How Much Vitamin C Is Too Much Vitamin C? Expert Reveals

Vitamin C is a water-soluble vitamin and has several functions within our body. It has been associated with protection against some cancers like those of the mouth, oesophagus, stomach, and breast. It is also been seen to protect against cataracts. Vitamin C is needed to produce collagen - the protein that holds our body together, heals our wounds and maintains the integrity of our blood vessels. Vitamin C is involved in the production of neurotransmitters like serotonin and norepinephrine. The most important function of Vitamin C is that it acts as an antioxidant and bolsters the immune system. In these COVID times, this is the reason most of us are popping Vitamin C pills. Being a water-soluble vitamin, excessive intake of Vitamin C usually leads to excretion of the extra amount through urine. Vitamin C consumed in the form of natural food sources seldom causes an overdose; however, while taking Vitamin C in the form of tablets, you may overdose. ........Read more

How Viruses Evolve

Why did SARS go away while today’s coronavirus just keeps on spreading? Why, for that matter, did both these coronaviruses spill over into people at all, from their original bat hosts? What happens next? As we face the current pandemic, it will be important to understand how SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, is likely to evolve in the months and years ahead. It’s possible the virus could lose its lethal character and settle into an evolutionary détente with humanity. It might end up as just another cold virus, as may have happened to another coronavirus in the past. But it could also remain a serious threat or perhaps even evolve to become more lethal. The outcome depends on the complex and sometimes subtle interplay of ecological and evolutionary forces that shape how viruses and their hosts respond to one another.........Read more

What Is Convalescent Plasma Therapy and How Does It Fight COVID-19?

COVID-19 will probably be a part of our lives for the foreseeable future. A vaccine has yet to materialize. As the pandemic continues to take a crushing toll, doctors are resorting to a century-old treatment that has been helpful in managing previous pandemics: taking antibodies from those who have recovered and giving it to the sick. It’s known as convalescent plasma therapy, or “survivors’ blood.” Plasma — the liquid component of blood — contains antibodies. Extracting plasma from someone that has “convalesced,” or recovered, from an illness might provide a much-needed boost to the immune system of someone grappling with coronavirus. In the past, plasma therapy has been a weapon against the 1918 flu, polio, measles, rabies, hepatitis B and Ebola — with varying levels of success. More recently, it showed some promise in treating other coronaviruses like and MERS, particularly when given to a patient early in their illness.........Read more

Can You Get COVID-19 Twice? Scientists Say It’s Too Early to Tell

It’s a COVID-19 patient’s nightmare: survive the disease only to face it again a few months later. With of some testing positive for the virus even after recovery, many are now wondering if it is possible to get infected twice. But E. John Wherry, director of the Institute for Immunology at the University of Pennsylvania, says these stories are purely anecdotal. “We just have not been in this long enough to really understand whether or not people can get reinfected,” he says. Instead, what might look like reinfection from a new exposure to the virus is more likely to be a smoldering first infection, he explains.........Read more

Can Artificial Intelligence Replace the Role of Doctors?

The development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology has increased rapidly. Not only does it play a role in the field of entertainment and communication, but the future traces of AI in the area of health and life begin to be seen. In some countries, AI is integrated into sophisticated analytical tools to help doctors in hospitals diagnose cancer and other diseases. But can artificial intelligence replace the role of doctors..?........Read more

Rolls Royce Signs MoU With IIT Madras For Joint Research Programmes

The company also said as per the agreement, it will also send some of its engineers to IIT-M for higher education. As part of the MoU, Rolls-Royce and IIT-M will also aim to pursue advanced research in areas of relevance to future technological and programmatic needs of the company. As part of its Technical Higher Study Framework, Rolls-Royce will sponsor select employees keen to pursue Masters and PhD level studies, in partnership with IIT Madras. To qualify for the program, employees must first clear the IIT Madras selection process, and their topic should be aligned with Rolls-Royce strategic research priorities and capabilities.........Read more

