation wireless network technology that’s expected to change the way people live and work. It will be faster and able to handle more connected devices than the existing 4G LTE network, improvements that will enable a wave of new kinds of tech products. 5G networks began rolling out in the United States and around the world in 2018 and are still in their early days, but experts say the potential is huge. The fastest 5G networks are expected to be at least 10 times faster than 4G LTE, according to wireless industry trade group GSMA. Some experts say they could eventually be 100 times faster. That’s fast enough to download a two hour movie in fewer than 10 seconds, versus around 7 minutes with 4G. Actual download speeds will depend on a number of factors, including location and network traffic.........Read more

Opinion | International Women's Day 2020: An Open Letter to All The Men In Our Lives

Dear Men, You and I exist in the same world, yet our realities are so different! On this Women’s Day, we want to tell you that we don’t need flowery praises or lavish gifts, we just want you to help make our lives less harrowing and be our allies in this lonely fight for equality and respect. Now is the time to stand in solidarity with women everywhere. We know you love showing off your wisdom, but your valuable inputs are not required everywhere, so stop explaining things to us when not asked. We have a fully functional brain and we can google things too, you know! For many who are not familiar with the term–mansplaining means to explain something to someone, typically a woman, in a manner regarded as condescending or patronizing. ........Read more

One thing common in most pandemics: They begin their deadly work in Asia or Africa

An unprecedented shift in human population is one reason why more diseases originate in Asia and Africa. Rapid urbanization is happening throughout Asia and the Pacific regions, where 60% of the world already lives. According to the World Bank, almost 200 million people moved to urban areas in East Asia during the first decade of the 21st century. To put that into perspective, 200 million people could form the eighth most populous country in the world.........Read more

Delhi Violence: Jaffrabad Shooter Held From Bareilly

Shahrukh, the man who had opened fire at cops in violence-hit Jaffrabad has been arrested from Uttar Pradesh’s Bareilly, said Delhi Police on Tuesday. The development comes days after it was reported that the 33-year-old man, a resident of Shahdara, was yet to be nabbed. ........Read more

Samajwadi Party MP Azam Khan surrenders with wife and son, sent to jail; Demolition of Jauhar University's boundary wall stayed

Samajwadi Party MP Mohd Azam Khan, his wife Tanzeen Fatima and son Abdullah Azam were sent to seven days of judicial custody after they surrendered in the district court on Wednesday. The next hearing of the case will be on March 2. The Khan family had been ignoring summons by the courts in various cases lodged against them as a result of which warrants were issued against them. A local MP-MLA court in Rampur, on Tuesday, had ordered attachments of the properties of Mohd Azam Khan, Tanzeen Fatima, and Abdullah Azam after non-bailable warrants were issued against them in one of the cases and they still refused to appear in court.........Read more

Indians bag half of employer sponsored green cards in 2019

Indian nationals received almost half the employer-sponsored green cards issued by the US in fiscal 2019, according to data from the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), even as the number of applicants whose files have been kept pending has increased sharply. The US approved green cards to 56,608 of the 64,906 Indians who had applied for permanent residency during its reporting year through September 2019. While 1,352 applications were rejected, another 6,946 cases remained undecided as of September end. The number of applications from Indians was equivalent to the annual quota of H-1B visas given by the US for those with Bachelor degrees.........Read more

'Should I Quit?' Manmohan Singh Asked Me in 2013, Says Montek Singh Ahluwalia

After the Rahul Gandhi ordinance-trashing episode of 2013, the then prime minister Manmohan Singh asked Montek Singh Ahluwalia whether he thought he should resign, the former deputy chairman of the now-defunct Planning Commission says. Ahluwalia says he told Singh, who was then on a visit to the US, that he did not think a resignation on this issue was appropriate. In a major embarrassment to his own government, Rahul had denounced the controversial ordinance brought by the UPA dispensation to negate a Supreme Court verdict on convicted lawmakers. He had termed it as "complete nonsense" that should be "torn up and thrown away".........Read more

7 Crowd Puller Cars At 2020 Delhi Auto Expo - Suzuki Jimny To New Creta

The first of these is the Maruti Suzuki Jimny, which was put on show on the second public day of the motor show. The Jimny should launch in India by 2022 and will be a logical successor to the Gypsy. It is based on the HEARTECT platform and carries a 1.5-litre petrol engine. Another Maruti model that managed to grab enough eyeballs is the facelifted version of the Brezza. The refreshed model will launch in India in the coming days and will be available only with a petrol engine.........Read more

