World Environment Day 2020: These Activists Are Making the World a Better Place

Environment activists have been advocating these issues and asking governments to take strict steps for the last three decades. Many of us know Greta Thurberg, a Swedish activist, who refused to attend school till people did not realize that we are heading towards an existential crisis due to climate change. She rose to international recognition last year with her marches, strikes and speeches. On World Environment Day 2020, let us look at some of the other leading activists.........Read more

Never-before-seen "black nitrogen" plugs puzzle in periodic table

Strangely enough, the idea that black nitrogen didn’t exist has long been considered a mystery. The periodic table is arranged in recurring “periods” where each column is made up of elements with similar properties. Those at the top have the fewest protons and the lowest weight, and each successive element in the group gains protons and weight. Under high pressure, elements on the top of a column usually take on structures similar to elements further down the group. These different forms are known as allotropes. Ozone is an allotrope of oxygen, for example, while graphite and diamond are both allotropes of carbon.........Read more

Explained: Why we have a desert locust problem this year and what’s the way forward

As their name suggests, desert locusts normally live and breed in semi-arid/desert regions. For laying eggs, they require bare ground, which is rarely found in areas with dense vegetation. So, they are more likely to breed in Rajasthan than in the Indo-Gangetic plains or Godavari and Cauvery delta. While green vegetation is good for hopper development – the stage between the nymph that has hatched and before its turning into a winged adult moth – such cover isn’t widespread enough in deserts to allow growth of large locust populations.........Read more

Covid-19: 137 Hazur Sahib pilgrims who returned to Amritsar test positive

As many as 137 people have been tested positive for Covid-19 after returning to Punjab from Hazur Sahib in Nanded, Maharashtra, said Punjab Medical Education and Research Minister OP Soni. Speaking to ANI, Singh said, "55 more devotees tested positive today (Friday) evening. People should abide by the Government's advisory and follow all the preventive measures. They should stay inside their homes. They need not worry."........Read more

UP Orders Quarantine For 1 Lakh Migrant Workers Returning From Other State Amid Covid-19 Lockdown

The Uttar Pradesh government has ordered quarantine for approximately one lakh people who have arrived in the state from other parts of the country in the last three days. According to a statement issued by the state government, Yogi Adityanath said that in the last three days, one lakh people have come to UP from other states. ........Read more

Health Ministry mulls increasing legal age for tobacco consumption from 18 to 21 years

The Union Health Ministry is mulling to increase the legal age for tobacco consumption from 18 to 21 years as part of its efforts to strengthen the provisions of the Cigarettes and Other Tobacco Products Act (COTPA). A legal sub-group constituted by the ministry for suggesting legal reforms for tobacco control held its meeting recently and has submitted its recommendations to the ministry. According to The Global Adult Tobacco Survey (GATS2), the mean age at initiation of tobacco use has increased from 17.9 years in GATS1 to 18.9 years, the official said. "Mostly, people take up smoking as young adults especially late in schools or colleges. Youths in the age group of 18 to 21 are susceptible to start smoking mostly due to peer pressure or fashion statement and are heavily targeted by the tobacco industry.........Read more

At Least Six Jawans Injured after Suspected Militants Hurl Grenade at CRPF Team in Srinagar

Suspected militants hurled a grenade and opened fire at a team of the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) in Karan Nagar area of Srinagar on Saturday, police said. At least six CRPF personnel of the 144th Battalion were reportedly injured.........Read more

This Ahmedabad firm gets contract for redevelopment of Parliament building

The Parliament building will be redeveloped by the Ahmedabad-based HCP Design Planning headed by Bimal Patel. The company had also carried out the redevelopment of the Central Vista in Gandhinagar and the Sabarmati riverfront in Ahmedabad.........Read more

ISRO releases latest photos of Moon craters taken by Chandrayaan-2

Chandrayaan-2, which is currently orbiting the Moon, has captured some more images of the lunar surface showing several craters, the Indian Space Research Organisation said on Monday Sharing the pictures, the ISRO said in a statement that the photos captured by the lunar spacecraft are those of craters Somerfeld, Kirkwood, Jackson, Mach, Korolev, Mitra, Plaskett, Rozhdestvenskiy and Hermite. These craters have been named after great scientists, astronomers and physicists. Crater Mitra has been named after Prof Sisir Kumar Mitra, an Indian physicist and Padma Bhushan recipient known for his pioneering work in the field of ionosphere and Radiophysics. The space agency said these pictures of the lunar surface were taken on August 23 by the Terrain Mapping Camera-2 of Chandrayaan-2 from an altitude of about 4,375 km. The first picture of Moon captured by Chandrayaan-2 was released by ISRO on August 22. Chandrayaan-2, a three-module spacecraft comprising an orbiter, lander and rover, was launched on July 22.ISRO had on August 21 performed second lunar bound orbit manoeuvre for Chandrayaan-2 and said all spacecraft parameters are normal. There will be three more orbit manoeuvres before the lander’s separation from the Orbiter on September 2 and eventual soft landing in the south polar region of the Moon, planned on September 7. ........Read more

