Feeling anxious? The way you breathe could be adding to it

Scrolling social media, amid frantic posts about politics and COVID-19 cases, you may have come across a friend or two reminding everyone to “just breathe.” But can just breathing really make a difference? Besides all the worrisome health problems this may cause, which Nestor details in his book, our ineptitude at breathing may have another big consequence — contributing to our anxiety and other mental health problems. “The rate and depth we breathe at is a huge determinant of our mental state,”  Elissa , a professor at UC San Francisco. Researchers like Epel are exploring how using breathing techniques — some new, some ancient — can help people stave off anxiety. What they’re discovering is that breathing could be an overlooked key to finding more calm and peace. We often try to tame anxiety by changing our thoughts — questioning the worst-case scenarios in our heads, interrupting rumination with some kind of distraction or going to therapy. But breathing offers a different approach, bypassing the complexities of the mind and targeting the body directly. Instead of trying to think yourself out of feeling anxious, you can do something concrete — breathe slow or fast, in a particular rhythm, or through one nostril — and sometimes find immediate relief.........Read more

The 7 types of rest that every person needs

This post is part of TED’s “How to Be a Better Human” series, each of which contains a piece of helpful advice from people in the TED community; browse through  . Have you ever tried to fix an ongoing lack of energy by getting more sleep — only to do so and still feel exhausted?  Sleep and rest are not the same thing, although many of us incorrectly confuse the two. We go through life thinking we’ve rested because we have gotten enough sleep — but in reality we are missing out on the other types of rest we desperately need. The result is a culture of high-achieving, high-producing, chronically tired and chronically burned-out individuals. We’re suffering from a rest deficit because we don’t understand the true power of rest. Rest should equal restoration in seven key areas of your life. The first type of rest we need is physical rest, which can be passive or active. Passive physical rest includes sleeping and napping, while active physical rest means restorative activities such as yoga, stretching and massage therapy that help improve the body’s circulation and flexibility.........Read more

No Plan To Cancel NEET 2021, Considering Multiple Attempts For JEE Main, Says Education Minister

Education Minister Ramesh Pokhriyal ‘Nishank’ on Thursday said there is no plan to cancel the Medical entrance test -- NEET 2021, and his is considering holding multiple sessions of JEE Main. In the live session, students asked questions regarding CBSE Board Exam 2021, JEE Main 2021 and NEET 2021. ‘Nishank’ invited suggestions from them and ensured that their concerns will be addressed. He appreciated the NTA for conducting NEET-JEE exams, which were even cited by the Election Commission of India while announcing the dates for state elections.........Read more

Rafale vs China’s J-20 vs Pak’s JF-17: How Effective Would IAF’s Latest Fighter Jet Be in a Two-Front War

The first batch of five French Rafale fighter jets, out of the total 36 purchased by India in a multi-billion dollar deal, is set to land in Ambala on Wednesday. The timing of their arrival couldn’t be more critical given that India is locked in a tense standoff with China in several areas along the Line of Actual Control (LAC). Added to the Chinese threat is a very real possibility of Pakistan simultaneously opening another front against India, thereby pulling India into a two-front war. ........Read more

The secret to a long and healthy life? Eat less

what do we need to do to enhance the length and quality of our lives even more? Researchers worldwide are pursuing various ideas, but for Mattison and colleagues, the answer is a simple change in diet. They believe that the key to a better old age may be to reduce the amount of food on our plates, via an approach called “calorie restriction”. This diet goes further than cutting back on fatty foods from time-to-time; it’s about making gradual and careful reductions in portion size permanently. Since the early 1930s, a 30% reduction in the amount of food consumed per day has been linked to longer, more active lives in worms, flies, rats, mice, and monkeys. Across the animal kingdom, in other words, calorie restriction has proven the best remedy for the ravages of life. And it’s possible that humans have just as much to gain. ........Read more

Zomato to lay off over 500 employees due to COVID-19 crisis

Indian food delivery startup Zomato said on Friday it will lay off 13% of its workforce, or about 520 employees, as the weeks-long coronavirus lockdown cripples the restaurant industry as well as hits demand for online ordering. There would be temporary paycuts for all employees, with up to 50% cuts for those earning more, founder and Chief Executive Officer Deepinder Goyal said, adding those being laid off would be paid 50% of their salaries for six months. ........Read more

Maharashtra Accounts for Over 25% of Cases in India, Sees Largest One-Day Spike With 552 New Infections

Maharashtra on Sunday recorded the highest number of COVID-19 cases in a day, with as many as 552 persons testing coronavirus positive, taking the state tally of such cases to 4200, health officials said. The new statistics show that the state now accounts for 26 per cent of all coronavirus cases in India, as infections across the country were reported to be 16,116, according to health ministry data. ........Read more

This is the most annoying thing about Netflix

Netflix may be a great streaming service to have around and even pay for despite the inevitable price hikes, but it can also be incredibly annoying at times. The best example is the autoplaying ads on the home page that used to drive me crazy until Netflix finally found it in its heart to give users an option to turn them off for good. Then there’s the inevitable “what to watch” scroll of death that can go on for minutes without end — that’s a byproduct that we have to live with, however, so I don’t mind it that much. Then there’s the problem with the Continue Watching list: It’s far too difficult to remove content from it. Now, it turns out that Netflix has found a frustrating new way to annoy me. The service has started sending me emails urging me to remember to finish shows and movies that I started and then abandoned.........Read more

Siachen Glacier tourism: India's geostrategic statement stuns Pakistan, China

The declaration of Defence Minister Rajnath Singh during a visit to Ladakh along with Army Chief General Bipin Rawat is unlikely to be ignored by the country's neighbours to the north and west.........Read more

Aarey Protests: Seeking Stay on Felling of 2,500 Trees, Student Delegation to Meet CJI Gogoi at 3 PM Today

The student delegation said that they took the decision to approach CJI as they believe ‘there is no time left for filing an appeal petition and going through legal technicalities as by then Aarey will be cleared off by the Mumbai Metro Rail Corporation Ltd (MMRCL). ........Read more

First Cabinet reshuffle of Modi 2.0: Suresh Prabhu likely to replace Piyush Goyal

After coming back to power with a thumping majority this May, the Modi government is all set to go for it's first Cabinet reshuffle very soon. Sources say, the reshuffle can take place as early as in the next 15 days. Informed sources told IANS that a major inclusion in the new Cabinet can be Suresh Prabhu, who is likely to make a comeback, after he was dropped from the Cabinet when Modi took oath on May 30, this year. The former Shiv Sainik is tipped to head the Commerce and Industry Ministry. Right now, the portfolio is being handled by Piyush Goyal. Prabhu earlier in Modi 1.0 had handled Commerce and Industry portfolio. He is also India's 'Sherpa' at the G-20. One of the reasons Prabhu didn't make the cut was an overwhelming feeling within the BJP that Prabhu failed to garner dividends for the party in spite of holding portfolios like Railways which plays a key role in influencing the electorate. But with the economy sliding down and the GDP projections taking a dip, Modi seems to be falling back to people with core expertise. Prabhu is a chartered accountant-turned-politician who was poached from the Shiv Sena when the BJP's ally refused to send him to the Cabinet from it's share, during Modi's first tenure.........Read more

Tough times ahead for Karnataka's DK brothers as ED grills Suresh for money laundering