Eating red meat and processed meat hikes heart disease, death risk: study

Eating two servings of red meat, processed meat or poultry—but not fish—per week was linked to a 3 to 7% higher risk of cardiovascular disease, the study found. Eating two servings of red meat or processed meat—but not poultry or fish—per week was associated with a 3% higher risk of all causes of death. "It's a small difference, but it's worth trying to reduce red meat and processed meat.........Read more

Mahatma Gandhi's Freedom Struggle A 'Drama': BJP MP Anant Kumar Hegde Strikes Controversy

Former Union minister and BJP MP Anant Kumar Hegde on Saturday called the freedom struggle led by Mahatma Gandhi a ‘drama’. The Lok Sabha MP from Uttara Kannada while addressing a public event in Bengaluru, said the entire freedom movement was ‘staged with the consent and support of the British’. "None of these so-called leaders were beaten up by the cops even once. Their independence movement was one big drama. It was staged by these leaders with the approval of the British. It was not a genuine fight. It was an adjustment freedom struggle," news agency ANI quoted Hegde as saying.........Read more

Novel coronavirus outbreak: Death toll in China rises to 170, Centre reviews preparedness

The death toll in China from novel coronavirus has risen to 170 with over 7,700 cases of infection in the country. Hubei province has been worst affected with nearly 37 fatalities. Besides China, 15 other countries have reported confirmed cases of infection. Although no confirmed case has been reported from India, several suspected cases have created a scare in the country.........Read more

How Do Bats Live With So Many Viruses?

One bat can host many different viruses without getting sick. They are the natural reservoir for the Marburg virus, and Nipah and Hendra viruses, which have caused human disease and outbreaks in Africa, Malaysia, Bangladesh and Australia. They are thought to be the natural reservoir for the Ebola virus. They also carry the rabies virus, but in that case the bats are affected by the disease. But their ability to coexist with viruses that can spill over to other animals, in particular humans, can have devastating consequences when we eat them, trade them in livestock markets and invade their territory.........Read more

Sonia Sought Written Undertaking from Uddhav Before Forming Govt in Maha, Says Ashok Chavan

Chavan said Gandhi had also told state Congress leaders that if the government doesn't function as expected, the party should quit. "We conveyed the same to Thackeray. He agreed and we went to form the government," Chavan said.........Read more

Work-ed up in Hyderabad! City leads in demand for office spaces; supply at record high countrywide

The domestic office space market, which to a large extent has been insulated from the economic slowdown, witnessed a largely eventful 2019 as supply and leasing hit record levels owing to increased demand from AI and data security firms in tech-centric markets like Hyderabad and Bengaluru. However, the sector also saw rentals decline for the first time in 18 quarters, since July-December 2015.........Read more

Boeing plans to shut down its 737 Max assembly lines; reassigns 3,000 workers

The internal bulletin is the first to provide details of Boeing’s plans to keep its 737 workforce intact through an indefinite shutdown of the narrow-body jet that was announced late last month. Regulators banned the Max from flying after a March 10 crash, the second fatal accident within five months.........Read more

'Pigs Inside Campus, Broken Windows': Kota’s J K Lon Hospital Where 940 Infants Died In 2019

Fourteen more infants have died at the J K Lon hospital here in the last six days, taking the number of deaths to 91 in December. The report of more deaths come at a time when apex child rights body, NCPCR, said it found the hospital to be in the "worst condition" with broken doors and windows, shortage of staff and pigs roaming in its campus.........Read more

Lucknow Violence: UP Police Blames PFI For Riots, Three Key Members Arrested

 The Uttar Pradesh Police on Monday accused the state unit of the Delhi-based Islamic group Popular Front of India (PFI) for the violence that broke out in state capital Lucknow on Thursday, as several anti-Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) protests turned violent across the city. Additionally, the police revealed that three members of the group, including its Uttar Pradesh president, had been arrested for instigating the violence, that left one protestor dead and led to large-scale destruction of public property in the city. ........Read more

Unnao Rape Case: Ex-BJP MLA Kuldeep Sengar Gets Life Imprisonment

Expelled Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) MLA Kuldeep Singh Sengar was on Friday sentenced to life imprisonment by Delhi’s Tis Hazari Court in connection with the 2017 Unnao rape case. Further, the court has also ordered Sengar to pay a compensation of Rs. 25 lakhs to the victim. The Court has directed the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) to assess threat perception, and offer the necessary protection along with a safe house to the victim and her family. ........Read more