Government may go for 100% stake sale in cash-strapped Air India

It can’t get fuel in six airports — supply has been stopped on account of payment issues — and has no money to pay salaries beyond October, making a ministerial group’s meeting next week to decide on the next steps in privatising it, all the more important for Air India. Reconstituted after the NDA returned to power in May, the group of ministers (GOM) is likely to meet next week to decide on the modalities of sale of the state-owned airline. The government is likely to go for 100% sale this time, people in the civil aviation ministry said. “Before the first meeting of GOM, we will have an internal meeting on Air India and once the first meeting is done, the process related to sale will begin,” Hardeep Puri, the civil aviation minister, had said on August 16. Air India is in the grip of a major financial crunch and on Thursday, Indian Oil Corp stopped fuel supply to the airline at Ranchi, Mohali, Patna, Vizag, Pune and Cochin airports, owing to non payment of dues. While flights of Alliance Air, a subsidiary of Air India were affected, the state-owned airline itself managed by carrying extra fuel while operating to these destinations. According to the people, Ashwani Lohani, chairman and managing director of Air India, has already intimated the ministry about the funds crunch. Air India needs ~300 crore per month for salaries and doesn’t have the money to pay salaries beyond October. ........Read more

YouTube is adding more ways for creators to make money

YouTube is adding more ways for video creators to make money, as the company and its users work toward becoming less reliant on sometimes-uncertain advertising deals. The new features include more subscription options, additional merchandise partners, and another way to receive tips during live streams. Direct monetization features like these, says YouTube’s chief product officer, Neal Mohan, have already started bringing in money for “thousands and thousands of channels.” In particular, YouTube’s Super Chat — a service that allows viewers to pay to pin comments on live streams — has been a growing source of income for creators since its launch in 2017. During a presentation at VidCon today, YouTube announced that more than 90,000 channels use Super Chat, with some streams pulling in more than $400 per minute. “For over 20,000 channels on YouTube, Super Chat is now the primary means of revenue generation,” Mohan tells The Verge.........Read more

N S Vishwanathan re-appointed as RBI deputy governor for one year

Reserve Bank of India deputy governor N S Vishwanathan was re-appointed for one more year, a government release said. The announcement is significant as it comes just two days before his term expires on July 03. Moreover the Bimal Jalan committee on the appropriate economic capital framework for RBI, of which he is one of the key members is also expected to come up for discussion in the next few days. The final outcome will have a crucial influence on government finances. Vishwanathan, the senior most among the deputy governors is one of the insiders along with B P Kanungo. While M K Jain represents the banking sector, the government representative, essentially in charge of monetary policy, Viral Acharya put in his papers last week, ahead of his term ending in September this year. ........Read more

After Praja Vedika, Jagan Govt Declares Naidu's Private Residence Illegal, Issues Notice to Vacate House

A day after the demolition of the Praja Vedika constructed during the regime of Chandrababu Naidu, the Andhra Pradesh government has issued a notice to the former chief minister to vacate his residence. According to the government, the house violates environmental norms and 28 buildings in total have been issued notices as they are built less than 100 metres from the Krishna River bank. Last week, Chief Minister Jagan Mohan Reddy had ordered the demolition of Praja Vedika (people grievances' cell), calling it illegal and claiming the structure violated the norms of the River Conservancy Act, 1884, since it was built on the banks of the Krishna river. Under the Act, no construction activity should take place within 500 m of the river. Senior YSR Congress Party leader and Rajya Sabha member Vijayasai Reddy later said Naidu's private residence is also “illegal” and needs to be vacated immediately. “The private residence where Naidu is staying is also illegal and Naidu should vacate the place immediately. If a property has been identified as illegal and if it’s constructed on the river bed, the only option left is to demolish,” Reddy said in a tweet on Thursday. Jagan has, on earlier occasions, hinted that all illegal constructions on the river bed will be brought down. ........Read more

Indian Air Force’s MiG 27 crashes near Jodhpur, pilot safe

An Indian Air Force aircraft crashed in Jodhpur’s Banad area in Rajasthan. The pilot of the MiG 27 fighter jet is safe. The Indian Air Force said a court of inquiry will investigate the cause of the incident.........Read more

Prohibition on Prostitution, Homosexual Relationships Cause For Spread of STDs Like AIDS: SC

A five-judge Constitution bench headed by Chief Justice Dipak Misra reserved its verdict on pleas seeking decriminalisation of consensual gay sex. It termed the prohibitions on acts like prostitution and homosexual relationships as one of the causes for the spread of STDs. ........Read more

Govt to scrap subsidy for private electric cars

The Centre plans to scrap cash incentives currently offered to buyers of electric cars despite having incentivised these clean fuel technologies till just a few months back. The move, experts said, will further dampen sales of private electric cars.........Read more

Discovery of how HIV hedges its bets opens the door to new therapies

HIV benefits from maintaining both an active state and a dormant, or latent, state. The active state allows the virus to spread and infect more cells, whereas virus in the latent state can survive in hiding for long periods of time. While the active virus can be killed by antiviral drugs, latent virus lies in wait and can rapidly reactivate when drugs are stopped. Because the latent virus cannot be treated by current therapies, it represents the main obstacle to curing HIV.........Read more

