India lifts veil on army as Narendra Modi prepares to spend $150 billion

Transparency is part of Narendra Modi’s efforts to transform India into a defence manufacturing powerhouse as he spends $150 billion to modernize the Indian armed forces........Read more

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Google search results list PM Modi in “top 10 criminals”; company gets court notice

Google finds itself in a legal soup in India with a court sending notice to the global search engine for allegedly listing PM Narendra Modi among top 10 criminals in the world.........Read more

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How an accidental businesswoman created a start-up valued at Rs 1,000 crore

Anisha Singh was determined to chase the security of employment. But life happened instead.........Read more

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Here's Why Some People Are More Intelligent Than Others

The more variable a brain is and the more its different parts frequently connect with each other, the higher a person's intelligence quotient (IQ) and creativity are.........Read more

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It May Not Be ‘Worth’ Starting Up In India!

Though a lot has changed in India over last 10 years, the truth is that we are still a failure-hating country. The decades of conservative growth post-independence still loom large in the minds o...........Read more

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