In a first, drug trafficking reported in India through Darknet, Bitcoin

Anti-narcotics agencies have detected drug-trafficking perpetrated through the cryptic ‘darknet’ and the clandestine and unregulated currency Bitcoin.........Read more

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The Venkat Dhulipala interview: 'On the Partition issue, Jinnah and Ambedkar were on the same page'

'Both thought it was a good remedy to resolve the communal problem in India' and that 'transfer or exchanges of populations was inevitable and necessary'.........Read more

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BADSHAH Life in his own words

We all know about the Rapper BADSHAH real name Aditya Prateek Singh Sisodia , we love all his rap songs whether it is Dj wale babu or Wakra Swag and any other Bollywood hit. Today he has a huge fan following on Facebook, twitter, YouTube.  He also received GIMA Award for Breakthrough Artiste of the…........Read more

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