Nirmala Sitharaman to hold pre-Budget meetings with stakeholders beginning today

Beginning the customary pre-Budget consultation exercise from Monday, Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman will seek inputs from various stakeholders including industry bodies, farmer organisations and economists for reviving consumption and boosting growth. Sitharaman is likely to present her second Budget for the Modi 2.0 government in Parliament on February 1. They said the main focus of the Budget this time will be on boosting economic growth, which slowed to an over six-year low of 4.5 per cent in the second quarter of 2019-20.........Read more

Bitcoin is Soaring in 2019

Bitcoin is soaring. For a crypto coin that saw many extremes—climbing to a value of $30000 for a bitcoin to seeing lifetime lows of $3000, less than 6 months later, it’s a multi-headed saga that never pauses to surprise. Its revival and continued growth are extraordinary. Let’s trace the reason behind the growth trajectory. Let’s crunch some numbers behind the fresh increases. As of 11th July, BTC broached the $12000 mark. On July 26, BTC almost tipped $14000. Since then, there have been many dips and surges. It dropped below $10000 on July 2 and went above $13,000 on July 10, falling back to $10,000 again by July 16. ........Read more

Accused should be ‘shot dead’, says Uttar Pradesh woman’s father

Referring to the encounter of four rape accused by the police in Telangana on Friday, the father of a 23-year-old Uttar Pradesh woman, who dies at a hospital in Delhi, said that he wants the accused to be ‘shot dead’. The UP woman suffered burn injuries after she was set on fire by men accused of raping her. "All I want from the government and the authorities is that either they should be hanged or they should be shot dead, like what happened near Hyderabad. I am not greedy. I don't want any house to be made. I don't want anything else," the father told.........Read more

13th South Asian Games: Gold Rush on Day 3 as India Surge Ahead in Medals Tally

Track and field athletes led India’s gold rush on the third day of competitions in the 13th South Asian Games as the country added a whopping 29 medals to surge ahead in the medals tally in Kathmandu on Wednesday. India won 15 gold medals on Wednesday with athletics contributing five of them as the country’s medal tally stood at 34 gold, 23 silver and 13 bronze for a total of 70. Athletics gave 10 medals (5 gold, 3 silver and 2 bronze) while six each from came from table tennis (3 gold and 3 silver)and taekwondo (3 gold, 2 silver and 1 bronze), five from triathlon (2 gold, 2 silver and 1 bronze) and two — all gold — from kho kho. ........Read more

Relationship between PM Modi and Uddhav Thackeray is that of brothers: Shiv Sena

Sena mouthpiece Saamana in its article has said that the relationship between Uddhav Thackeray and PM Modi is that of brothers. It has further mentioned that PM Modi is not just of one party, he belongs to the entire nation.........Read more

Devendra Fadnavis must face trust vote by tomorrow, orders Supreme Court

The top court also ordered that Fadnavis’ confidence vote would be conducted by a temporary speaker or pro-tem speaker and must be telecast live. The top court also ruled that voting should not be conducted by a secret ballot.........Read more

French Open: Saina Nehwal Advances to the Pre-Quarterfinals After Hard Fought Win Over Cheung Ngan Yi

Saina Nehwal snapped her losing streak and saved India the blushes after advancing to the pre-quarterfinals of the French Open with a hard-fought 23-21, 21-17 win over World No. 25 Cheung Ngan Yi in Paris.........Read more

‘No space for weaponising women rights issues’: India slams Pakistan at UNGA

Saying it is ironical that a country, where violations of women’s right to life in the name of ‘honour’ go unpunished, is making “baseless” statements about it in India. ........Read more

S Jaishankar’s punishing Washington schedule aimed at countering Pakistan’s poison, tackling western bias on Kashmir

Foreign minister Subramanyam Jaishankar is currently in Washington DC, running an impossibly punishing schedule. He must, because prime minister Narendra Modi has entrusted Jaishankar with a job befitting the profile of India’s foremost strategic thinker, and it may test the limits of his considerable intellectual acumen. So far, India’s external affairs minister has remained up to the task — that of challenging, moulding and even shifting the international narrative on Kashmir by engaging actively with America’s formidable foreign policy establishment. In a span of 72 hours, for instance, Jaishankar has met and/or is slated to meet/engage with five of the topmost think tanks in DC — Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, Center for Strategic and International Studies, Atlantic Council, the Heritage Foundation and the Brookings Institution. Earlier, on the sidelines of United Nations General Assembly, he had addressed a session at the Council on Foreign Relations and Asia Society — both based in New York. In between, he also found time to appear on Singapore’s Channel News Asia.........Read more