Coronavirus: With 3,513 Confirmed Cases, Death Cases in Iran Jump to 107

Iran will set up checkpoints to limit travel between major cities and urged citizens on Thursday to reduce their use of paper money to fight a spreading outbreak of the new coronavirus, which has killed at least 107 people across the Islamic Republic. The announcement in Iran came as Palestinian authorities said the storied Nativity Church in the biblical city of Bethlehem, built atop the spot where Christians believe Jesus was born, will close indefinitely later in the day over coronavirus fears. These mark the latest disruptions of life across the Mideast from the new virus, which has seen over 3,740 confirmed cases.........Read more

ISIS leader Baghdadi’s aide was key to his capture, say Iraqi intel officers: Report

In their long hunt for Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, Iraqi intelligence teams secured a break in February 2018 after one of the Islamic State leader’s top aides gave them information on how he escaped capture for so many years.........Read more

Northeastern States step up vigil against those excluded from NRC

Pressure groups in the northeastern States adjoining Assam have stepped up vigil to ensure “doubtful citizens” excluded from the updated National Register of Citizens (NRC) do not sneak into their areas. On Monday, the Khasi Students’ Union (KSU) checked the papers of 26 non-tribal people at an industrial estate in West Khasi Hills district of Meghalaya. The union members found them working in some factories without possessing NRC documents. “Some of the workers said they were in the NRC but did not carry the documents. The managers of the mills have assured us that the non-tribal people will be sent back to Assam and allowed to work only if they produce proof of their inclusion,” KSU leader Wanbhakupar L. Nonglait said. The KSU team ‘detained’ four more non-tribal people from Assam without NRC documents working at a technical school in the district headquarters Nongstoin. Opinion | A flawed process that pleased none Other tribal organisations such as Federation of Khasi Jaintia Garo People’s (FKJGP) and Hynniewtrep Youth Council too have stepped up vigil against “NRC-excluded” people from Assam, besides asking the State administration to set up check gates on vulnerable points of the Assam-Meghalaya border.........Read more

Kota MP Om Birla Set to be Next Lok Sabha Speaker, to Succeed Sumitra Mahajan

Two-time BJP MP from Kota, Om Birla, to be Speaker of the newly-elected Lok Sabha. He will succeed Sumitra Mahajan for the post. Apart from winning a seat in the Parliament twice, Birla was also a three-time MLA from the Kota South Assembly seat. He defeated Ramnarain Meena of the Congress in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections to secure the seat.........Read more

Govt says penalise Airtel, Vodafone Idea in Reliance Jio issue; asks TRAI to suggest penalty amount

Digital Communications Commission, the apex decision-making body of the telecom department, Monday approved imposing penalty on Bharti Airtel and Vodafone Idea for not providing points of interconnection to Reliance Jio. However, before imposing the penalty, the Commission has decided to seek Trai’s views on revising Rs 3,050 crore penalty recommended by the sector regulator amid financial stress in the sector.........Read more

Land Rover Introduces Range Rover Astronaut Edition Specially Designed For 'Future Astronauts'

What looks as a regular Range Rover is actually a bit special and has been designed by the Special Vehicle Operations (SVO) division. It's been finished in a bespoke zero gravity blue paint and the British carmaker says it has taken inspiration from the depth and intensity of the night sky. If the paint job won't articulate its exclusivity, but the Astronaut badging on the tailgate will surely do. In-turn, there are badges in the doorjambs also and the puddle lamps project the image of the Space Ship Two which will fly the customers to space.........Read more

Maoists burned 26 vehicles as a trap to target security forces in Gadchiroli Naxal attack

The 26 construction vehicles that were torched in Gadchiroli before the Naxal attack on security forces was a trap laid by the Maoists to bring police reinforcement on the road. The IED blast in Maharashtra's Gadchiroli that claimed the lives of 15 commandos and a civilian was triggered with more than 30 kilograms of explosives.........Read more