Shimla rape and murder case: Painstaking investigation, advanced DNA mapping helped CBI nab accused

Narcoanalysis and polygraphy and technical data also helped the agency come to the conclusion that those accused by Himachal Pradesh Police in the rape-murder case of the 16-year-old girl in Shimla's Kotkhai area in 2017 were not the culprits. Painstaking scientific investigations virtually starting from the scratch, including the use of advanced DNA mapping and technical surveillance, and spread over nearly nine months in complete secrecy helped the CBI finally crack the sensational Kotkhai rape-murder case by arresting the accused Anil Kumar alias Neelu........Read more

Isro successfully launches navigation satellite IRNSS-1I to replace faulty IRNSS-1A

The successful launch of PSLV-C41 rocket carrying India's eighth navigation satellite IRNSS-1I from Sriharikota at 4.04am on Thursday brought smile back on the faces of scientists of Indian Space Reserach Organisation (Isro) amid tough time when the space agency is struggling to restore the snapped link with its recently launched communication satellite Gsat-6A.........Read more

22 coaches roll down 15 km without engine in Odisha, major accident averted

Hundreds of passengers had a narrow escape when 22 coaches of the Ahmedabad-Puri express rolled down without any engine for about 15 km in Odisha’s Balangir district and nervous railway staff managed to halt the detached portion of the train by putting stones on the track late.........Read more

Salman Gets Bail In Blackbuck Case

Other day with Salman's lawyer applying for bail, the Judge confirmed that he needs time to take a call on the bail. And finally today he is granted bail by the Jodhpur Court. Salman is likely to walk out of the jail today evening itself without any issue. ........Read more

WhatsApp privacy at risk: Users chat activity can be tracked

This can be a coincidence. At the time when Facebook has been in the news for gathering its users' data, growing privacy concern. A recent report claims that a new app dubbed Chatwatch is reportedly tracking a user's chat activity on Facebook-owned WhatsApp.........Read more

Shekhar Kapur to head jury for 65th National Film Awards

The government-appointed central panel comprises a chairperson and 10 members, which include the heads of five regional panels. Films are selected under various categories through a two-tier process that involves the regional and central panels.........Read more

UP’s Vyapam scam: 600 fake doctors busted

One of UP's top varsities has been identified as being part of a gang that facilitated largescale cheating for medical students. The racket, active since 2014, has helped over 600 non-meritorious students pass the MBBS examination and become doctors in the state.........Read more

Uppi 2: Upendra bids goodbye to KPJP, to float 'Prajakeeya'

n an unexpected plot twist, actor Upendra announced a new political party called 'Prajakeeya', after formally breaking away from the Karnataka Prajnavanthara Janata Paksha (KPJP). Upendra resigned as KPJP president, following differences of opinion with other leaders in the fledgling party. It was last October that the actor joined the KPJP, which was founded in 2015 by one Mahesh Gowda.........Read more

2018 Honda CB Shine SP Launched In India; Prices Start At Rs 62,032

The 2018 Honda CB Shine SP is powered by an air-cooled, the single cylinder 124.73cc engine that produces 10.16bhp @ 7,500rpm and 10.30Nm of torque @ 5,500rpm. The engine on the new CB Shine SP is paired to a five-speed gearbox. The fuel tank on the Honda CB Shine SP can hold 10.5-litres of petrol.........Read more

This month set to be driest January in India since 1901

This month is heading to be the driest January in the country as a whole since record-keeping began in 1901. Just 2.2mm of average rain was recorded across India till January 24. IMD officials said the figure is unlikely to change much as it has hardly rained since then and there's little in store in the next few days.........Read more

Facebook launches new program to lure Twitch-style game streamers

Facebook is continuing to move into game streaming with a new program designed to attract notable creators to the social network. Today the company revealed its “gaming creator pilot program,” which it says is a “concerted effort” to work with streamers and tailor Facebook to better suit their needs.........Read more

Gallantry award for driver who saved 52 yatris

Salim Gafur Shaikh, the driver from Gujarat who saved the lives of 52 people by showing exemplary alacrity and presence of mind when terrorists attacked his bus carrying Amarnath pilgrims in July last year, was on Wednesday honoured with Uttam Jeevan Raksha Padak, the second highest gallantry award for civilians.........Read more

44 non-Hindus working in Tirupati temple to be shifted to other departments

The Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanam (TTD), which manages the Lord Venkateshwara temple on Tirumala hills of Andhra Pradesh, is planning to shift 44 non-Hindu persons working in various temple services against guidelines to other departments. As per the guidelines of the temple, which is the richest in the world, non-Hindus cannot work in any of its services.........Read more

Trafficking racket busted after French police alerts CBI, case filed

The parents, belonging to Delhi, Punjab and Haryana, were charged Rs 25 lakh to Rs 30 lakh each for the trip, said CBI spokesperson Abhishek Dayal. After the 25 boys, aged between 13 and 18 years were selected, a small rugby training session was also organised by the accused persons here in India to convince the parents.........Read more