Police impose restrictions in Indian Kashmir after Pakistan PM's speech

Authorities in Indian Kashmir tightened restrictions on people’s movements on Saturday to prevent possible protests following a speech by Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan. In an address to the United Nations General Assembly on Friday, Khan warned of a bloodbath once India lifts its restrictions in Kashmir, which have been in force since it revoked the region’s decades-old autonomy in August and detained thousands of people. Soon after the speech, hundreds of Kashmiris came out of their homes, shouting slogans in support of Khan late on Friday night and calling for the independence of Kashmir. Muslim-majority Kashmir has long been a flashpoint between nuclear-armed India and Pakistan, which have fought two of their three wars over the divided territory. Both countries rule parts of Kashmir while claiming it in full. On Saturday, police vans fitted with speakers made public announcements in some parts of Srinagar about movement restrictions, while additional troops were deployed to prevent protests, according to officials and two witnesses. The troops also blocked access to the main business centre of Srinagar with razor wire. “This was necessitated after protests across Srinagar city last night soon after Imran Khan’s speech,” said a police official, who declined to be identified. ........Read more

JeM, ISI Preparing 'Special Squad' to Target PM Modi, NSA Doval: Report

In an alarming move, Pakistan-based terror group Jaish-e-Mohammed (JeM) is preparing a special squad to target PM Narendra Modi along with NSA Ajit Doval in response to the abrogation of Article 370 in Jammu and Kashmir, a Times of India report stated. Moreover, Pakistan‘s spy agency Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) is joining hands with the terror front for the ‘sensational attack’, the report stated. A foreign intelligence agency intercepted communication between JeM operative Shamsher Wani and his handler in a handwritten conversation, the inputs of which were accessed by The Times of India. According to the inputs, the Pakistan-based terror front is organising its attack in the month of September. As a result, a total of 30 cities including Jammu, Amritsar, Pathankot, Jaipur, Gandhinagar, Kanpur as well as Lucknow have been put on high alert. National Security Advisor (NSA) Ajit Doval is under a higher threat due to his role in India’s surgical strike in Uri, along with this year’s airstrike at one of Jaish’s major training camps in Balakot following the Pulwama attack. The security arrangements for the high-level protectee are being reviewed.........Read more

Over 8,000 new judges needed to clear backlog of court cases

To clear the backlog in five years time, the survey suggests appointing 8,152 judges in district and subordinate courts, 361 in high courts and eight in the Supreme Court to achieve the targets. For representational purposes (Photo | EPS) With an aim of ensuring enforcement of contracts and resolution of disputes in a time bound manner, the Economic Survey 2019 suggested slew of measures for the legal system which will have a direct effect on the social well being which will ultimately have a positive impact on the economy. It is estimated that over 3.5 crore cases are pending in various courts across India, and the survey suggests a way to clear this backlog by appointing more judges, especially in the district and subordinate courts and increasing the number of working days especially at the Supreme Court and the High Courts, which barely works for 190 days at the apex court level while high courts works for 232 days. On an average, central government offices remain open for 244 days in 2019. The survey cites that the main reason of the huge backlog of cases is because the courts are unable to meet the case clearance rate as new cases gets piled up by the time old cases get solved. To clear the backlog in five years time, the survey suggests appointing 8,152 judges in district and subordinate courts, 361 in high courts and eight in the Supreme Court to achieve the targets. ........Read more

There's no room for cowards in the Army: Supreme Court to jawan

"There is no room for cowards in the Army," said the Supreme Court while approving the dismissal of a jawan who abandoned his post and failed to fire at militants during an encounter in Jammu and Kashmir way in 2006. Dalbir Singh, posted with Rashtriya Rifles Battalion, pleaded that his track record was good and the court must be sympathetic towards him, considering this fact. The Army, which court-martialled him for two offences – showing cowardice in the face of aggression and failing to fire his AK-47 and service pistol — told the Court there was no room for such mistakes in a disciplined force. The bench comprising Justices MR Shah and AS Bopanna viewed the matter from the prism of national security and dismissed Singh's petition. "In the matter of protecting the border," the Bench said, "a soldier cannot live merely on past glory but should rise to the occasion every time to defend the integrity of the nation since such is the trust reposed in a soldier." Since his enrolment in April 1999 till the unfortunate incident in Darigidiyan village (J&K) on August 13, 2006, Singh's service record has been impeccable.........Read more