The meteoric rise in the wealth of Karnataka Congress's DK brothers has put them under the radar of the Enforcement Directorate (ED). While the elder brother and Congress strongman DK Shivakumar has been arrested on charges of money laundering, the ED has now targeted the Bengaluru Rural MP DK Suresh in connection with the case. The investigating agency questioned Suresh for seven hours on Thursday, October 4, regarding the alleged hawala transactions to the Congress high command. During an earlier bail plea application of DK Shivakumar, the ED had told the court that Suresh owned 27 properties which need to be investigated. The Bengaluru Rural MP has been directed to appear before the ED on Friday to further probe into the case. DK Shivakumar has been kept under judicial custody inDelhi's Tihar Jail for the past month. In his 2019 election affidavit, Suresh had declared assets worth Rs 338 crore while his 2014 affidavit was valued at Rs 85 crore. His wealth has grown increased nearly four-fold within a span of just five years. Shivakumar was arrested under the Prevention of Money Laundering Act (PMLA) on September 3 and will be under custody till October 15. The court has rejected his bail plea multiple times. Suresh had alleged that his brother is being grilled by the central agencies as he refused to join the saffron party.........Read more

Super 30 Founder Anand Kumar Felicitated With Prestigious Award In The US

Mathematician Anand Kumar, founder of the Super 30, has been falicitated in the US Super 30 founder and noted mathematician Anand Kumar has been felicitated in the US with a prestigious teaching award for his contributions towards imparting education to the country''s needy students. The Education Excellence Award 2019 was presented Anand Kumar, 46, by the Foundation For Excellence (FFE) at a function on the occasion of the organisation's 25th anniversary gala in San Jose, California over the weekend. Speaking at the event, Anand Kumar exhorted the strong Indian community living in the USA and across the world to help education become the strongest weapon to fight all the problems of the world. "Making quality education accessible to the masses will make a huge difference to the world by solving the core issues of poverty, unemployment, population explosion, environmental degradation and a lot more," he said. "Indians have been doing wonders in different fields across the globe, including the USA, and it would be immensely satisfying for them to give something back to their society. There can be no gift more precious than education," Anand Kumar said at a packed auditorium while receiving applause from a gathering comprising eminent personalities. Anand Kumar has been running a highly innovative Super 30 programme for the last 18 years to mentor 30 students free off cost through a year-long residential coaching for India''s premiere IIT-JEE.........Read more

Honda Develops New Front Airbag Technology

Honda has announced the development of a new passenger front airbag technology which has been designed to better protect occupants in a wide range of frontal collision scenarios, including angled crashes between vehicles or a vehicle and another object. The Japanese car maker plans to begin applying its airbag design to new products in the United States in 2020. The development and testing of the new airbag was led by engineers at Honda R&D Americas, Inc. in Ohio in partnership with Autoliv, one of the company's safety systems suppliers. The development and testing of the new airbag was led by engineers at Honda R&D Americas, Inc. in Ohio in partnership with Autoliv Jim Keller, President of Honda R&D Americas, Inc, said, "This new airbag technology represents Honda's continuing effort to advance safety performance in a wider variety of crash scenarios and reflects the innovative thinking that our engineers are bringing to the challenge of reducing traffic injuries and fatalities." Operating something like a baseball catcher's mitt andcradles and protects the head.........Read more

Death of three outside Tadoba reserve exposes skewed laws, territorial crunch in safe havens

A tigress and her two cubs dying outside the boundary of Tadoba Tiger Reserve in Maharashtra early this week by several accounts an instance of revenge poisoning for having killed a village cattle is actually a big optical illusion at play. The fact is the ghastly incident has as much to do with the official apathy as with the booming tiger population all over India.A tiger at the Ranthambore reserve. Firstpost/Ankita Virmani Add to this the lackadaisical legal system which is woefully inadequate to nail the culprits, a marked failure to pursue the case against the accused till their conviction and virtually letting them walk free. There are reasons why people are getting more emboldened to kill the big cats once they step outside the tiger reserve. Sariska is a case in point. Immediately after the tiger re-introduction project there, three tigers brought there from Ranthambore died at the hands of poachers. And pray, what happened after that? Till date, not a single accused has been proven guilty -- so much for the prosecution’s resolve to punish the killers. It appears that at different intervals, the three had ventured outside the boundary of Sariska, in the process becoming an easy target for the poachers.........Read more

In pain every day, but have to run the state: Karnataka CM Kumaraswamy on alliance with Congress

"I can't tell you the pain. From outside I may be the CM. But every day I'm going through pain, but if I tell you who'll solve the problems of the people?" Kumaraswamy said on the alliance with Congress in Karnataka. The Karnataka chief minister added that he can’t reveal behind this pain as he is responsible for the state. "The government should run well. I should bring in confidence among officers that the government is safe. These are responsibilities on me," Kumaraswamy said.........Read more

Prostitutes, sex money for UP team selection? Rajeev Shukla aide in soup after sting

In a shocking turn of events, Mohammed Akram Saifi, Indian Premier League (IPL) chairman Rajiv Shukla’s aide, has been recently accused of arrange prostitutes in exchange for selection in the Uttar Pradesh state team.........Read more

Banks question UIDAI diktat on audit

The decision of the UIDAI to appoint Deloitte as the only agency authorised to do mandatory audits of Information Security (IS) in banks, financial institutions and telcos using the Aadhaar-based authentication regime, has attracted flak from bankers.........Read more

Mumbai's Art Deco buildings get World Heritage tag

Mumbai's Art Deco buildings, believed to be the world's second-largest collection after Miami, were added to UNESCO's World Heritage List alongside the city's better-known Victorian Gothic architecture.........Read more

'Sanju' Review: Ranbir Kapoor's Sanjay Dutt biopic is an emotional roller coaster that unfolds like a bestseller!

The story attempts to be an autobiographical account (for the most part) of a rich, weak boy who chastened to become a sober, strong man courtesy the tough hand that destiny dealt him with. ........Read more

FIFA World Cup 2018: Germany Crash Out of World Cup as South Korea Stun Holders

Germany crashed out of the World Cup on Wednesday after a stoppage-time VAR-assisted goal from Kim Young-gwon and a late second by Son Heung-min earned South Korea a famous 2-0 win.........Read more

Nirav Modi's firms took loan from PNB's Dubai, Hong Kong branches too

Nirav Modi group companies Firestar Diamond Ltd, Hong Kong and Firestar Diamond FZE in Dubai availed some credit facilities from the Hong Kong and Dubai branches of Punjab National Bank (PNB) as well.........Read more

The Income Tax department has launched an investigation into how ICICI Bank CEO Chanda Kochhar and her husband acquired their family home in Mumbai

IT department is looking at how Kochhar's husband Deepak Kochhar bought the South Mumbai home. The Indian Express reported that the purchase of the building involved "a complex transaction involving firms linked to Videocon Group."........Read more

The Center has said that Freeing Rajiv Gandhi convicts will set a very dangerous precedent and lead to international ramifications

The Centre has said releasing the four foreign nationals convicted of committing the gruesome assassination of former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi, in connivance with three Indian nationals, “will set a very dangerous precedent and lead to international ramifications.”........Read more

India drags its feet on MoU with London over return of illegal immigrants

New Delhi is dragging its feet to sign a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with London over the return of illegal immigrants, despite Indian cabinet giving an approval to the proposal.........Read more

Rs 7,000 Crore Relief Approved for Sugar Industry

To help cash-starved sugar mills with accumulated dues over Rs 22,000 crore, the Union Cabinet chaired by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday announced a total relief of about Rs 7,000 crore. Excess production during the current sugar season and indication of higher production in the ensuing Sugar Season has been........Read more