From a Cop's Son to India's Most Wanted: Dawood Ibrahim

Dawood Ibrahim’s story is the stuff movies are made of: The son of a police constable who goes from hooligan in Dongri to smuggler to murderer to organiser of a trans-continental crime syndicate featured on India’s and Interpol’s Wanted list and fugitive residing at an undisclosed location in Pakistan with more than a dozen aliases and several fake passports! ........Read more

NASA could send a spacecraft to a nearby exoplanet by 2069 to search for signs of life

To look for signs of life beyond our solar system, the US space agency could send a spacecraft to the nearby Alpha Centauri system by 2069, according to a mission concept presented by a NASA scientist. Although most of the technology NASA needs for such a mission does not exist yet, it could involve traveling at one-tenth the speed of light.........Read more

Apollo Pratap Reddy speaks about Jayalalithaa death

Pratap C Reddy, the founder & director of Apollo Hospitals, who attended an event at Apollo Hospitals in Chennai said that ‘she (Jayalalitha) came in a very critical condition. Thanks to the various efforts of everybody who are concerned. She has shown a significant progress but the disease pattern was so…(bad) it’s an unfortunate thing happened.’........Read more

Cisco's John Chambers buys stake in Indian speech analytics firm Uniphore

Uniphore will utilize new funds to deepen core research driving product enhancement, upgrade its customer service infrastructure, expand its sales reach to newer geographies and recruit new talent to support its rapid growth. ........Read more

Build Ram Temple in Ayodhya, Mosque in Lucknow, Proposes Shia Central Waqf Board

At a time when spiritual leader Sri Sri Ravi Shankar is trying to meditate on the Ram Mandir-Babri Masjid dispute, Shia Central Waqf Board came up with a proposal under which Ram Temple will be built in Ayodhya and mosque can be constructed in Lucknow.........Read more

MC Mary Kom enters Asian Championships final, looking to win fifth gold medal

MC Mary Kom remains on course to win a fifth gold medal in the Asian Boxing Championships as she beat Japan’s Tsubasa Komura on Tuesday. Mary Kom, who is a five-time world champion, won by a unanimous 5-0 verdict to make the summit clash for the fifth time in only six appearances in the tournament.........Read more

PV Sindhu, Kidambi Srikanth reach quarters; Saina Nehwal loses in French Open Super Series

Title-contenders PV Sindhu and Kidambi Srikanth stormed into the quarter-finals but World Championship bronze medalist Saina Nehwal's run in the French Open ended with a straight-game loss at the $325,000 Superseries.........Read more

Mamata writes to Narendra Modi, Rajnath Singh over withdrawal of forces from Darjeeling

The Chief Minister who chaired a meeting with political parties in the hills said that the decision to withdraw forces at a time when normalcy was returning to the hills was “ politically and administratively a bad decision”.........Read more

Amazon is said to be making its own sportswear, jolting industry

Makalot Industrial Co., a Taiwanese vendor that produces clothing for Gap Inc., Uniqlo and Kohl’s Corp., is making apparel for the Amazon line, a person with knowledge of the arrangement said. Eclat Textile Co., another Taiwanese supplier, is contributing to the effort as well—a relationship first noted by SinoPac Securities Corp. analyst Silvia Chiu.........Read more

Bengaluru to be first Aadhaar-enabled airport in the country by Dec 2018

The Bangalore International Airport Limited (BIAL) has given push to its plan to make Kempegowda International Airport (KIA) the country’s first airport to have complete Aadhaar-enabled entry and biometric boarding system.........Read more

Program Your Car with this Raspberry Pi-based (IoT) device.'s dongle is used to gather data from the car by plugging into the vehicle's ODB II onboard diagnostic reader port. Users can program the dongle to get car alerts, monitoring vehicle performance, and even track vehicle location.........Read more

M.S. Subbulakshmi: The woman who built bridges with her music

Madurai Shanmugavadivu Subbulakshmi, who was born on 16 September 1916 and died on 11 December 2004, remains an unsurpassed phenomenon in Carnatic music. Known for her inimitable singing, her musical prowess not only transcended geographical boundaries, it bridged religious, sexist and caste divides as well. During the independence movement, when the country was in the grip of nationalism, she used her voice to make a statement. Be it performing at fund-raising concerts for the Kasturba Gandhi National Memorial Trust in 1944 or for countless other charities.........Read more

2017 Frankfurt Motor Show: Porsche Cayenne Turbo Revealed

German carmaker Porsche has revealed the new Cayenne S SUV at the 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show in Germany. The unveiling of the Cayenne Turbo comes a fortnight after Porsche revealed the third-gen Cayenne at its headquarters in Stuttgart last month.........Read more

Godrej family office to buy group realty fund business

The deal value could not be ascertained. Godrej Fund Management raised $275 million (Rs 1,900 crore) from international investors last year to invest in the property developments of Godrej Properties. Dutch pension fund asset manager APG Asset Management, came in as the lead investor for Godrej Residential Investment Program II (GRIP II) fund. ........Read more

RBI outlines broad plans on $150 billion bank bad loan resolution

Among the plans announced late on Monday, the RBI said it is reviewing and would make necessary changes to current guidelines for restructuring of stressed loans. It is also working on a framework to help "facilitate an objective and consistent decision-making process," for cases that can be taken to insolvency courts.........Read more

