Opposition to Galileo Was Scientific, Not Just Religious

In 1614, when the telescope was new technology, a young man in Germany published a book filled with illustrations of the exciting new things being discovered telescopically: moons circling Jupiter, moon-like phases of Venus, spots on the Sun, the rough and cratered lunar surface. The young man was Johann Georg Locher and his book was Mathematical Disquisitions Concerning Astronomical Controversies and Novelties. And while Locher heaped praise upon Galileo, he challenged ideas that Galileo championed – on scientific grounds.........Read more


I guess there are so many conspiracy behind these so called truths.

Waste Management Company ‘Extracarbon’ Is Justifying The Purpose of ‘Swachh Bharat’

This determined mission has evoked a sense of responsibility among us and without our dedicated efforts, this initiative will lose its gravity. Not only people but the industries, especially the waste management sector, has a significant role to play. And one such organisation is ‘Extracarbon‘ which helps recycle dry, solid waste to preserve the deteriorating environment.........Read more


They are doing the real swachh bharat, good job lads

India set up "Baloch Operation Cell" against Pakistan

India has allegedly set up Baloch Operation Cell to destabilize and sabotage progress work in Pakistan.The Media reports said that India has set up a new cell Baloch Operation Cell to strengthen their network in Balochistan and sabotage development work. The Indian premier spy agency Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) has called a Pakistani Baloch separatist Majadik Dilshad and his wife in India to devise a radical force comprising Baloch separatist across the world and give them military training to use in Balochistan. The reports further said the RAW has set up a new desk in their headquarters to instigate Baloch liberation movement with Baloch separatist elements. The reports said that Dilshad and his wife have provided secret information about Pakistan to India.........Read more


India seriously planning a strong counter attack to Pakistan in the form of Balochistan

Rio 2016: 6 instances of official apathy towards Indian athletes that will make your blood boil

Rio 2016: 6 instances of official apathy towards Indian athletes that will make your blood boil - Our Indian athletes came face to face with what can only be described as total apathy from the travelling contingent who treated it like a vacation.........Read more


Pull those bloody politicians out from the sports management and then see how much India can perform in international level

To say sorry or not: The different shades of apology politics in India

Arvind Kejriwal on Monday morning washed utensils at the Golden Temple community kitchen for 45 minutes offering sewa (voluntary service) -- his........Read more


When talking about these dirty shades definitely Mr Kejri will occupy the throne

MediaCrooks: Warning For Hindus

Like almost all Indians I used to watch a lot of movies. Like most Indians I also believed most of the bad stuff happened only in movies. Growing along, I realised many bad things that happened in movies also happened to me. I have witnessed many co........Read more


May be in next 20 years hindus will become minorities in India

Sharapova suspended 2 years over doping test

Maria Sharapova was suspended for two years by the International Tennis Federation on Wednesday for testing positive for the banned substance meldonium. Sharapova said she will appeal.........Read more


She's saying that it's an unfairly harsh two-yr suspension... lol

Hrithik Roshan starrer Mohenjo Daro’s motion poster out, watch video

Hrithik Roshan starrer Mohejo Daro's first motion poster looks promising giving details about the time in which the film is set.........Read more


Some section of people will definitely protest during the release, even though they don't know anything about Indus civilization.

2002 Gulbarg society verdict: Hearing on quantum of punishment adjourned till June 9

A special SIT court adjourned on Monday the hearing on quantum of punishment for the 24 convicts in 2002 Gulbarg society massacre case till June 9. On June 2, special court had convicted 24 of the 66 accused in the Gulbarg violence, which left 69 people including former Congress MP Eshan Jafri dead.........Read more


What's wrong with the indian courts?

Boxing Legend Muhammad Ali Dies Aged 74 Fighting a Respiratory Illness

The greatest of them all, the boxing legend of Muhammad Ali passed away on Saturday fighting a respiratory ailment. The 74-year-old icon was hospitalized on Thursday. US media had reported his respiratory trouble was complicated by his Parkinson's........Read more


A True Champion Rest In peace

Keenan-Reuben murder case: All four accused found guilty, sentenced to life in jail - Times of India

A special women's court on Thursday convicted four accused in the 2011 Amboli double murder tragedy, where two young men lost their lives while defending their women friends from molesters.........Read more


good job