Vijay Mallya UK assets can be sold by Indian banks

Fugitive businessman Vijay Mallya suffered a major setback in his UK court battles after a British high court judge ruled on Tuesday that an Indian judgment against him can legally be enforced against his assets in England and Wales. UK high court enforcement officers can now take legal steps to enforce the Indian judgment, which could include seizing and selling off Mallya’s assets in England and Wales.........Read more

Siddaramaiah Sends Defamation Notice To PM Modi Over Election Taunts

Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah has sent notice for defamation to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, BJP president Amit Shah and party leader BS Yeddyurappa for accusing him of corruption and has demanded a public apology. Reports suggest that he has sued the leaders for Rs. 100 crore. PM Modi's jibes like "Sidda-rupaiya government", "10 per cent sarkar" and "ease of doing murders" have been detailed in the legal notice.........Read more

Bombay HC bars MCA from using water from Pavana dam for CSK matches in Pune

The Bombay High Court on Wednesday barred the Maharashtra Cricket Association (MCA) from using water from Pavana dam for maintaining the Pune cricket stadium for Indian Premier League (IPL) 2018 till further orders. The development came after the remaining IPL matches of Chennai Super Kings were shifted from the state to the Maharashtra Cricket Association's International Stadium in Pune in the wake of the ongoing protest against the Centre's negligence for the formation of Cauvery Management Board (CMB).........Read more

India at CWG 2018: Shooter Anish Bhanwala Wins Gold in Men’s 25m Rapid Fire Pistol Event

Anish, aged 15, created history by becoming the country’s youngest ever gold medal winner in the Commonwealth Games. He achieved the feat when he stormed his way into the gold medal with a Games record in the men’s 25m rapid fire pistol event at the Belmont Shooting Centre. The Haryana boy shot down the CWG record in the final with a score of 30 including four series of 5 each.........Read more

There's a better way to screen for cervical cancer

Use of computer-interpreted Pap tests for triage would permit the automation of the whole screening process. Researchers report the design and evaluation of such a fully automatable cervical screening strategy to determine whether an automated algorithm could separate and prioritize HPV-positive women for treatment as accurately as conventionally interpreted Pap tests.........Read more

John McAfee reveals he charges $105,000 per promotional cryptocurrency tweet

McAfee tweeted that his team had written up a guide on how his promotional tweets worked, and posted it to McAfee Crypto Team, an organization McAfee and his team put together to promote ICOs. John McAfee revealed that he charges $105,000 for each tweet he sends out promoting digital coins or initial coin offerings (ICO).........Read more

Indore hotel collapse: Death toll rises to 10, CM Shivraj announces compensation

The operation to rescue people trapped under the debris was still on. Meanwhile chief minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan has announced Rs 2,00,000 compensation for the kin of the deceased and Rs 50,000 for those injured in the incident.........Read more

SC/ST Atrocities Act: Govt to file review petition against Supreme Court order

The central government Friday decided to file a review petition against the Supreme Court order that laid down the stringent safeguards before registering a case under the Scheduled Castes and the Scheduled Tribes Act, 1989. ........Read more

We never shared personal data like BJP, says Congress social media head Divya Spandana

Congress’ social media department head Divya Spandana, also popular as Ramya, dismissed the claims that the party collected or shared personal data through the WithINC app.........Read more

2018 TVS Apache RTR 160 4V Launched, Prices Start At Rs. 81,490

TVS Apache RTR 160 4V is a 159 cc SI, 4 stroke, oil cooled engine which punches out 16 bhp and 14.8 Nm of torque for the EFI variant and 16.2 bhp for carb version. The EFi variant can do 0-60kmph in 4.8 seconds while the carb version can do the same in 4.73 seconds. Top speed ranges from 113kmph to 114kmph for the carb and EFi variant respectively. ........Read more

Former India-South Asia Facebook MD Umang Bedi Joins Dailyhunt As President

Verse Innovation Private Limited, creators of Dailyhunt, announced the prominent appointment of Umang Bedi as its President. Umang Bedi recently concluded a successful tenure as the Managing Director of Facebook for India and South Asia. Having led global enterprises such as Adobe, Intuit, Symantec in India and South Asia, Umang has championed collaborative cross-functional management. ........Read more

Union Budget 2018: Govt misses fiscal deficit target, higher at 3.5% in FY’18

The fiscal deficit will overshoot to 3.5 per cent from the earlier estimate of 3.2 per cent in the current fiscal, ending March 31, finance minister Arun Jaitley said. The target has been fixed at 3.3 per cent for 2018-19 as against the Fiscal Responsibility and Budget Management Act target of 3 per cent.........Read more

Bajaj Finance to acquire 12.6% in Mobikwik

Bajaj Finance had entered into a subscription agreement with One MobiKwik Systems to acquire 10.83% stake for about Rs225 crore. “Due to the change in the conversion price of compulsory convertible cumulative preference shares (CCCPS)...the company will now hold approximately 12.60 percent of the equity in Mobikwik on a fully diluted basis post-conversion of CCCPS.........Read more

ED raids Karti Chidambaram's premises in Chennai and Delhi in money laundering case

Enforcement Directorate (ED) conducted raids at Karti Chidambaram's premises in Delhi and Chennai in the INX media money laundering case. ED had issued fresh summons to Karti Chidambaram, the son of senior Congress leader P Chidambaram after he skipped his appearance before it in connection with the INX Media money laundering case probe.........Read more

Kapil Mohan, the creator of ‘Old Monk’ rum, dies at 88

Indian entrepreneur Kapil Mohan, the chairperson and managing director of the brewery Mohan Meakin and the creator of Old Monk rum, died on Saturday. Mohan 88 yr old, who had been ill for a long time, died of cardiac arrest in Ghaziabad. He had launched the Old Monk rum brand on December 19, 1954.........Read more

8 Missing After Avalanche Hits Vehicle In Jammu And Kashmir's Kupwara

Eight people are missing after a vehicle they were travelling in was hit by an avalanche in north Kashmir's Kupwara district. The incident took place at Sadhna Top in Tangdhar area of the district around 4 pm. The missing people were reportedly on their way from Kupwara to Karnah in a Tata Sumo.........Read more

J-K govt likely to withdraw cases against first-time stone pelters in Kashmir

Mehbooba Mufti’s government in Jammu and Kashmir is likely to extend its amnesty for first-time stone pelters by withdrawing cases against even those involved in last year’s violence triggered by Hizbul Mujahideen commander Burhan Wani’s death.........Read more

A fourth consecutive year without growth in Bollywood

Each year, collections have consistently been falling by 2 to 3%. But 2017’s projections are steeper: with a drop to 5 to 10%. Analysts quantify the loss to be anywhere between a whopping ₹200 to ₹500 crore net.........Read more

Cabinet approves formation of National Anti-profiteering Authority under GST

The union cabinet led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi has approved formation of the National Anti-profiteering Authority (NAA) under GST, after Wednesday's sharp reduction in the GST rates of a large number of items of mass consumption. The authority is mandated to ensure that the benefits of GST rate cuts are passed on to the ultimate consumers by way of a reduction in prices........Read more