TVS Apache RR 310 S (Akula 310) to be launched by Aug 2017 - AutoPortal

According to the reports, the production variant of the TVS Akula 310, which will be known as the TVS Apache RR 310 S, is ready to be launched by July, or latest by Aug 2017. Note that the motorcycle has already been spotted going under test on the road in recent times.........Read more

Isuzu MU-X Launched at Rs. 23.99 Lakhs - AutoPortal

Isuzu MU-X Launched at Rs. 23.99 Lakhs. It would be available in two trims: 4x2 and 4x4. The SUV would be replacing the MU-7, while being locally manufactured at the company's new production facility at Sri City in Andhra Pradesh. Isuzu MU-X would lock horns with the likes of Toyota Fortuner, Ford Endeavour, Mitsubishi Pajero Sport, Chevrolet Trailblazer and the yet-to-be-launched Volkswagen Tiguan in the Indian market.........Read more

New law to end denial, loss of jobs to HIV/AIDS sufferers

People would not be denied jobs or their services terminated if they suffer from HIV/AIDS, as per a new law. Besides, those found propagating hatred against people suffering from such diseases will be punished with imprisonment of not less than three months and which can be extended to two years, with a fine of upto Rs one lakh.........Read more

South India's Drought Part 1: Five states face severe water crisis made worse by the onset of summer

South India is parched — Kerala, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu are already reeling under severe drought, and Andhra Pradesh and Telangana are on the brink — now the blistering heat waves will put more pressure on the existing water resources.........Read more

The new Play Store "My Apps" screen layout is rolling out more widely

Remember the new Play Store "My Apps" screen layout that we spotted in testing in a dogfood version in February? Well, that appears to be rolling out more widely now, possibly even to everyone. You may need to clear the Play Store's app data and restart it to see the change (which might revert you back to the old lime green color for a bit before it switches back to the new darker green, thought I'd warn you), but it should be working for everyone now based on the number of tips we've received and on testing with our own devices........Read more

CBI to get new online system to deal with black money cases

The CBI will get a new online system to assist it in probing cases of illegal wealth or black money. It will help officials collect and collate data from various agencies including banks, Income Tax (I-T) department and Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) among others.........Read more

Income Tax: For tax relief, you need proof of rent paid to kin

Recently, the Mumbai income tax appellate tribunal (ITAT) denied a claim on house rent allowance (HRA) by a taxpayer. She had paid rent in cash to her mother, but was unable to substantiate it. On the other hand, the Ahmedabad ITAT allowed the HRA exemption claimed by a taxpayer who had paid rent to his spouse. ........Read more

IDBI Bank employees to go on strike on 12 April: AIBEA

Nearly 15,000 employees of the bank would participate in the nation wide strike scheduled on 12 April. The association also shot off a letter to finance minister Arun Jaitley, seeking his intervention in the matter.........Read more

Hero, Honda offer discounts of up to Rs12,500 on BS-III models to beat SC ban

Two-wheeler majors Hero MotoCorp and Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India are offering discounts of up to Rs12,500 on BS-III models to liquidate stocks, a day after the Supreme Court banned sale and registration of such vehicles from 1 April.........Read more

It's hard being a Brummie Muslim and living in the 'jihadi capital of Britain'

Soon after the horrific events in London, reporters have been floating around certain areas in Birmingham in the last few days, conducting vox pops with perplexed locals who have nothing sensational to say.........Read more

2017 Ducati Monster 797: All You Need To Know

The Ducati Monster 797 is going to be the entry-level bike into the world of Ducati. It's a bike that is for new riders and for those who are attracted by the Ducati brand and want to own a Ducati motorcycle. It will sit just below the Ducati Scrambler in pricing and shares the engine with the Scrambler as well.........Read more

Cash transactions proposed to be capped at Rs 2 lakh

Government today moved a fresh proposal to cap cash transactions at Rs 2 lakh instead of Rs 3 lakh as provided in the Budget, as it introduced as many as 40 amendments to the Finance Bill in an 'unprecedented move'. As the Finance Bill was taken up for consideration in the Lok Sabha, opposition parties like TMC, BJD and RSP protested against the introduction of the amendments to 40 Acts, saying it was being done in the form of "back-door entry". ........Read more

Govt proposes curbs on online pharmacies

No sale by e-pharmacy shall be permitted to be carried out by any person or entity unless it has a licensed brick and mortar facility in each of the licensing authoritys jurisdiction, the health ministrys proposal says.........Read more

Reliance Jio could end up losing half of its subscribers after April

Subscribers choosing Jio Prime will pay a one-time fee of Rs 99 and Rs 303 a month for services which were completely free. A cross section of phone users ET spoke to suggested many would like to wait and see the quality and speed of data before switching alliance.........Read more

Congress and NCP may join hands with Shiv Sena to take on BJP in Maharashtra

Congress and NCP functionaries also said the two parties are in talks over giving a notice of no-confidence motion against the BJP-led government on 6 March when the budget session of the Maharashtra legislature begins. ........Read more

