Gilead’s $1,000 pill gets patent in India - Times of India

In what could be a major setback to access to treatment in high-burden countries, the Indian Patent Office on Monday granted a patent to Gilead Pharmasset on Sovaldi (sofosbuvir), its blockbuster drug for hepatitis C, for which the company charges $1,000 per pill in the US.........Read more

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Social Pressures Leading to 'Global Sleep Crisis', Warn Scientists

The research is based on data collected through the free smartphone app Entrain, launched in 2014 to help users fight jetlag.........Read more

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India's Single Emergency Number to be Active from Jan 1, 2017

The service will also be accessible even through those SIMs and landlines whose outgoing call facility has been stopped or temporarily suspended.........Read more

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Aviva takes an extra 23 percent stake in India JV partner Dabur Invest

Insurer Aviva said on Tuesday it had purchased an additional 23 percent share in Aviva Life Insurance Company India Limited from joint venture partner Dabur Invest Corp.........Read more

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'78% of sewage generated in India remains untreated'

Analysis and reporting by Centre for Science and Environment and Down To Earth magazine reveal how Indian cities are disposing of excreta in an unsafe manner........Read more

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Meet ‘Dabba Dol’ Pradeep, the 13-year-old who is bringing an end to open defecation in his village

He and his 'gang' spill the water the villagers carry out into the fields.........Read more

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The 25 most ruthless leaders of all time

WikimediaAttila the Hun.One man's hero is another man's tyrant, a popular aphorism goes.But while we can argue the validity and virtue of certain political........Read more

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Wreckage of Captain James Cook's ship Endeavour found, researchers say

The Rhode Island Marine Archaeology Project appears to have located the British explorer’s vessel off US coast where it was sunk during the revolutionary war........Read more

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Satyajit Ray at 95: The Renaissance Man still resists evaluation despite holding total sway over our lives

Ray married occidental with the oriental and transcended the borders of watertight definitions that we use to define men whose genius we cannot comprehend.........Read more

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