Indian Techie Who Sexually Assaulted Sleeping Woman on Flight Jailed for 9 Years in US

Prabhu Ramamoorthy had engaged in a sexual act with a female, while she was sleeping on a flight from Las Vegas to Detroit. He was seated along with his wife when he sexually assaulted his co-passenger.........Read more

Marriage doesn’t mean wife always ready for sex: Delhi HC on marital rape

A bench of Acting Chief Justice Gita Mittal and C Hari Shankar said that in a relationship like marriage, both man and woman have a right to say ‘no’ to physical relations.........Read more

Electronics, cloud, IoT policy in works

To keep pace with the change in technologies, the ministry of electronics and IT plans to soon finalise a new electronic policy, internet of things (IoT) policy, cloud policy and an ecommerce policy. The minister said there will be three new centres of excellence will be set up in Gurgaon, Malviya Nagar and Vishakhapatnam which will be dedicated to new areas of growth.........Read more

Brad Haddin replaces Greg Blewett as Australia fielding coach

Former test wicketkeeper Brad Haddin has been named Australia's new fielding coach. Hadding, who has replaced Greg Blewett will be in-charge til the end of 2019, Australia play two tests in Bangladesh in August and September before a one-day series in India and the home Ashes series around the New Year.........Read more

Just one night of poor sleep can boost Alzheimer’s proteins

Just one night of deep-sleep disruption was enough to increase the amount of amyloid-beta, a protein that clumps into brain cell‒killing plaques in people with Alzheimer’s. People in the study who slept poorly for a week also had more of a protein called tau in their spinal fluid than they did when well rested. Tau snarls itself into tangles inside brain cells of people with the disease.........Read more

Microsoft is putting AI everywhere it can

Microsoft has been in the artificial intelligence game for a long time, Shuman reminded me, especially from a Microsoft Research Standpoint. They’ve used it to build speech processing and “We’re one of only two companies that created a world index of the web [Bing], which takes a lot of AI.”........Read more

Promoters Must Disclose Shares Received in Gift: SEBI

Promoters and directors of a listed company are required to disclose details about shares received by way of gift and through off-market transactions, according to regulator Sebi.........Read more

Amul ads guilty of disparaging frozen desserts, HUL argues in Bombay high court

The lawyers for Hindustan Unilever Ltd (HUL) argued in the Bombay high court on Friday that Gujarat Cooperative Milk Marketing Federation Ltd’s (GCMMF) advertisements were guilty of disparaging frozen desserts. The multinational maker of Kwality Walls ice-cream argued that identifying a particular brand or firm by name was not necessary for an ad to be guilty of “general disparagement”.........Read more

Apple, Amazon and Google have joined the bidding for Toshiba's chip unit

Toshiba shareholders on Thursday agreed to split off its NAND flash memory business, paving the way for a sale to raise at least $9 billion to cover U.S. nuclear unit charges that threaten the conglomerate’s future, bidding prices from Apple, Amazon or Google, owned by Alphabet Inc, were not known.........Read more

Kim Jong-nam: Malaysians held in North Korea return home

Nine Malaysians who were detained in North Korea have arrived home, after the two countries apparently struck a deal to end a diplomatic row. The quarrel, over last month's killing of Kim Jong-nam in Kuala Lumpur, had resulted in both countries banning each other's citizens from leaving. Malaysia has also allowed North Koreans to leave and released Mr Kim's body.........Read more

Facebook, Instagram ban developers from using data for surveillance

“Our goal is to make our policy explicit. We want to be sure everyone understands the underlying policy and how to comply. We also adopt policies that limit how developers, advertisers, and others can use our platform,” said Rob Sherman, Deputy Chief Privacy Officer at Facebook in the post.........Read more

PoEM rules will not apply to companies with a turnover of Rs 50 crore or less in a financial year.