Punjab on alert after Dera man accused of sacrilege killed in Patiala jail

The Punjab Police have thrown a tight security cordon around the Kotkapura Dera, 50 km from Patiala. Punjab Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh on Saturday ordered an inquiry into the fatal assault on the main accused in the Bargari sacrilege case at the New Nabha prison. Additional director of police (ADGP – Prisons) Rohit Chaudhary will head the fact-finding committee, which has been asked to submit the report within three days. The inquiry will be in addition to the mandatory judicial inquest into the murder of the accused, Mahinderpal Bittu, who was arrested last year, an official spokesperson said. The Chief Minister also ordered tightening security in the state in the wake of the murder and appealed to all communities to maintain peace and not to believe rumours. Those involved in the attack would face punishment for the crime, he asserted. The incident occurred around 5.15 pm, when Bittu (49), a follower of the Dera Sacha Sauda sect was attacked by other inmates. He was rushed to Civil Hospital at Nabha, where he was declared brought dead, said the spokesperson. Initial investigations have revealed that Bittu, a resident of Faridkot, was attacked by Gursewak Singh and Maninder Singh, who were in jail in a murder case.........Read more

Fresh triple talaq bill introduced in Lok Sabha amidst uproar

A fresh bill to ban the practice of instant triple talaq has been introduced in the Lok Sabha on Friday. Union Law & Justice Minister & BJP leader Ravi Shankar Prasad tabled Triple Talaq Bill 2019 in the Lower House. The minister said, "People have chosen us to make laws. It is our work to make laws. Law is to give justice to the victims of Triple Talaq".........Read more

India launches Operation Sankalp to reassure Indian vessels

In a major development the Indian Navy has launched Operation Sankalp in the Persian Gulf/Gulf of Oman as a measure to re-assure Indian flagged vessels transiting through the region. The development has come in the wake of the attack on oil tankers raising tensions between US and Iran.........Read more

4 TDP MPs submit letter in Parliament to merge party with BJP

TDP MPs of Rajya Sabha- YS Chowdary, CM Ramesh, TG Venkatesh and GM Rao, today passed a resolution to merge Legislature Party of Telugu Desam Party (TDP) with BJP. These four Telugu Desam Party (TDP) MPs submit letter to Rajya Sabha Chairman M Venkaiah Naidu for merging TDP Legislature Party with the BJP.........Read more

Raid on Vizag ISKCON office unearths mid-day meal rice diversion

In a surprise raid on the International Society for Krishna Consciousness’ (ISKCON) Sagar Nagar office in Visakhapatnam on Monday night, officials of the Vigilance and Enforcement Department unearthed alleged illegal diversion of rice meant for mid-day meals to a private company based in Kakinada and from there, to other cities. ........Read more

Bengal doctors’ stir ends after medical mayhem across states

“We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the CM. After an enormous movement, the meeting and discussions with our CM met a logical end. Considering everything, we expect the government to solve the issues as discussed in due time,” one of the junior doctors representing the group said while reading out a statement in Kolkata.........Read more

2 militants killed in Anantnag encounter; Indian Army officer, 3 soldiers injured

An Indian Army officer and three soldiers from the 19 RR were injured during a gunfight with militants in Jammu and Kashmir's Anantnag district. Police sources said that the bodies of two militants have already been recovered from the spot and that more militants may be holed up in a house in the area. ........Read more

Pixel 4 rumors are heating up: motion sensing and a square camera bump

Google has been releasing Pixel phones in October for three years now, and so we’re expecting a Pixel 4 and a Pixel 4 XL this October too. The leaks have begun, though at this early date it’s a little hard to nail down precise details with confidence. First, it doesn’t seem to have a fingerprint sensor on the back. Second, while there is a speaker on the top, there isn’t the traditional stereo speaker on the bottom. Third, it has a big ol’ square camera bump.........Read more

J&K: Two Terrorists Killed in Encounter With Security Forces in Kulgam's Gopalpora

The encounter broke out during wee hours on Wednesday in Gopalpora village of Kulgam district in Jammu and Kashmir. The firing began during wee hours in Gopalpora area. The cordon and search operation was launched in the village after the police received reports about the presence of militants there.........Read more

Did you uproot terror or trees?: Navjot Sidhu asks if Balakot strike was an election gimmick

Navjot Singh Sidhu asked if India's counter-terrorism operation in Pakistan had indeed killed hundreds, joining a growing chorus of scepticism in opposition ranks. Several opposition politicians have now attacked the BJP over numbers of casualties that have been doing the rounds.........Read more

Hormone could slow Alzheimer's progression

The findings show that irisin, a hormone that is boosted by exercise, plays an important role in the brain and that Alzheimer patients carry less of the hormone. ........Read more

IPL 2019 auction: The list of sold and unsold players

The full list of players sold and unsold at the 2019 IPL player auction in Jaipur. As many as 351 players go under the hammer for IPL 2019.........Read more

BJP wins 5 mayoral seats, 34 chairman, president posts in Uttarakhand civic polls