India-China skip traditional meet post Doklam standoff

Despite resolving the Doklam standoff, the Armies of India and China did not hold the traditional border personnel meeting at the five designated places along the 4,057 km long Line of Actual Control. After the Doklam crisis erupted in mid-June, Indian troops had not crossed over to the Chinese side for the PLA's 90th anniversary celebrations on August 1. There are seven to eight occasions a year that the two armies hold ceremonial meetings at the different BPM points, which include speeches, cultural performances, exchange of gifts and tea, as a confidence building measure.........Read more

Shock and Hemorrhage were the cause of Ryan School student death

Ryan International school murder: The Postmortem report of Pradyuman Thakur, a seven-year-old boy, who was murdered at a school in Gurugram has revealed that “shock and hemorrhage” was the cause of his death. The report also noted that external injury caused by single-edged sharp weapon and its consequences were enough to cause death in normal case of nature.........Read more

Is the violin really Western? A Carnatic performer explains how GST will damage Indian music

28% rate is applicable on instruments that are not handmade and not Indian including, for instance, the violin, which is widely used in Indian classical and film music. It has not been included on a list of 134 instruments that are considered Indian and hence exempt from the Goods and Services Tax. Nearly 60% of that list, though, consists of instruments that have not been played for the past two centuries, making this exemption a bit eccentric.........Read more

World of Tanks 'War Stories' Introduces the First Story-Driven Campaign to the Popular Game

Based on historical battles, two campaigns with three chapters each are coming to World of Tanks August 22 on console. The first campaign, Brothers in Armor focuses on Red Army soldiers fighting on the Eastern Front, with the second Flashpoint Berlin following a British solider attempting to break through a Cold War-era Berlin blockade. ........Read more

Scientists create MUTANT mosquitoes that are immune to the smell of human flesh

Mosquitoes that are genetically engineered not to smell humans could offer sweet relief to those of us who spend our summer holidays plagued by itchy bites. The technique involves identifying the smell receptors that mosquitoes use to detect human flesh, and switching them off, or replacing them with other smell receptors that make them attracted to other animals.........Read more

Scientists obtain 'how to' guide for producing hair follicles

How does the skin develop follicles and eventually sprout hair? A USC-led study, published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS), addresses this question using insights gleaned from organoids, 3D assemblies of cells possessing rudimentary skin structure and function—including the ability to grow hair.........Read more

Pahlaj Nihalani sacked as CBFC chief, to be succeeded by Prasoon Joshi

Pahlaj Nihalani was on Friday sacked as chairperson of Central Board of Film Certification in India (CBFC). Noted adman, song-writer and poet Prasoon Joshi is expected to take charge.........Read more

Range Rover Velar India: Price, Launch And Engine Details Revealed

The new Range Rover Velar is the fourth car in the Range Rover family and possibly one of the most stunning SUVs in the world today. We recently got you the exclusive news about how the Velar, which was originally supposed to come to India next year would be launched in the festive season this year instead and now we have even more confirmed information.Bookings for the Range Rover Velar have already opened and an official price announcement for the new SUV will be on September 21 with an official market launch soon after. The new Range Rover Velar will get both petrol and diesel engines at the time of launch too.........Read more

Space Sounds Like An Eerie Chorus Of 'Alien Birds'

But there is no life where these sounds are made, in the dazzling and dangerous stream of highly charged particles that surrounds our planet. For years, Kletzing, a physics professor at the University of Iowa, has been monitoring the radio waves that undulate through the void around Earth. When the data is turned into sound files, the result is an eerie cosmic symphony. ........Read more

Manchester City reportedly beat Chelsea to the signing of Real Madrid star

Manchester City have reportedly beaten Real Madrid in the race to sign Real Madrid full-back Danilo. Chelsea manager Antonio Conte will be fuming at the prospect of missing out on another target.........Read more

Razer Blade Review (2017)

Razer is marketing its latest 14-inch Blade gaming laptop as “Powerful. Portable. Perfect.” Razer’s 2017 Blade is very thin at .7 inches thick. Its unibody aluminum chassis feels exceptionally well-made, and doesn’t flex like cheaper notebooks we’ve seen. Its 0.7x13.6x9.3-inch frame and 4.1 pound weight make it extremely portable, which is perhaps its key-selling feature. Overall, the matte black laptop looks sleek. It helps that the power brick is also quite diminutive for a gaming laptop, measuring 5.9x2.3x0.8 inches.........Read more

NGT bans dumping of waste within 500 metres of river Ganga

The National Green Tribunal (NGT) on Thursday banned dumping of any kind of waste within 500 metres from the edge of river Ganga. The development comes a week after the Supreme Court stayed the Uttarakhand High Court's order declaring river Ganga and Yamuna as a juristic person and a living entity.........Read more

The Switch won’t be getting the biggest ‘Call of Duty’ game in years

The latest Call of Duty installment brings back the action to World War II. And for a while, it was believed that WWII would hit a bunch of platforms, including Nintendo’s Switch. However, if you were excited about playing the shooter on Nintendo’s hit console, you better temper that enthusiasm. Sledgehammer Games offered a definitive “No” when asked whether the title is going to be available on the Switch.........Read more

Jeff Horn stuns defending champ Manny Pacquiao to win WBO welterweight title

Former schoolteacher Jeff Horn stunned world champion Manny Pacquiao to win the World Boxing Organisation welterweight crown with a unanimous points decision in front of 50,000 fans in Brisbane.........Read more

NIA to recommend closing down LoC barter trade with Pakistan started in 2008

The NIA probe into the barter trade between India and Pakistan at LoC is almost finalized with the agency arriving at a decision to write to the government recommending closure of the trade which agency sources say is largely being misused to fund terror activities and fuel civil unrest in J&K.........Read more

GST launch: Amitabh Bachchan, Ratan Tata, Lata Mangeshkar; who are invited in Parliament function

The biggest tax reform since independence, the Goods and Service Tax(GST) will be launched by the government in a mega function in Parliament’s Central Hall. The function will start at 10:45 pm and will continue for around 80 minutes on June 30. A host of dignitaries has been invited for the function including megastar Amitabh Bachchan, Lata Mangeshkar, and industrialist Ratan Tata.........Read more

J&K: One jawan martyred, two others injured as terrorists attack CRPF vehicle in Srinagar

One jawan was martyred and two others injured after heavily armed terrorists attacked Central Reserve Police Force's (CRPF) patrol party in Srinagar’s Pantha Chowk area on the Srinagar-Jammu national highway.........Read more

Rajinikanth will enter politics, claims Hindu Makkal Katchi leader after meeting the actor

Veteran actor Rajinikanth on Monday met the leaders of Tamil Nadu’s Hindu Makkal Katchi party at his residence in Chennai. After the meeting, HMK founder and its state president Arjun Sampath, who along with General Secretary Ravikumar was in attendance at the meeting, claimed Rajinikanth will enter politics and free Tamil Nadu from the clutches of Dravidian rule.........Read more

Rape survivor sues top Uber executives for illegally accessing medical records

A woman sued Uber Technologies Inc on Thursday claiming top executives at the ride-hailing company improperly obtained her medical records.........Read more

After Sri Lanka Loss, Virat Kohli Did Some Tough Talking In The Dressing Room

"You have to be honest. You have to sometimes say things that hurt. That's what I believe in," he said. "You have to lay it out in front of them that this is what we did wrong, including me, and we need to take it on the chin and accept it and prove it.........Read more

Sebi approves Vikram Limaye as NSE chief

The Securities and Exchange Board of India (Sebi) has approved the National Stock Exchange (NSE)'s proposal to appoint Vikram Limaye as the latter's managing director and chief executive officer (MD & CEO). This is on the condition that he resigns from the Supreme Court-appointed Committee of Administrators (CoA) to oversee the Board of Control for Cricket in India.........Read more