The tax department has reiterated that the POEM rules that require foreign firms to pay taxes in India if the effective control is within the country will not apply to companies with a turnover of Rs 50 crore or less in a financial year.Last month,........Read more

Defence canteens to go cashless from March 1, will only accept plastic money

The CSD has almost 1.2 crore direct customers in form of serving and retired personnel along with their families and had a turnover of over Rs 13,000 crore last year. In the army, orders were issued by the adjutant general's branch to canteens that they have to turn fully cashless from March 1 and the local formations have been asked to spread the message among the serving and retired personnel, the sources said. The local formations have issued advisories to the retired personnel that they should arrange credit or debit cards by March 1 as the canteens are turning cashless.........Read more

UK Defense secretary: Our military is hacking Islamic State

UK Defense Secretary Michael Fallon said Thursday that Britain's military is launching cyberattacks against the Islamic State group in support of the offensive on the Iraqi city of Mosul, a first-of-its kind acknowledgement that British forces are launching attacks across the internet.........Read more

Rakesh Jhunjhunwala to donate Rs 5,000 crore or 25% of his portfolio in 2021

Explaining how he decided to take this step, Jhunjhunwala said, “My father was always not concerned about the wealth I have, but every year he would ask me, how much have you given in charity? And how much taxes have you paid? He was financially independent, he always said that I don’t want anything from you, but I will always tell you to give in charity. When he passed away in 2008, I really missed him, and then I thought that the greatest homage I could give him is to give. Then I thought of structuring what I would give, From 2008, I started giving 25% of my dividend income. Then I decided to commit to this amount or percentage for 2021.” “I also feel that giving is not giving, it’s a duty,” he added........Read more

Vijay Mallya can approach nearest Indian mission: Official

After Vijay Mallya stated that he was willing to return to India and respect the country's judicial system but could not do so because of the revocation of his passport, a senior government official said on Thursday that all that the beleaguered liquor baron has to do for this is to approach the nearest Indian mission and get an emergency certificate........Read more

New Bentley Flying Spur W12 S is the company's first 4-door to hit 325kph – Tech2

British luxury automobile maker Bentley has now launched a souped up version of the Flying Spur called the Flying Spur W12 S. When we say souped up, it means that this luxury sports sedan is the first one in Bentley’s four-door stable to hit 325kph and that is a lot.........Read more

Is London Europe's cultural capital?

Op-ed: London's Design Museum director Deyan Sudjic tackles the big question on the creative sector's mind.........Read more

Massive Windows 10 Update Causing Serious New Problems

Microsoft confirms a new Windows 10 problem which is causing problems for millions of users...........Read more

Philippines drug war deaths climb to 1,800, president spars with UN

The Philippines has recorded about 1,800 drug-related killings since President Rodrigo Duterte took office seven weeks ago and launched a war on narcotics, far higher than previously believed, according to police figures.........Read more

Scientists to unveil new Earth-like planet: report

The new Earth-like planet orbits a well-investigated star called Proxima Centauri, part of the Alpha Centauri star system........Read more

The art of mapping freedom

The 1962 India-China war can hardly be remembered with a smile. Yet Rituparna Sarkar has given it shape in a lighter vein in her art panel, which is in the form of a graphic novel.........Read more

Patanjali struggles to meet demand for products

Even as Baba Ramdev’s Patanjali Ayurved aims to double its turnover in the current financial year, it is struggling to meet the demand for its products. ........Read more

Raghuram Rajan's final RBI policy review to hold line against inflation

Inflation at a two-year high will probably prevent the RBI Governor from cutting interest rates at his final policy review today........Read more

CEO salaries at top blue-chips soar; average nears Rs 20 crore

However, this remains less than one-sixth of the average CEO salaries at the top listed companies in the US, which stood at close to Rs 130 crore.........Read more

After Mahad Bridge Collapse, 300 kg Magnet Searches For Buses In Flooded River

The driver of one of the buses that fell into a river after a British-era bridge collapsed on the Mumbai-Goa highway in Maharashtra on Tuesday has been found dead.........Read more

