Dna exclusive: Our rozi-roti depends on dead cattle, we will not stop skinning, say Dalits of Rajkot

dna exclusive: Our rozi-roti depends on dead cattle, we will not stop skinning, say Dalits of Rajkot - It's only two weeks since the cattle skinners in Una town of Gir Somnath district in Gujarat were attacked by self-proclaimed 'gau rakshaks'. dna, in a 4-part series, investigates the plight of cattle skinners, belonging to the Dalit community of Gujarat, the government's apathy towards them, slump in the leather business, and the real reason behind dwindling population of cows........Read more

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Sneak Peek: Disney's 'Star Wars' Theme Park Looks So Dreamy

While construction is still underway, the image hints at what the Star Wars Lands will look like once they open at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida, and Disneyland in Anaheim, California.........Read more

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Mercury: 'First Rock From the Sun' in Transit

In every century there are only 13 or 14 transits of Mercury and you have to be on the right part of the globe if you want to watch a particular transit from beginning to end, which usually lasts for several hours.........Read more

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World’s largest diamond to be auctioned in London, expected to sell for $70 million

The gigantic gem is about the size of a tennis ball and is believed to be between 2.5 billion to more than three billion years old.........Read more

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Human embryos cultured in lab for record-breaking two weeks

Scientists successfully sustain a human embryo in a petri dish for record breaking time in a major step forward that opens debate about embryo research.........Read more

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High-fashion goes high-tech in ‘#techstyle’

‘#techstyle,’ an exhibit at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, considers how technological innovations such as 3-D printing are influencing fashion.........Read more

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Hacker trades millions of Gmail, Yahoo mail logins for just $1 - Times of India

The discovery of 272.3 million stolen accounts included a majority of users of, Russia's most popular email service, and smaller fractions of Google, Yahoo and Microsoft email users, said Alex Holden, founder and chief information security officer of Hold Security.........Read more

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Snapdeal acquires predictive marketing technology firm TargetingMantra – Tech2

Snapdeal announced the acquisition of ‘TargetingMantra’, a boutique technology company, which working in the field of personalising shopping experience for customers on e-commerce platforms.........Read more

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Virtustream looking to build cloud systems dedicated to Indian government - The Economic Times

The Indian government has big digital plans and projects on improving tax collection through the use of analytics would require a large, secure cloud environment.........Read more

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