IRS officers approached PM seeking revision of decisions made by GST council

Finance Minister Arun Jaitley had warned IRS officers against expressing their reservations over GST. The letter seeks revision of assessees below Rs 1.5 crore turnover from 90:10 in favour of the states as decided by the GST Council to an equal 50:50 ratio, reverting Integrated GST to the Centre and exclusive role of the Centre in territorial waters.........Read more

Jayalalithaa’s niece Deepa Jayakumar floats political outfit 'MGR Amma Deepa Peravai'

Late Tamil Nadu chief minister J Jayalalithaa’s niece Deepa Jayakumar on Friday launched the MGR Amma Deepa Peravai on the occasion of her aunt’s 69th birth anniversary and said she would contest from the RK Nagar assembly constituency when a byline takes place there.........Read more

Delhi-bound Kalindi Express gets derailed near Tundla, no casualties reported

Six bogies of 14723 Kanpur-Bhiwani Kalindi Express got derailed near Tundla junction in Uttar Pradesh during the wee hours on Monday. Reportedly, the train initially collided with a freight train following which the derailment happened near Agra district.........Read more

Now Students Must Have Aadhar Card In Order To Get Central Government Scholarships

Giving Aadhar Card more power, the Human Resource Development (HRD) Ministry announced that from now on College and University students must have an Aadhar card in order to get Central Sector Scholarship Scheme. Though, looking at the fact that it might not be easy for everyone in the country to get an Aadhar Card, the rule has thus been relaxed for students of Jammu and Kashmir, Assam, and Meghalaya.........Read more

UPSC cannot reject candidates for trivial slips, rules SC

The Supreme Court has said the Union Public Service Commission cannot reject a candidate for misspelling or entering a wrong date of birth on the job application.........Read more

India's Only Live Volcano Active Again After 150 Years, Say National Experts

India's only live volcano in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands which had started showing activity in the year 1991 after being dormant for over 150 years has once again started spewing ash, the researchers at Goa based National Institute of Oceanography (NIO) said on Friday.........Read more

Shah Rukh Khan to host TED talks in Hindi

Indian viewers can switch mental gears from trivial pursuit exemplified in the TV quiz show Kaun Banega Crorepati to a weightier intellectual feat channeled through the popular TED talks. And what’s more, the Indian TED talks, in Hindi, will be hosted by Bollywood superstar ShahRukh Khan.........Read more

Blind World T20 2017: India continue winning ways after thrashing New Zealand

India thrashed New Zealand by nine wickets to extend their winning streak in the T20 World Cup for Blind in Bhubaneswar on Tuesday. India are currently riding on a wave of success, have remained unbeaten in the tournament so far. They started off with crushing nine-wicket wins over South Africa and Sri Lanka respectively, before hammering Australia by 148 runs in their third match of the tournament. Their win over New Zealand now makes it four-in-four for the tournament hosts.........Read more

Supreme Court orders attachment of Sahara's property Aamby Valley

The Supreme Court on Monday ordered the attachment of Sahara group's most prime property the Aamby Valley. The top court said this was needed to force Sahara and Subrata Roy to expedite the payment of balance Rs 14,779 crore.........Read more

Minimum learning mandatory from 2018 for elementary classes

From 2018, it will be mandatory for all government and private schools to ensure that students of the elementary classes at the end of their academic session achieve a minimum learning outcome laid down by the Human Resource Development (HRD) Ministry........Read more

BJP's Anti-Romeo€™ Squads: Young Women Tell Barkha What They Think

“I think this is an election stunt, you are stopping love outside a university, you are making it a political agenda”, a student said. “You are abusing one particular community, and then attracting other community. This is the second part of love jihad. This is a responsibility of the police, not anti-Romeo brigades”, another said, who was of the opinion that Love Jihad and Anti-Romeo squads were two sides of the same coin. She believed that this squad would end up targeting Muslim boys as roadside Romeos.........Read more

US President Donald Trump to focus counter-extremism program solely on Islam

The Trump administration wants to revamp and rename a US government program designed to counter all violent ideologies so that it focuses solely on Islamist extremism, The program, “Countering Violent Extremism,” or CVE, would be changed to “Countering Islamic Extremism” or “Countering Radical Islamic Extremism,” the sources said, and would no longer target groups such as white supremacists who have also carried out bombings and shootings in the United States.........Read more

CBSE students will earn grades in Class 10 by practising yoga, showing patriotism

The board in a notification issued on Tuesday stated that the students would be assessed on a five-point grading scale (A-E) for co-scholastic activities such as yoga, martial arts, sports, NCC among others. Students can opt for any of these under health and physical education category.........Read more

Oxygen from Earth’s atmosphere may be traveling all the way to the Moon’s surface

Despite orbiting nearly 240,000 miles from Earth, our Moon may be periodically mingling with our planet’s atmosphere. New research shows that oxygen from Earth could be journeying all the way out to the Moon, where it then gets lodged inside the lunar soil. It’s a process that’s likely been happening for 2.4 billion years, ever since oxygen formed around our planet, meaning the Moon’s soil may contain trapped particles from Earth’s ancient atmosphere.........Read more

The BJP will return to power in Uttar Pradesh with a simple majority of 202 seats, predcits Times Now - VMR survey

The BJP will return to power in Uttar Pradesh with a simple majority, according to a Times Now-VMR survey. The SP-Congress alliance, launched with much hope and fanfare, will manage only 147 seats, down 105 seats from the last assembly elections. The alliance will poll 31 per cent of the voteshare.........Read more

NDMC ties up with MTNL to offer free internet connectivity, after poor services in CP and Khan Market

With its ambitious Wi-Fi project in Connaught Place and Khan Market losing popularity due to poor connectivity, New Delhi Municipal Council (NDMC) has now tied up with MTNL in a fresh attempt at offering free Internet connectivity in its areas.........Read more

Constructed reality: are we living in a computer simulation?