Kawasaki Ninja 650 Price Slashed By Rs. 40,000; Starts At Rs. 4.97 Lakh

The Kawasaki Ninja 650 is regarded as one of the more affordable premium motorcycles to come from the house of Kwacker and the Japanese bike maker has just turned this sports tourer extremely desirable with a price slash of Rs. 40,000.........Read more

Pakistan legend Mohammad Yousuf in awe of Indian cricket

Former Pakistan captain Mohammad Yousuf lauded India for having a strong first class structure and rewarding players based on domestic performances.........Read more

Rio-bound sprinter Dharambir Singh fails dope test, faces life ban

Sprinter Dharambir Singh is the third Indian Rio-bound athlete after wrestler Narsingh Yadav and shot putter Inderjeet Singh to face doping charges.........Read more

Adani Ports, TCS, Infosys Among Forbes Super 50 List

Adani Ports, Dabur India, Tata Consultancy Services and Infosys are among the top 50 companies of the country as per a list by Forbes India.........Read more

Gujarat Dalit protest: ‘Told CM Anandiben Patel we want justice, not financial assistance’

WHEN CHIEF Minister Anandiben Patel met him on Wednesday, Balu Sarvaiya, 46, told her he wanted justice — justice for himself, his wife Kunvar and sons Vashram, 26, and Ramesh, 23, who were beaten up, allegedly by a group of gau rakshaks, on July 11.........Read more

Manipuri duo Milan Singh, Soram Poirei join Delhi Dynamos

Soram is an exciting goalkeeper making his ISL debut while Milan is a dynamic central midfielder who might well become the fulcrum of new coach Gianluca Zambrotta's plans for the upcoming Hero Indian Super League.........Read more

Thank you Pokemon Go, our smartphones will now become fat

Pokemon Go, the crazy addictive game is reportedly famous for people being addicted over the new augmented reality amusement. The game is so addictive that studies and reports claim that a playing Pokemon Go user is hooked to his smartphone for an ........Read more

Telangana govt seeks fresh division of Krishna water among four states

Telangana would get its genuine share from Krishna river only if water is allotted afresh to the four states.........Read more

JK Rowling Brings To Us the Tale of a New Magic School: Ilvermorny

Anyone acquainted with the world of Harry Potter, knows about the magnificent school of witchcraft and wizardry called Hogwarts. The magical castle houses hundreds of students from all over Britain and is one of the three schools of magic in Europe,........Read more

It's not about me or Ravi Shastri, it's about players: Anil Kumble

Sourav Ganguly, one of the three members of the BCCI's Cricket Advisory Committee (CAC), had absented himself when Ravi Shastri appeared for the interview, leaving the former Team India Director miffed.........Read more

Robbie Brady Heroics Help Ireland Stun Italy to Enter Last 16

Brady struck with just five minutes remaining as the Republic of Ireland claimed a dramatic 1-0 win over Italy in Lille on Wednesday to reach the knockout phase of Euro 2016.........Read more

Map of teenage brain provides evidence of link between antisocial behavior and brain development

The brains of teenagers with serious antisocial behaviour problems differ significantly in structure to those of their peers, providing the clearest evidence to date that their behaviour stems from changes in brain development in early life, according to new research led by the University of Cambridge and the University of Southampton, in collaboration with the University of Rome "Tor Vergata" in Italy.........Read more

Zone-based Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy on cards

In a move to grow interest in the Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy, the BCCI is set to act on a proposal to convert India's domestic T20 championship to an inter-zonal competition........Read more

'Colaba is a Mathura waiting to happen'

Angry residents of the tony suburb feel that illegal hawkers who refuse to vacate Colaba could create a situation like the one in Mathura this week........Read more

In gem of a sale, blue diamond fetches $57.5 million

A 14.62-carat blue diamond on Thursday became the world’s most expensive jewel ever auctioned after it fetched a whopping USD 57.5 million, smashing the previous auction records. The world’s larges........Read more