The BJP has won five of the seven mayoral seats and 34 of the 84 chairman and president posts in the Uttarakhand civic polls, while Independents sprang a surprise by grabbing 23 posts. ........Read more

Sabarimala: Kerala deploys 5200 cops ahead of reopening, charts out pilgrims' progress

The Kerala government has decided to deploy 5200 police personnel at the Sabarimala temple when the hill shrine reopens for the Mandala-Makaravilak pilgrimage season which starts on Nov 16.........Read more

MJ Akbar files case against journalist who accused him of sexual harassment

Union minister MJ Akbar has filed a criminal defamation case against the journalist who had accused him of sexual harassment. The junior foreign minister, who has rejected the allegations as “false and fabricated”.........Read more

Reynolds: Epic English Summer Fittingly Ends with a Day for the Ages

England were flattered by the 4-1 final score, India hard done by. In a closely-fought series, they had let only a few crucial moments slip but been punished for them heavily. Ultimately it was a fitting finish. A series crammed full of the unexpected, ending unexpectedly.........Read more

Dilip Kumar Diagnosed With Small Patch of Pneumonia; Saira Banu Says he is Doing Fine

Dilip Kumar who has been admitted to Lilavati hospital in Mumbai on Wednesday following an uneasiness and breathlessness due to a chest infection has been diagnosed with pneumonia.........Read more

Hyderabad Open badminton: Sai Praneeth knocked out in second round by world No 169 Dwi Wardoyo

World second seed B Sai Praneeth was knocked out in the second round by a 20-year-old Indonesian player ranked 173 spots below him in the world.........Read more

Husband’s kin not to be roped in marital cases if involvement in crime not proven: Supreme Court

The Supreme Court on Wednesday ruled that relatives of a husband should not be roped in cases of matrimonial disputes and dowry deaths unless specific instances of their involvement in the crime are made out.........Read more

Senior SC judges upset with Centre over altering of Justice KM Joseph’s seniority

Several senior justices of the Supreme Court are upset with the Union government for altering the seniority granted to Justice KM Joseph while clearing his appointment as a top court judge last week........Read more

IDBI Bank’s net loss widens to Rs 5,663 crore in Q4 as bad loans surge

State-owned IDBI Bank reported a widened net loss at Rs 5,662.76 crore in the quarter ending March 2018, due to higher provisioning for non-performing assets (NPAs).........Read more

Popular encrypted email standards are unsafe: Researchers

European researchers have found that the popular PGP and S/MIME email encryption standards are vulnerable to being hacked and they urge users to disable and uninstall them immediately. The researchers have informed email providers of their findings, under so-called responsible disclosure, and it now falls to others to establish whether the exploits can be replicated. PGP - short for Pretty Good Privacy - was invented back in 1991 by Phil Zimmermann and has long been viewed as a secure form of end-to-end encryption impossible for outsiders to access. Zimmermann is co-founder and chief scientist of Silent Circle, an encrypted communications firm.........Read more

Lava, Intex, Micromax, Karbonn cut thousands of jobs

Notable brands including Lava, Intex, Micromax, Karbonn and even Chinese brands Oppo and Vivo have reduced the number of in-shop promoters in some cases to nearly a third over the last couple of months. The development comes at a time of the year when demand is typically low.........Read more

Lenin statue toppled in Tripura: Sec 144 imposed in some areas, Left says 'not acceptable in a democracy'

Amid reports of sporadic violence in Tripura, Home Minister Rajnath Singh today spoke to the state governor and the DGP and asked them to ensure peace till a new government is installed. Meanwhile, Section 144 imposed in several violence-affected areas in Tripura. ........Read more

RBI to issue new Rs 10 notes in chocolate brown colour

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) will shortly issue new Rs 10 notes under the Mahatma Gandhi series. The central bank has already printed around 1 billion pieces of the new Rs 10 note, the new note will bear the picture of Konark Sun Temple.........Read more

Ex-RAW chief Rajinder Khanna appointed Deputy National Security Adviser

Rajinder Khanna, a former chief of the country's external intelligence agency RAW, was on Tuesday appointed the Deputy National Security Adviser (NSA).Rajinder Khanna headed the Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) from December 2014 for a fixed two-year period.........Read more

Venkaiah the Vice President Must Learn to Leave the Politician in Him Behind

The prestige of the office of the vice president of India was severely undermined when its present occupant, M. Venkaiah Naidu, decided to participate in a programme extolling the virtues of a known Muslim and Christian hater, Ashok Singhal. Singhal was leader of the Vishwa Hindu Parishad and a prominent member of the RSS.........Read more