Abhay Deol to co-produce his Tamil debut film Idhu Vedhalam Sollum Kadhai

Abhay Deol, who is making his Tamil debut in forthcoming fantasy thriller Idhu Vedalam Sollum Kathai, will also double up as the film’s co-producer. The kind of encouragement we have been getting from him is amazing. We have already started shooting with him in Hyderabad,” said Rathindran Prasad, the director.........Read more

Want to buy a Mercedes? Luxury carmaker's CEO says GST will make it easier

We never expected a surge from GST. In fact, somebody who buys a vehicle in June will be disappointed by the significant fall in price in July. So there are chances that there will be post buying. That said, GST do make buying luxury vehicles feasible but that will only result into ramp up in future.........Read more

Movie review: Wonder Woman reinvigorates tired superhero conventions

Like all genre films, superhero movies are built on sameness and difference, and while Wonder Woman offers little variation on the box-office tested superhero origin story, the presence of a female hero is enough to reinvigorate tired conventions. There is something doubly heroic in watching Wonder Woman lift a tank over her light frame, or crash through armed soldiers to save innocent villagers.........Read more

Asia's largest computer fair showcases latest AI technology

Computex Taipei, Asia's largest computer fair, is presenting the latest in robotics and artificial intelligence (AI), with the creation of a new section dedicated to this area of innovation........Read more

Delhi Man Killed For Stopping Urination On Road, Minister Talks To Top Cop

It was sad, said union minister M Venkaiah Naidu this morning, that Ravinder Kumar, an e-rickshaw driver, was beaten to death in national capital Delhi for stopping people from urinating in public. Mr Kumar was promoting "Swachch Bharat (Clean India)," said the minister, adding that he has spoken to Delhi's police commissioner and "asked him to take strongest action possible against the culprits."........Read more

GM in talks with Mahindra for after-sales service | Team-BHP

General Motors is reportedly in talks with the Mahindra Group regarding after-sales service for Chevrolet cars in India. This comes a week after General Motors officially announced that it will cease its retail operations in India by the end of this year.........Read more

Smartphones, medical devices to cost less with GST, says government

A detailed analysis on GST on specific products, released by the Centre, revealed that smartphones and medical devices will cost less once GST is implemented. The present total tax incidence on smartphones works out to more than 13.5%, against the proposed GST rate of 12%........Read more

Paresh Rawal says tie Arundhati Roy to Army jeep instead of stone-pelter

His comment was in reference to a video clip showing a youth tied in front of an army jeep and allegedly used as a human shield against stone pelters........Read more

Conor McGregor Applies for Boxing License

Mixed martial arts champion Conor McGregor took another step toward setting up a megafight with undefeated boxer Floyd Mayweather by applying for a professional boxing license in Nevada, according to multiple reports.........Read more

Android O feature spotlight: Apps can finally capture the mouse pointer

Starting with Android O, apps can capture a device's mouse pointer using the new requestPointerCapture method. This will cause the on-screen pointer to disappear, and all mouse events will be transmitted to the application. It works exactly like mouse locking on desktop operating systems.........Read more

CBI raids former finance minister P Chidambaram, son Kartis house in Chennai

The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) today morning raided the residence of ex-finance minister P Chidambaram in Chennai. The house of his son Karti was also raided in Karaikudi. According to sources, the raids were linked to clearances given to INX media, which was once owned by Peter Mukerjea ........Read more

188 firms under probe for funding AAP have one address

The Income-Tax (I-T) department, which is probing the funding of Aam Aadmi Party (AAP), has identified a single address in Delhi's Jasola area, under which 188 companies have been registered. The department is now probing how many of them have made donations to AAP.........Read more

New BMW 5 Series Earns Top Safety Award

The BMW 5 Series comes back stable for the 2017 model year, claiming a crashworthiness result that deserves it the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety's highest honour: Top Safety Pick Plus.........Read more

Pakistan summons Indian DHC over LoC ceasefire violation

Pakistan today summoned India's deputy high commissioner here to "condemn" the alleged ceasefire violation by India along the Line of Control in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir that killed a man and injured three others.........Read more

AAP crisis deepens: Kapil Mishra dares Arvind Kejriwal to resign, contest polls against him

The rift is widening in the Aam Aadmi Party with each passing day. Rebel AAP leader Kapil Mishra on Tuesday dared Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal to contest polls against him in Delhi. “Accept this challenge from me: If there’s a shred of morality left in you, resign from your seat, fight election against me either from Karawal Nagar or New Delhi seat,” Mishra said.........Read more

Arvind Kejriwal sacks Kapil Mishra as AAP truce appears to be collapsing

AAP national convener Arvind Kerjiwal put his very vocal minister, Kapil Mishra, on the mat on Saturday by stripping him of his portfolios and post as minister. Mishra, in a series of tweets, indicated that the reason behind his sacking was his persistent demand for action in the tanker scam.........Read more

ISRO launches South Asian Satellite, Modi's gift to India's neighbours

The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) on Friday launched the South Asia Satellite (GSAT-9) into space. Six of India's neighbours including Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal, Srilanka and the Maldives participated in the space-based regional communication project........Read more

Facebook F8: Mark Zuckerberg believes that the camera will be the world's first, mainstream AR platform

The 32-year old CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, today unveiled Facebook’s plans for transforming the way we interact with the world around us. These plans and more were unveiled at Facebook F8, an annual developer conference that brings together developers from the world over.........Read more

Dont interfere please: Over 5 crore Muslim men and women sign declaration supporting triple talaq

At a time when the debate on validity of triple talaq has hotted up, the All India Muslim Personal Board (AIMPLB) wants to submit to the Law Commission two truckloads of declarations -nearly five crores- signed by men and women belonging to the community supporting the controversial practice and urging the panel not to interfere with their personal law by proposing a uniform civil code. Maulana Mohammad Wali Rahmani, General Secretary of the AIMPLB told Mail Today that a total of 4 crore 83 lakhs 47 thousand 596 of signatures were received from across various states.........Read more

Could Space Travelers Melt As They Accelerate Through Deep Space?

Forty years ago, Canadian physicist Bill Unruh made a surprising prediction regarding quantum field theory. Known as the Unruh effect, his theory predicted that an accelerating observer would be bathed in blackbody radiation, whereas an inertial observer would be exposed to none. What better way to mark the 40th anniversary of this theory than to consider how it could affect human beings attempting relativistic space travel?........Read more

Batakh Mian vs Nathuram Godse: How has India forgotten about the man who refused to poison Gandhi?