Elon Musk says the likelihood that we are not actually all living in a simulated world is ‘one in billions’. In this episode of Chips with Everything, philosopher and cognitive scientist Dr David Chalmers weighs in to explore those odds........Read more

Indian Hotels holds EGM despite Cyrus Mistry’s resignation

ompany officials said the extraordinary general meeting (EGM) had to be held for “technical reasons” and it will give shareholders a chance to be heard. Shareholder speeches followed the script of the Tata Consultancy Services Ltd EGM, with some of them praising Ratan Tata. Some also said they hoped Mistry’s resignation will stop both camps washing dirty linen in public.........Read more

Next target benami transactions: Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday told BJP parliamentarians that the government's next crackdown would be on benami or proxy-owned property.........Read more

Alibaba Builds Footprint All Over Southeast Asia to Achieve Its Full Potential

Within one year, Alibaba Holdings, one of the eCommerce giants of China, has managed to build a footprint all over Southeast Asian countries. The company is eyeing the region’s approximately 620 million population, 250 million of which are smartphone users and technology-savvy.........Read more

Shia leaders claim SRKs Raees disrespects their religious beliefs, threaten to protest across India

Shah Rukh Khans most awaited movie of 2017, Raees, ran into trouble after a Shia group filed a police complaint against the director and producer,having cited certain objectionable scenes. The complaint was filed at Mayur Vihar Phase I police station on Friday. To add to this the Shia group has even written to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the censor board explaining their objections.........Read more

Petrol prices in India set to rise to Rs 75, diesel Rs 64 as oil surges

Petrol prices are expected to rise 5-8% and that of diesel by 6-8% over the next 3-4 months after the Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries (Opec) agreed to cut crude oil production by 1.2 million barrels per day (mpbd), according to CRISIL Research.........Read more

Islamic State 'has lost 50,000 fighters' over two years - BBC News

At least 50,000 militants from so-called Islamic State have been killed since the US-led coalition started fighting in Iraq and Syria two years ago. IS has lost a lot of ground since it reached the high tide of its expansion in 2014, and is now under fire from Russian, Turkish, Iraqi, Syrian and Kurdish forces, as well as US and British air power.........Read more

US lawmakers concerned over curb on Christian charity in India

Top American lawmakers today expressed concern over the alleged curbs imposed by India on a Christian charity organisation whose representatives appeared before a Congressional hearing seeking change in New Delhi's policies related to foreign funding of NGOs.........Read more

Sun TV Network, Raj Television soar over 10%

Shares of Kalanithi Maran-owned Sun TV Network has surged 12% to Rs 493 on the NSE in intra-day trade. The trading volumes on the counter jumped more than 10-fold with a combined 10.83 million shares changed hands on both the exchanges. Kalanithi Maran is the grand nephew of M Karunanidhi, who heads All India Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (AIADMK) main rival DMK party.........Read more

Donald Trump picks Indian-American Nikki Haley as US ambassador to the United Nations

Donald Trump picks Indian-American Nikki Haley as US ambassador to the United Nations - Haley, the daughter of Indian immigrants, would be the first ever Indian-American Cabinet rank official in any administration.........Read more

Naela Qadri Baloch: Those who claim to be nationalists in India should stand by Balochistan

One of the vocal leaders of the Balochistan independence struggle, Naela Qadri Baloch says Narendra Modi's speech of support has raised the 'black curtain' drawn over the province and its issues........Read more

Demonetisation: Strike by fishermen in Tamil Nadu enters 6th day

The strike called by the fishermen in Rameshwaram, Tamil Nadu entered into its sixth day as the they claim that their livelihood has been completely disrupted.........Read more

Uniform civil code: TNCC rejects Khushbu’s views

A day after Congress spokesperson and actor Khushbu welcomed certain aspects of the proposed uniform civil code, the president of Tamil Nadu Congress Committee Su. Thirunavukkarasar categorically sai........Read more

WikiLeaks Releases 24th Batch of Clinton Campaign Chair's Leaked Emails

WikiLeaks uploaded on Monday the 24rd batch of emails from the hacked account of the US Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman, John Podesta. The latest release has bumped up the total number of leaked emails to over 39,000 out of a total of 50,000 that WikiLeaks promised to publish before the US elections.........Read more

Swedish man recruited Indian ISIS terrorist Subahani Haja Moideen: NIA

NIA is likely to contact Swedish authorities to seek information on Swedi, since his name has cropped up for the first time.........Read more

Facebook joins Reliance Jio, Amazon in weighing IPL digital rights bid

The interest from Facebook, and Twitter, Amazon and Reliance Jio, in IPL digital rights highlights the changing media landscape in India........Read more

With dreams in their eyes, Kashmiri students head to Jammu

17-year-old Suraya Gulzar, a resident of South Kashmir's Anantnag district, wants to join civil services while Khursheed (name changed) from Pulwama dreams of becoming a cardiologist.........Read more

Mossberg: Why does Siri seem so dumb?