This e-tailer has asked its employees to forgo 3 months’ salary

Sequoia Capital-backed fashion focused e-tailer Voonik has told 200 employees that the Bengaluru-based company won't be able to pay them their salaries for the next three months as it undertakes massive cost-cutting measures.........Read more

US states sue 5 Indian generic drug makers over price cartelisation

At least five Indian companies are among 12 generic drug manufacturers named in a new lawsuit over alleged price cartelisation in the US, adding to their existing headaches including regulator inspections and pricing pressures in their largest market. ........Read more

Zee Entertainment Acquires 9X Media, INX Music For Rs 160 Crore

Zee Entertainment Enterprises Ltd. has acquired 100 percent stake in two media entities, 9X Media Pvt. and INX Music Pvt., in a Rs 160 crore cash deal. Zee Entertainment Enterprises Ltd. has acquired 100 percent stake in two media entities, 9X Media Pvt. and INX Music Pvt., in a Rs 160 crore cash deal. Besides, the company has also bought 26 percent remaining stake in Zee Turner Ltd, a 74 percent subsidiary of the company.........Read more

Aadhaar now mandatory for post office deposits, PPF, KVP

The government has made biometric identification Aadhaar mandatory for all post office deposits, PPF, the National Savings Certificate scheme and Kisan Vikas Patra. Existing depositors have been given time till December 31, 2017 to provide the 12-digit unique identification number.........Read more

Six new AIIMS struggle to fill up posts, look at retired professors

Elaborating on the proposal to hire retired professors on contract as faculty, a Health Ministry official said, “That way we may get good, competent people who have retired from institutes like AIIMS-New Delhi, and PGI-Chandigarh.”........Read more

West Bengal Governor KN Tripathi expresses surprise over Mamata Banerjee's 'attitude and language'

West Bengal Governor KN Tripathi on Tuesday expressed surprise over Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee's "attitude and language" and said there was nothing in his talks for which she felt insulted, threatened or humiliated.........Read more

Secrecy must for automatic info exchange: Swiss banks to India

India will have to ensure strict confidentiality of information about its citizens' Swiss bank accounts received through the new automatic exchange window, failing which the Alpine nation will stop sharing the data.........Read more

Jumping the gender hurdles at India’s First Transgender Sports meet

We were at India’s First Transgender Sports meet, which was organised by the Kerala State Sports Council at Thiruvananthapuram earlier this year. Over a hundred transgender persons from 14 districts participated in the day-long event, which included the 100, 200 and 400 metre sprints, the 4x100 relay race, shot put, and long jump.........Read more

Did courts stop Sati and Devdasi, no legislation did SC says in triple talaq hearing

The centre also pointed out that practises such as Sati and Devadasi among Hindus were stopped. The CJI then asked if the courts stopped these systems. No it was legislation that did, the CJI also pointed out.........Read more

Model Preeti Jain convicted for plotting murder of director Madhur Bhandarkar

Accused for plotting the murder of director Madhur Bhandarkar against whom she had earlier filed a rape case, the city civil and sessions court today convicted model Preeti Jain to three years in jail and also imposed a fine of Rs10,000.........Read more

No triple talaq for Hindu women married to Muslim men: PIL in Delhi HC

The Public Interest Litigation (PIL) by advocate Vijay Shukla sought directions to the Centre for making registration of inter-caste marriages compulsory under the Special Marriage Act or Compulsory Registration of Marriage Act with a clause on imposition of penalty in case an inter-caste marriage is not registered. ........Read more

Prakash Javadekar to launch RUSA Portal, Mobile App today

Rashtriya Uchchatar Shiksha Abhiyan (RUSA), under the aegis of the Ministry of Human Resource Development, will launch its own portal and mobile app. Human Resource and Development Minister Prakash Javadekar will launch the portal and mobile app in New Delhi today. ........Read more

India to unveil its most powerful Supercomputer

The system will be mostly used for weather updates, specifically when it comes to forecasting the monsoons. The supercomputer, which has not been given a moniker yet, will be able to forecast the likely outcomes months in advance with accuracy. once it is functional, it will be one of ten fastest supercomputers in the whole world!........Read more

Islamic State's 'hair-raising' warning against US President Donald Trump

Trump has been clear about his war against Islamic terrorism and has even said that he would bomb the s**** out of the IS. The IS is clearly in a desperate state after losing nearly a quarter of its territory in Iraq and Syria last year and more than a peak since its peak.........Read more

Facebook bans Russian state broadcaster RT from posting

Russian state broadcaster Russia Today has been banned from Facebook so that it can't cover the Donald Trump inauguration, it has claimed. The site can't post any media or links onto its page until the ceremony is over and Mr Trump becomes president, it has claimed.........Read more