India’s first President Rajendra Prasad introduced the man sitting next to him as Batakh Mian (Ansari), a cook who, despite his poverty, turned down “all kinds of inducement” offered by a British planter, Erwin, to poison Gandhi and him. Had it not been for Batakh Mian, Gandhi would have died, Prasad said, wondering what impact such a tragedy might have had on the freedom struggle.........Read more

Microsoft is now offering no-questions-asked refunds for app purchases on Xbox and Windows 10

As part of its effort to transform the Xbox gaming platform and the Windows Store, Microsoft has unveiled an easy refund system for disgruntled buyers. Called the ‘self-service refund’, this quick and easy refund system has been released to volunteers who are on the “Alpha” preview ring for Xbox One software. These volunteers get the latest software updates for testing before a final public release.........Read more

Election Commission throws 'open challenge': From first week of May, try and hack our EVMs

The Election Commission on Wednesday threw an "open challenge" to people to hack its EVMs. "From first week of May, experts, scientists, technocrats can come for a week or 10 days and try to hack the machines," an official source said.........Read more

Leaked Whatsapp Chat, FB Posts: The Bhupathi-Paes Saga Continues

Mahesh Bhupathi has said that Leander Paes has no reason to "sulk" after being excluded from India's playing squad for the Davis Cup since he was conveyed in advance that his place was not confirmed in the final four. After India's Davis Cup win against Uzbekistan, Bhupathi made public his Whatsapp chat with Paes on 5 March.........Read more

Train robbery: Passengers of Patna Rajdhani Express looted, beaten up in Bihar

People travelling by the Delhi-Patna Rajdhani Express were robbed early on Sunday near Buxar in Bihar. The dacoits are believed to have beaten up several passengers in the A4, B1 and B2 coaches of the train before fleeing with their valuables. Three people were injured in the incident.........Read more

Insurance companies may soon stop paying for damages caused by drunk driving

Drunk drivers who meet with accidents may even have to spend a massive amount for causing death or injury, according to the Motor Vehicles (Amendment) Bill introduced in the Lok Sabha.........Read more

TVF CEO Arunabh Kumar booked for molestation

A case of molestation was filed against the 'The Viral Fever' CEO Arunabh Kumar on Wednesday following the complaint of a victim at the Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation (MIDC) Police Station.........Read more

Kejriwal, 5 AAP leaders put on trial in defamation case filed by Jaitley

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal and five other Aam Aadmi Party leaders were on Saturday put on trial in a criminal defamation case filed by Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley in the DDCA controversy, amid chaotic scenes in a court room here.........Read more

Chuck Berry, Rock And Roll Legend, Dead At 90

Rock and roll musician Chuck Berry died at the age of 90 on Saturday at St Charles County in his home state of Missouri in US. Chuck Berry is a legendary African-American rock and roll guitarist and singer, who is known for his hit tracks such as 'Roll Over Beethoven', 'You Never Can Tell', 'Sweet Little Sixteen' and 'Johnny B Goode' in the 1950s and 1960s.........Read more

Shocking: Nine leading food and beverages brands in India lag behind in high nutritional quality

The index, created by Access to Nutrition Foundation, a Dutch nonprofit, and funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation , evaluated the manufacturers’ policies, practices, nutritional disclosures in India and globally. The nine companies assessed said they were committed to combat undernutrition, but most did not produce or produced very few fortified packaged food products.........Read more

Lee Chong Wei clinches fourth All England Open Badminton Championships title

Lee Chong Wei won his fourth All England Open Badminton Championships crown on Sunday and changed his mind about it being his 13th and last visit to badminton’s oldest championship. After swatting aside first-time finalist Shi Yuqi of China 21-12, 21-10, Chong Wei said he will return to defend the title of his favorite tournament.........Read more

Assembly elections 2017 - Results from UP, Punjab, Uttarakhand, Manipur and Goa

Expressing happiness over the early trends that indicate the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leading in the fray in the Uttar Pradesh elections, the saffron party said the people of the state have voted for the good work not for the politics of caste and corruption.........Read more

Google backs UK-based payments company Currencycloud

Alphabet Inc.’s venture arm has invested in Currencycloud, a UK start-up that provides technology to enable businesses to provide cross-border payments services to their customers.........Read more

Panama papers case: SC asks Centre to file six reports of MAG

The Supreme Court today asked the Centre to place before it in a sealed cover all the six reports of the Multi-Agency Group (MAG) constituted by the government to probe the Panama papers case.........Read more

How Bugs Make Smart Homes In Your Smartphones, Pune Scientists Found

There are more microbes on mobile phones than on toilet seats. While this has been known for the last few years, for the first time, Pune-based scientists found three new species of microbes from swabs taken from mobile handsets. Overall, the scientists had found more than 500 types of bacteria and nearly 30 types of fungi from 27 handsets.........Read more

Could you abuse Nehru, Gandhis? Now you abuse the PM and govt takes no action. What more azadi do you want: Kiren Rijiju

Union minister Kiren Rijiju says Ramjas controversy is an ideological battle between far-Leftists and nationalists, warns freedom of expression is not freedom to abuse nation, says Naga accord is still a framework agreement, and asks why ‘praising Muslims makes one secular, and praising Hindus renders one communal’........Read more

Foreign Secretary Jaishankar meets U.S. Secretary of State Tillerson

Foreign Secretary S. Jaishankar, presently on a visit to the United States, on Friday met Secretary of State Rex W. Tillerson. Jaishankar said that various bilateral issues, including terrorism, Asia-Pacific and Afghanistan, were discussed in the meeting.........Read more

NASA Proposes A Magnetic Shield to Protect Mars' Atmosphere

The current scientific consensus is that, like Earth, Mars once had a magnetic field that protected its atmosphere. Roughly 4.2 billion years ago, this planet’s magnetic field suddenly disappeared, which caused Mars’ atmosphere to slowly be lost to space. Over the course of the next 500 million years, Mars went from being a warmer, wetter environment to the cold, uninhabitable place we know today.........Read more

Maldives plan to sell atoll to Saudi Arabia has India worried

India might be faced with another security challenge in its neighbourhood as a controversy erupted in the Maldives over the Abdulla Yameen government's plan to give control of an entire atoll to Saudi Arabia.........Read more

Is Social Media Behind The Increase In Generalised Anxiety Disorder

Excessive worrying about things unseen or things that are unlikely to take place forms the basis of Generalised Anxiety Disorder (GAD). Feeling tensed all the time – so much so that the worry interferes with your ability to carry out day-to-day tasks – is what distinguishes one as suffering from GAD. It drains you not just mentally, but takes a toll on your physical health as well.........Read more

Motorola launches Moto G5, Moto G5 Plus at MWC 2017

In terms of specifications, the Moto G5 and G5 Plus will come in a metal body design. While the G5 will come with a 5-inch display, the G5 Plus will come with a 5.2-inch display. The phones will be offered in three RAM and storage variants. While users can choose from 2GB, 3GB and 4GB RAM units, storage options will vary from 16GB, 32GB and 64GB versions. Most markets will also see the phones come with expandable storage upto 128GB.........Read more

Earthquake in Manipur: 5.2 magnitude tremors jolt Singngat, adjoining regions

An earthquake of light-to-moderate intensity was felt in Manipur on Thursday. The magnitude of the earthquake measures 5.2 on richter scale. The maximum impact of the tremors were felt in Singngat and adjoining regions. The earthquake occurred at 5:32 PM in the evening, states United States Geological Survey (USGS).........Read more

Hyundai to launch its new Xcent in April 2017

The current Xcent starts at Rs 5.44 lakh for the base manual petrol 1.2 VTVT and tops off at Rs 8.12 lakh for the SX (O) manual diesel U2 CRDi. Hyundai knows it still has to take on the next generation Swift Dzire that's coming in the second half of 2017, the segment benchmark sedan - Ford Figo Aspire, the Volkswagen Ameo that's started to pick up steam, and the soon-to-arrive Tata Tigor too.........Read more

Good News: No cap on visa for Indian students

While the United States president Donald Trump and American Congress is tightening rules for H1-B visa holders for students from different parts of world, the United Kingdom is attempting to ease out the visa rules for those who would like to pursue higher education in their country. In fact, they have come up with a new agenda of 'No Cap On Visas' - means, who ever seeks visa, they will get a chance to study in UK........Read more