Why does Siri seem so dumb? Why are its talents so limited? Why does it stumble so often? When was the last time Siri delighted you with a satisfying and surprising answer or action?........Read more

Why ‘Angaaray’ was banned (and what it could teach an Indian author about writing of women and sex)

Indeed, it was these regressive attitudes towards sex, which Bhagat has acquired by osmosis, that the collective repudiated in their manifesto, written soon after the book was banned by the British Indian government in 1932 after concerns raised by conservative Muslim circles.........Read more

This airport has been awarded as the Best Tourist Friendly Airport in India!

Can you guess which Indian airport has managed to consistently provide excellent facilities to tourists? Tirupati Airport, managed by the Airport Authority of India, has been awarded as the Best Tourist Friendly Airport in India by Andhra Pradesh Tourism under the category for State Annual Excellence Awards (2015-16)........Read more

UK doctor examines Jayalalithaa, various rumours about her health condition go viral

A specialist doctor from the UK has reportedly examined Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa. Jayalalithaa's supporters are eagerly awaiting an official statement on her health condition from the Apollo Hospitals, where she is currently admitted. According to reports, British doctor Richard John Beale, who is a Consultant Intensivist at the London Bridge Hospital, examined Jayalalithaa, 68, in Apollo Hospitals yesterday.........Read more

White House petition on Pakistan crosses 100K signatures

The online petition launched by Indian Americans last week has become the third most popular petition on the White House website with nearly 110,000 people signing the petition. The Obama administration is expected to respond to it within 60 days. The online petition was created on September 21. Congressman Ted Poe, Chairman of the House Subcommittee on Terrorism, along with Congressman Dana Rohrabacher, introduced the Pakistan State Sponsor of Terrorism Designation Act in the House of Representatives.........Read more

IBM to soon launch its mobile security service ‘Maa360’ in India

IBM’s mobile security service Maa360 will be launched soon in India. The service aims to help enterprises address local data protection standards for mobile business.........Read more

We will talk to China at G20 summit, want to make India NSG member by year end: John Kerry

US secretary of state John Kerry tells TOI that the US is pushing Pak PM Nawaz Sharif & his army chief Raheel Sharif to take on terror groups. Mumbai attackers must be punished, LeT & Jaish crushed, he says........Read more

Nepal imposes 10-year ban on Pune Police couple for faking Mount Everest climb

The Nepal government has banned a couple from Pune for 10 years over alleged false claims that they scaled the Mount Everest on May 23. Dinesh and Tarkeshwari Rathod are serving constables with Pune Police. The Nepal authorities have also sent a letter regarding the decision to Pune Police.........Read more

4-year-old raped, murdered: Jharkhand CM announces Rs 1 lakh compensation for family - Cobrapost

Jharkhand Chief Minister Raghubar Das today announced a compensation of Rs one lakh from the Chief Minister’s fund to the family members of the 4-year-old girl, who was raped and murdered recently within Sidogra police station limits here. The announcement was made after the victim s parents along with members of Sikh community met Das........Read more

Is NGMA's next director Adwaita Gadanayak riding the saffron wave?

Odisha-born sculptor Adwaita Gadanayak's phone has been ringing incessantly since news of his appointment as director of the government-run National Gallery of Modern Art (NGMA) leaked. But mum's the word for Gadanayak.........Read more

Andhra Pradesh special status: Will TDP break alliance with BJP?

Telugu Desam Parliamentary Party (TDP) MPs and senior leaders on Sunday suggested chief minister Chandrababu Naidu to withdraw ties with NDA government if a special status is not granted to Andhra Pradesh.........Read more

Jiah Khan suicide: HC stays Sooraj Pancholi's trial for 3 weeks

Jiah's boyfriend-cum-actor Sooraj was arrested on the charge of abetting her suicide on June 10, 2013.........Read more

Yamaha Inaugurates Training School in Delhi

India Yamaha Motor Pvt Ltd has inaugurated its Yamaha Training School (YTS) at the premises of Don Bosco Yuva Kendra, a technical skill development institute at Nangloi Road, Najafgarh, Delhi. Yamaha and Don Bosco Yuva Kendra aim to create a 'Centre of Excellence' where youngsters will receive two-wheeler technical training that will enable them to become expert two wheeler technicians.........Read more

India set to contribute as new engine of global growth: Modi

Observing that the world needs a new engine of growth, Prime Minister Narendra Modi today said India is poised to contribute as the new engine of global growth and asserted that a larger Indian economy has 'multiple benefits' for the world.........Read more

Bollywood is Not Amused by AIB’s New Sachin and Lata ‘Roast’

AIB’s Tanmay Bhat posted a video ‘roasting’ Lata Mangeshkar and Sachin Tendulkar. Bollywood did not take it well.Â........Read more