Facebook just ruined Instagram

About two weeks ago, while I was busy Snapchatting all the people at the park playing Pokémon Go, I wondered for a hot second why Instagram doesn't let you add text, drawings and emoji to your posts.........Read more

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Appointing Anil Kumble As Team India Coach Is a Great Move: Courtney Walsh

Former West Indies captain Courtney Walsh hailed the BCCI decision of appointing Anil Kumble as the chief coach terming the leg-spinner as someone who has........Read more

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Not Being Able To Hear Does Not Mean A Child Cannot Learn To Speak, Here's Proof!

SAHAS, an NGO based in West Bengal, promotes early intervention among children born deaf in order to teach them how to talk from an early age.........Read more

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Apple iOS 10: 10 new features announced at WWDC 2016

iOS 10 comes with a whole variety of new enhancements and features. These include a redesigned lockscreen and notification center for overall better user experience, enhanced Apple Maps, Phone, Messages, Music and News apps, Siri API access for third party apps and more.........Read more

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Black Death: The Worst Epidemic Happen In Human History

Black Death: The Worst Epidemic Happen In Human History: The black death was the worst epidemic and greatest catastrophe that is registered human history.........Read more

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