Centre not interested in terming Pakistan a ‘terror state’

Independent Member of Parliament Rajeev Chandrasekhar had moved The Declaration of Countries as Sponsor of Countries as Sponsor of Terrorism Bill, 2016 to impose legal, economic and travel sanctions on citizens of countries which promote terror. The Bill came up for discussion on February 3. The Home Ministry has written to the Parliament Secretariat opposing the Bill as it jeopardises international relations under the Geneva Convention.........Read more

2017 IPL auction: England's Ben Stokes is first multi-millionaire

England allrounder Ben Stokes has emerged the biggest of purchases by the halfway mark of bidding at the 2017 IPL auction in Bangalore, finding his first franchise in Rising Pune Supergiants who forked out Rs 14.5 crore for his services - more than seven times his base price.........Read more

This is the weakest Australia cricket team to tour India, says Harbhajan Singh

I have played against some of the best Australian sides. In my opinion, looking at the composition, this is the weakest Australian side to tour India. I don’t think this team has the wherewithal to cope with a quality Indian side in the Indian conditions. It can again be 4-0 like 2013 season.........Read more

Study links working remotely to more stress, insomnia

Working outside an office may spare you from commutes and interruptions by colleagues but it also makes you more vulnerable to unpaid overtime, stress and insomnia, the UN said Wednesday.........Read more

Triple talaq: Five-judge constitution bench to decide pleas relating to the issue, says SC

The Supreme Court said a five-judge constitution bench would sit in May to decide on pleas relating to aspects of triple talaq. The apex court will also frame issues on March 30 regarding triple talaq, nikah halala and polygamy in Muslims for consideration. “Triple talaq is an important issue, it can’t be scuttled,” observed the SC.........Read more

AAP governments 2 years in Delhi: 3 reasons why Kejriwals mohalla clinics are a flop

Although, the clinic are free for the patients, the doctors don't work free of cost and this seems to elude the AAP government as the doctors are still waiting for their dues. "We are still awaiting this month's payment," says Dr V S Chauhan, chief medical office of Jangpura mohalla clinic.........Read more

Apple signed a deal of 60 million OLED panels with Samsung Display

Samsung Electronics’ display manufacturing arm, Samsung Display, has reportedly finalized a deal with Apple to supply 60 million OLED panels for the upcoming iPhone. This is the second deal we are hearing between the two companies as previously a 100 million OLED unit deal was signed.........Read more

8 people per day on average die in Delhi due to pollution: SC

Every day eight people on an average are dying in Delhi due to air pollution-related diseases, the Supreme Court today said even as it directed the Centre to consider banning the use of fuels high in sulphur content-- furnace oil and pet coke -- by industries in NCR.........Read more

Canadian tech firms urge Ottawa to offer temporary visa following U.S. immigration ban

A group of Canadian technology company founders, executives and investors on Sunday called in a letter for Ottawa to immediately give temporary residency to those displaced by a U.S. order banning the entry of people from seven Muslim-majority countries.........Read more

Canadian PM Justin Trudeau condemns Quebec City shooting a "terrorist attack"

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Monday condemned a Quebec City shooting as a "terrorist attack" after gunmen opened fire at a mosque there, killing at least five. "We condemn this terrorist attack on Muslims in a center of worship and refuge," Trudeau said. "Muslim-Canadians are an important part of our national fabric, and these senseless acts have no place in our communities, city and country."........Read more

Next surgical strike against Pakistan will be different, says new Army Chief Bipin Rawat

"We have done one surgical strike in PoK. But if we have to do something again, we will do it in a different manner and different style," Gen Rawat said. "We'll surprise the enemy." The Indian army, he explained, is closely watching terrorist movements in the restive Kashmir valley.........Read more

SBI Says No To Paytm Wallet- Recommends Users To Use SBI Buddy

Wanting to monopolise market share after demonetisation, the State Bank Of India (SBI) has said No to the Paytm Wallet. According to the official Twitter account of SBI, people using SBI’s Internet banking can no longer transfer money to their Paytm wallets. Instead, it recommends its user to use ‘State Bank Buddy mobile’, its own wallet.........Read more

Knew I'd never work with Salman Khan again, confesses Govinda

"I don't want to get into the reasons [behind the shelving]. It's just that Salman and I have studied the same subject differently. We belong to two different schools of thought. Once Rajinikanth said, 'Do not do what your heart does not want to'. I believe in it,"........Read more

Analjit Singh resigns from Tata Global Beverages board after Mistry ouster

A day after Cyrus Mistry quit from six Tata group firms, independent director Analjit Singh, who was supporting the ousted chairman, resigned from the board of Tata Global Beverages Ltd. Max India chairman Analjit Singh was one of the two directors on the board who had opposed a resolution moved by the promoter Tata Sons seeking removal of Mistry as the company’s chairman.........Read more

International Healthcare Summit: Asian Cancer Institute named best cancer hospital in India

Asian Cancer Institute has been chosen as the best cancer hospital in the country for innovative skills, use of latest tools and techniques available in the industry, a statement said. The announcement was made at the 6th edition of the International Healthcare Summit here.........Read more

India v/s England: Ravichandran Ashwin scripts India's fightback after Keaton Jennings' debut ton

India v/s England: Ravichandran Ashwin scripts India's fightback after Keaton Jennings' debut ton - The off-spinner led an Indian fightback with late wickets to leave the visitors 288 for five on the first day.........Read more

Tihar jail guards: MBAs, engineers who also teach inmates, manage prison factory

In all, a group of 59 men and women were chosen recently from 45,000 applicants and barring 16, almost everyone is a graduate or a postgraduate.........Read more

Jayalalithaa is very well, to return home soon: AIADMK

“Chief Minister Amma (Jayalalithaa) is very well. She has come (back) to her normal life; is eating well. She is ably doing her political work. Physiotherapy is continuing for her,” party spokesperson........Read more

Ramgopal Yadav reinstated in Samajwadi Party, to continue as SP general secy

The Samjwadi Party on Thursday revoked the expulsion of senior party leader Ramgopal Yadav, weeks after he was thrown out of Uttar Pradesh’s ruling party at the peak of a damaging power struggle in the Yadav clan.........Read more

UP polls: BJP to swarm state with 403 campaign vehicles

With state-of-the-art technology and LED lights, the BJP will set off 403 campaign vehicles in Uttar Pradesh to touch each of the poll-bound state’s assembly constituency. This will follow the four ‘parivartan yatras’ beginning from Sahranpur on Saturday in a Volvo buses with images of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and BJP chief Amit Shah besides four leaders from state, in the absence of a chief ministerial candidate.........Read more

If Twitter could speak, this is what it would sound like

Twitter’s emphasis on text has me of two minds. As someone who’s been on the receiving end of harassment, I appreciate the power to skim a message and quickly remove it from my sight. On the other...........Read more

Opinion: The US Must End Ban On India's Rockets. Especially The PSLV.