Natarajan accuses BJP of trying to destabilise AIADMK govt

"They are trying to break the AIADMK and dismiss our government. They are trying to besmirch our government. There are also attempts to saffronise Tamil Nadu but they will not succeed. I will tour the entire state and tear their mask," "We will not allow such conspiracies to succeed...I will face the challenge squarely...I am willing to come anywhere single-handedly, to Gujarat, to UP, anywhere," he said while addressing the valedictory session of the three-day 'Thamizhar Kalai Ilakkiya Pongal Thiruvizha' (Tamil art and literary Pongal festival) here.........Read more

David Guetta's Mumbai concert today as scheduled: Organisers

Amid reports that French DJ David Guetta's concert has been called-off in the city, the organisers have said that the event will happen as per schedule tonight. Earlier, the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) had denied permission for the 'Sunburn Arena' event that was to be organised at the Mahalaxmi Race course. The organisers then shifted the venue to Reliance Jio Garden at BKC.........Read more

Mercedes Is Considering Fernando Alonso For Nico Rosberg's Position

Mercedes has accepted that Fernando Alonso can be considered as the driver to take up Nico Rosberg's position in the Formula One team. However, with the Spygate scandal having soured Alonso and Mercedes' relationship in the past, it needs to be seen if the team will be able move past the scandal and start afresh with Alonso racing alongside Hamilton.........Read more

Yahoo Mail Android App now available in seven new Indian languages

Yahoo Mail app for Android devices is now available in seven new Indian languages -- Hindi, Gujarati, Bengali, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Marathi. The updates include "Multi-Window View" with which users can use Yahoo Mail side-by-side with other apps.........Read more

Quetta terror attack: India trying to create 'chaos' in Pakistan, says Imran Khan

Quetta terror attack: India trying to create 'chaos' in Pakistan, says Imran Khan - At least 61 people were killed in the attack on police training academy in Quetta.........Read more

Here's how getting high can make sex a better experience

While many would argue that alcohol could have similar effects, people say that alcohol makes one feel numb while weed makes people more in tune with their body........Read more

GTA V studio is teasing a sequel to Red Dead Redemption

Since Sunday, GTA V developer Rockstar Games has been teasing, albeit subtly so, a sequel to its open-world action title Red Dead Redemption.........Read more

German government asks Tesla to stop using term 'Autopilot' in ads

The German government has asked that Tesla stop using the word 'Autopilot' in its advertising, over concerns that it might suggest that drivers don’t need to pay attention to the road while...........Read more

What Indira Gandhi's Sindh Gambit Can Teach Modi About Balochistan

In 1983, while India was tackling crises in Punjab, Assam and Sri Lanka, growing instability in Pakistan's Sindh province and Movement for Restoration of Democracy gave her an opportunity to put General Zia on edge.........Read more

New Audi A4 launched with prices starting from Rs 38.10 Lakh

The A4 was and is one of the best selling cars in Audi’s lineup in India. But after numerous facelifts over its almost year lifespan, the last generation A4 or the B8 as Audi likes to call it was due for a generation change. Enter, the B9 or in other words, the 2016 brand spanking new Audi A4 which was launched today with prices starting from Rs 38.10 lakh ex-showroom Delhi for the base 'Plus' trim. Whereas, the top of the line Technology varinat is available at Rs 41.20 lakh.........Read more

Hybrid Immune Cells Identified in Early-Stage Lung Cancer Tumors

A unique subset of tumor associated neutrophils (TANs) have been idenfied in samples from early-stage human lung cancers.........Read more

I-T officials set to give moral science lessons in schools

With the idea of developing a taxpaying culture, income-tax officials are planning to visit schools to address morning assemblies.........Read more

Facebook tell-all book reveals sexist company attitude, rude emails and more

We earlier saw an excerpt of the tell-all book “Chaos Monkeys: Obscene Fortune and Random Failure in Silicon Valley” by Facebook's ex-employee Antonio García Martínez.........Read more

Bollywood Seeks Censor Board Chief Nihalani's Apology, Backs 'Udta Punjab'

The leading lights of the Hindi film fraternity addressed a press conference in Mumbai on Wednesday to lambast the Censor Board and it decision to order several cuts in the film.........Read more

Andhra Lawyer Alleges TDP MP Behind Nude Photos of His Kids

The State Commission for Protection of Child Rights has written to Andhra Pradesh Director-General of Police (DGP) JV Ramudu and the Secretary Home Affairs to enquire into the matter and initiate action.........Read more