 Since 2005, U.S. satellite manufacturers have been prohibited from hiring India's space agency to launch their equipment. Private American launch companies, such as SpaceX, are quite happy with this arrangement, which was intended to protect them. But the ban is not only wrong in principle -- it's actually impeding an exciting new American industry.........Read more

Flipkart’s Sachin Bansal looks to set up lobby group for Indian start-ups

Flipkart co-founder and executive chairman Sachin Bansal is talking to several Indian entrepreneurs and influential investors to create a lobby group that will represent the interests of Indian consumer Internet start-ups, three people familiar with the matter said.........Read more

In a bid to help future manned missions, NASA plants lettuce in space

NASA has planted lettuce on the International Space Station (ISS) to learn how to grow fresh food in space – which may help prepare astronauts for the future manned mission to Mars. Just as farmers on Earth are planting leafy greens for the fall growing season, astronauts aboard the ISS are planting their third on-orbit crop of red romaine lettuce, NASA said. NASA astronaut Shane Kimbrough initiated the Veg-03 experiment, one of his first science assignments as a new crew member aboard the orbiting laboratory.........Read more

Russia Puts Alternative Draft Resolution on Syria Up for Vote at UNSC

Russia has presented an alternative draft resolution on Syria at the UN Security Council, the Russian mission to the United Nations told journalists. "After the voting on the French draft resolution, an alternative Russian document will be considered," the mission said. ........Read more

Vijay Shekhar Sharma, Kunal Shah, Others Back Global Payments Platfrom Remitr

Cross-border payments platform Remitr has reportedly raised $1 Mn (INR 6.6 Cr) as Seed funding from Paytm’s Vijay Shekhar Sharma. Other investors too participated in this round. They include...........Read more

Norway's Controversial Arms Export to Warring Countries Under Scrutiny

Despite its image as a peaceful country, Norway seems to make the most of its arms export to warring countries. Meanwhile, pressure has been rising on Norway to put a stop to its controversial weapons sales to the Saudi-led coalition that is waging a war in Yemen.........Read more

Apple to sell iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus on Flipkart

E-commerce major Flipkart has partnered tech giant Apple to sell the latest edition of iPhone on its platform from October 7. This is the first time that Apple has collaborated with an e-commerce company in India to sell a new iPhone version. ........Read more

Kerala Govt. Will Now Pay Residents for Plastic Waste and Recycle It to Make Roads. Brilliant!

In order to curb the increasing amount of plastic bags and other products disposed of in civic spaces across Kerala, the Clean Kerala Company will now collect shredded plastic from residents and municipality authorities for road construction. The Clean Kerala Company is an organisation formed under the State Local Self-Help Government and it has been involved in statewide waste management initiatives like converting solid waste to CNG, collecting and recycling e-waste, organising plastic collection drives, etc.........Read more

'Sixth sense' may be more than just a feeling

With the help of two young patients with a unique neurological disorder, an initial study by scientists at the National Institutes of Health suggests that a gene called PIEZO2 controls specific aspects of human touch and proprioception, a "sixth sense" describing awareness of one's body in space. Mutations in the gene caused the two to have movement and balance problems and the loss of some forms of touch. Despite their difficulties, they both appeared to cope with these challenges by relying heavily on vision and other senses.........Read more

China's First Space Station Will Crash to Earth Amid Rumours of Failure

People who have been following Tiangong-1's progress have said that China had lost control of it after some kind of failure onboard. China hasn't been clear with what the failure was.........Read more

LeEco eyes Rs100 crore from one-day sale event on 19 September

“The EPIC 919 SuperFans festival was phenomenally successful in China and we sold 500,000 Le Superphones in single day. We expect to see similar response in India this year... We should be able to clock about Rs100 crore worth of sales in a single day,” LeEco India chief operating officer, smart devices, Atul Jain said........Read more

India-US Exercise YUDH ABHYAS-2016 to begin from Sept 14 near Indo-China Border

As part of the ongoing Indo-US defence cooperation, a joint military training Exercise YUDH ABHYAS-2016 would be conducted in the foothills of Himalayas at Chaubattia in Uttarakhand from September 14 to 27. Under the aegis of Headquarter Central Command, the venture is a series of one of the longest running joint military training and a major ongoing bilateral defence cooperation endeavours between India and US, an official release issued here said. ........Read more

Rio Paralympics: Who is history-maker Mariyappan Thangavelu?

Every champion's journey is an inspiration. And India's golden boy Mariyappan Thangavelu's story is also same. He went through a lot of hardships before winning gold at Rio Paralympics on Friday ........Read more

BJD upset with Centre over Polavaram issue

The BJD in Odisha is peeved with the Centre for announcing that it would bear all expenses for the Polavaram project, which would submerge some areas in the state.........Read more

Miserly India Inc.: 66% companies don't spend compulsory amount on CSR

Ever since the Companies Act came into effect in 2013, two-thirds of Indian companies have failed to comply with the mandatory 2% expenditure on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). This includes 32 of 50 NIFTY companies.........Read more

John Kerry reportedly stuck in Delhi traffic as roads paralysed after heavy rain in NCR

Commuters were caught in massive pile-ups just a month after rainfall on July 28 had brought traffic to a standstill for more than six hours.........Read more

Kalashnikov Shop at Moscow airport Sells AK-47 Models

Moscow: Gunmaker Kalashnikov, whose AK-47 assault rifle has armed Russian forces for 70 years and been the preferred weapon of insurgents across continents, has opened a store at Moscow's Sheremetyevo airport selling souvenirs including plastic model guns, the company said.........Read more

Govt to evacuate 10,000 Indians stranded in Saudi Arabia: Sushma Swaraj

About 10,000 Indians stranded in Saudi Arabia will be evacuated and no one will go hungry as ration has been distributed to them, external affairs minister Sushma Swaraj said in Parliament on Monday. Her deputy VK Singh is leaving for Saudi Arabia to oversee the evacuation process.........Read more

Davis Cup: Bopanna wins singles, Lim prevents clean sweep by India

Not used to playing singles anymore, India's Rohan Bopanna found rhythm in nick of time to edge past Hong Chung before Yong-Kyu Lim prevented a Korean whitewash with a gritty win over Ramkumar Ramanathan in the Davis Cup Asia\Oceania Group I tie here today........Read more

India's first crowd-funded e-bike launched for Rs 29,990

The bike can accelerate from 0-25kmph in just 10 seconds.India’s first crowd-funded e-bike, named Spero, has been launched in Bangalore. The bike has been designed by Manikadan, a Coimbatore based jute machinery technocrat.........Read more

India 'Inching Closer' To Nuke Club (NSG) Membership, Notes Chinese State Media

Acknowledging that India is "inching closer" to get membership of the Nuclear Suppliers Group, Chinese official media today said if New Delhi is admitted into the elite grouping, "nuclear balance" between India and Pakistan will be broken.........Read more

A sea captain who combatted illegal fishing explains why he gave up seafood

The high demand for seafood is pushing communities to the edge, prompting trafficking of men, and destroying the marine ecosystem.........Read more

State finance ministers to meet this week to discuss model GST law

FM Arun Jaitley will participate in the meeting of Empowered Committee of State Finance Ministers and try to iron out differences........Read more

The 'Axe Effect' is real: scientists

If you think that the deo brand Old Spice's 'Smell Mantastic' campaign itself was clever enough, you are actually not all that wrong as a recent study has suggested that men, who wear the scented stuff, add a whiff of masculinity to the air.........Read more

Stage set for Telugu Desam’s Mahanadu

: The stage is set for the commencement of the Telugu Desam Party’s Mahanadu, the three-day conclave, at Tirupati from Friday.The Centre’s alleged failure to implement several promises made in the Reo........Read more

Tirupati to Dubai, US: Air India eyes golden routes

Tirupati, which attracts a large number of pilgrims to the Lord Venkateswara temple in Tirumala, will get directly connected by air to the United States and to Dubai from June. Air India will opera........Read more